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Picking family up from the airport...


The car in front hit the brakes hard at 60mph.


I locked up mine and had to swerve into another lane and missed him by inches at about 5mph.


Crazy traffic through Seattle.


Worst congestion ever.


5 hours round trip.

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Sounds like a good reason to leave. One of the reasons I was so happy to leave Jacksonville was the traffic, and it is not nearly as bad there as many other large cities. I still have to drive through that shithole, but most of it is highway and not so bad if I time it right.

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Airport areas are extremely dangerous for drivers. People trying to get re-aquinted not paying attention, out of towners in rental cars,people late for their flights in a hurry.

I'm damn glad I'm located in a big hanger and not the terminal.

Glad your safe.

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