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Trump Annual 90 Day NFA Amnesty Period? ...

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I got a taste of this on other NFA forums and came away somewhat confused ... again.  Does the 1968 Gun Control Act give the President the authority by executive order to initiate a new annual 90 day amnesty period?


What does this exactly mean?  When was the last time this was done?  Which President?  Can Trump do this?  What specific non registered contraband AND OTHER firearms does this include?  Only pre 1986 EXISTING items?


Only pre existing illegal stuff?  Or .... does it include OR COULD INCLUDE anything that could be converted -- then papered via the amnesty?  Anybody here have a more clear idea what this may include?  All Saigas maybe?



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A president doesn't have the authority to allow people to break the law.


I mean, no president has ever...  Oh, wait...


I think it's time the left gets a taste of their own medicine.  Trump should declare the nfa amnesty for his full term.  And no, I don't care if it's legal or not.  I'll start caring when laws are enforced equally as intended.  I'll start caring when Holder gets prosecuted.  I'll start caring when Lerner gets prosecuted.  I'll start caring when hitlery gets prosecuted.  I'll start caring when all of the "sanctuary city" mayors get prosecuted.  And on.  And on.  And on.


The law isn't the law if it doesn't apply to everyone equally.

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Last time 1968. the secretary of the treasury is the only one who can do it. He has to write in the federal register announcing an amnesty. If you’ve ever gotten a refund check you may have noticed it’s a treasury check. 

It would be listed here https://www.federalregister.gov/agencies/alcohol-tobacco-firearms-and-explosives-bureau

to be quite honest your best bet is to go raise hell on his Twitter 

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obviously you need to get an army together to make enough of a scene to get the amnesty. It’s a good idea imo people already have or can get whatever they register. Guns found in grandpas attic type stuff.  

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