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 Hey guys.


 It is with very heavy heart I come to share the news that one of our older members, my best friend, business partner here, and my former everything, has lost her intense battle with the evil cancer she's been fighting tooth and nail since she was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Feb of 2015. In 2009 I was diagnosed with the exact same thing at a high stage 3 level. In my throat the same as her... Through her strength, courage and help along with some of the best doctors and modern medicine, I was luckily able to win my long battle. There's a long thread about it somewhere on here. The outpouring of support we got from our gun buddies here was awesome and so appreciated. She really loved participating as a member here and made lots of friends she continued to follow and keep up with later in life and on facebook.


 Sandi hasn't been active here for a couple years but used to be quite active with thousands of posts all over the forum. 



Just thought I'd come in and make a post about it for all you who knew her and used to talk with her on the forum. She went peacefully in her sleep at 12:15 AM yesterday, 12/1016. She will be greatly missed. 



.I may come back to post some pics but til then, everyone stay safe out there and try to have a Merry Christmas.

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So sad to hear.  Sandi was one cool Saiga-12 forum chick. :up:sad.pngsad.pngsad.pngsad.pngsad.png


The only one to call me out "is that the best you can come up with?" when I wen through my offensive picture posting phase. :lol::huh::unsure:


Definitely not a whiny "snowflake."  beer.gif


Like others have said, she's hopefully in a better place now with no suffering anymore.  And I hope she's there to call me out again to do better when it's finally my time. sad.pngsad.pngsad.pngsad.png


What's the deal with all the throats and cancer crap showing up lately anyway? :unsure:

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Losing someone that close leaves a hole. Fill it with good things. I am very sorry to hear this. Having lost my Dad to cancer, I know it is very hard to see someone close in that condition for a long time.

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Shannon, you have my deepest condolences on the loss of Sandi.  She will be missed by all here and those who knew her in life and most of all by you.  Try to remember all the good times and struggles together that made life good.  She was good for you and a rare find.  Peace to you and to Sandi in eternity.

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Sorry to learn she's taken her final checkered flag and thanks for all she gave to this place in better days. My prayers go out to her kids, friends, and family. Truly sorry to hear of this Shannon, I know she was a source of strength, a good friend, and always a race fan. Peace be with her.

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I really appreciate it guys.


 I'm sorry I've not been back here yet to respond, I haven't done much of anything at home even til yesterday...these past days have been extremely hard. We all really thought she would be able to kick that shit in the teeth the same way she helped me do, and same way she did every other thing that came up against her, her whole life. She was actually making progress and we thought after she had to have the trach tube surgery (something she has been firmly against ever having to live with and this going back many years as a smoker...) that things would turn around. It was just an extremely aggressive and progressive cancer though and no matter how hard she fought, or how much support we all tried to give her,,, her poor little body just could not go any more. I'll spare y'all the details of the past few weeks and just how bad things got but it was excruciating for Sandi and  for all of us too having to see her hurting so bad. Hell she was my whole world and since this began in Feb I've been a total wreck.


 Been trying like hell the whole time to keep positive, help her and the family, and keep up with my work and responsibilities in my own life too. That's been nearly impossible, not just because of how close we are and how much I care for her and her family, but because we both went through all this shit together already with my suffering, the cancer treatments, and especially the long fight and recovery period that followed. It saved my own life but ended up costing us both dearly...and quite alot. 


 Never has losing someone close been quite like this one though. Thank each and every one of you for the support and kind words. She loved you guys and when we met she openly embraced and thoroughly enjoyed all the time I used to put into this site. It was her that pushed me and gave me the confidence originally to actually try and make a business out of my enjoyment modifying and improving the platform. The work she did organizing how everything would then be handled and all the office and shipping... well I can never thank her for that enough. Part of her will still always be here though in that way as well. 


 Still gonna put some good pics of her up here I just haven't finished searching hard drives and putting them in new files yet. Her immediate and extended family can't wait to get all I want to share. Not only was she a great mother of three boys, but was also "Mom" to most all their childhood friends. Their house was always grand central for everything from birthday and family gatherings to Nascar and football.


Her wishes were to be cremated and instead of a regular formal service we are planning a celebration of her life next month out at her Mom & Dad's place. Things have been especially hard for them as well of course. No parent can bare to see their children suffer and having to bury them is unthinkable. She only had one brother, he and I shared the same birthday. They all had to suffer through losing him already. It's so sad. 


 Thank you all again and I will return to post some happy stuff next time, I taught her everything she knew about firearms and that girl was totally amazing with them straight out of the gate. Many many great memories seeing her progress. She was a natural especially with a pistol. For now here is one pic of her firing my S-12 on her very first day shooting, 2007 and I remember it like it was yesterday... She shot my S-410 first and wanted to just skip right past the S-20 to get to the 12's! That's my girl!! 



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Just thinking out loud here, but I'm wondering since first reading this (like the Camp Lejeune cancer water supply cancer cluster incident) that it might be due to something in your drinking water supply? unsure.png


Don't personally know how rare of a cancer Squamous Cell really is (doesn't sound all that common though), but I find it kind of strange that it evolved in the neck in both of you, and in such a short interval of time. huh.png


Have any cluster studies been done for Squamous Cell (or even other cancer types) showing up in your immediate area?

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