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DDI American Made Hammer Forged BCG question

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Do any of you guys have any experience with DDI's new American made forged bolt and bolt carrier? I just ordered one of their rifles and was concerned the G2 fcg might cause the rear of the carrier to mushroom. I was thinking of dropping in an ALG AK Trigger to try and avoid the chance of this happening all together. Thanks in advance for any info, much appreciated.

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Why are you concerned that the G2 FCG will cause the BCG to hit the rear trunnion? I have not had that issue with the G2 in any of my AKs. If you are worried about the hammer being profiled so low that it does not provide enough friction to slow down the carrier before it hits the rear trunnion, I would think that that problem would present itself long before that in not pushing the hammer down far enough to reset the trigger.


I have had absolutely zero issues with the G2, and I have modified forms of them in Saigas of all calibers, Yugos, Romanians, VEPRs, and Norincos. I would not expect any problems with them in DDI or other US manufacturers, unless of course they have deviated from a proven design.

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Generally speaking in most cases the tail of the trunnion usually deforms and mushrooms to a certain point and then it quits.  It almost never really causes performance issues.  Is it a cosmetic issue?  Probably.  Does it really matter?  If you want a safe-queen rifle maybe.


You can always grind a G2 in to the geometry that you want if you think that will help.

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