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It is with a very saddened heart that I come here to ask you all to remember a good man.


My Mother's much loved second husband, John Swatko, passed last night after a prolonged battle with heart disease and stomach cancer.

His heart has been in steady decline for years, but the highly advanced stomach cancer was just recently diagnosed.

He is no longer hurting or tired, he is I'm sure at peace, as he was not afraid to die.

He'd made his peace, lived a good & long life.

Passed peacefully in his sleep at home.


A good man to my Mother and he loved her greatly, he over came alcoholism to keep her in his life.

Made a choice from the depths of the bottle, threw the bottle away to stay married to my Mom and never touched it again.

He has been another Dad to my older sister and I, even since before our actual Father passed.

Doting Daddy to our younger sister Krista, his only regret was not seeing any grandchildren from her.


Her served his country proudly in both the US Navy and the US Air force.

In the Navy he was a part of a Recon flight that was shot down, he and others survived, were captured and escaped.

They spent several days running from Koreans and Chinese in freezing weather and were finally rescued.

He left the Navy and went into the Air Force where he spent most of his time in Antarctica doing Weather Forecasting and other scientific duties.


Nov '32 - Dec '16

Husband, Father and Warrior... You will be missed greatly.

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Your stepdad sounds like the kind of man all of us would have been proud to call our friend. We are proud to call you our friend, and saddened by John's passing.


Heartfelt condolences, Chile.

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My condolences Chile on the loss of your stepfather.  Your description of him relates that he was a good man, husband and father after throwing the bottle away as many others have done.  It sounds as though he lead a full life and was ready to meet his maker.  May he rest in peace. Peace to you and your family during this time of loss and reflection.  I will remember both you and your stepfather in my prayers today. Thanks for your many contributions to the Forum too.

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