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Leaving Vepr 12 Mags Loaded

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Generally speaking I keep all mags loaded at all times (exception would be 10/22 rotary mags). Have you guys experienced any issues with keeping your Vepr or Saiga mags loaded for extended periods of time? As a point of clarification, I am not taking about a loaded mag on a closed bolt, which I know can deform the top shell.


Do any of you have issues with the rounds deforming just having the mags loaded for awhile, or any body/spring/floor plate issues? I am using the stock 5 rounder and some SGM 10 rounders.



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Exactly, which is why I generally keep all my mags loaded for all other firearms. I just was not sure if the 12ga shell would deform over time.

I have left stick and drum mags for S12 loaded for months with no issues.

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I’ve always left all saiga and vepr mags loaded always had a SBS for HD.  never had a top round deform to the point it didn’t cycle when I took it out and fired it, or picked it up a year later and racked the bolt. It’ll spit out the one in the chamber and load the next.

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If you look up similar threads re S12, you will find posts where I described trying to make a worst case scenario, using an 8 round mag with shells next to a water heater for many months, putting the mag in and out of the gun on a closed bolt.... 

They just ran.

I still don't think I have worn out any mag springs from storage. My first 12 round SGM mag is probably getting near need for a new spring after countless cycles.Not that it is misfeeding, but just good practices.

Keep your gun loaded with quality ammo, and don't worry about harming your mags or your ammo. 

As others have said, compression + time doesn't cause springs to fail. What does is overcompresion, heat, cycles, corrosion, and a combination of the above. Some guns over compress springs. i.e. the 18 round mags for my taurus PT99 are putting 18 rounds in a space that is more appropriate for 15. Doing that causes premature spring death, but IMO it's worth it. Kahr and Rorbaugh pistols are knowingly over compressing their mainsprings, and tell you to replace them at ~500 rounds.

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Exactly I remember some people looking into brass or aluminum hull Barnaul but you don’t need it unless that’s your choice of ammunition.


 As long as the mag works, the mag shouldn’t cost anything, you’re talking about 20 cents of plastic 

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