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RIP Carrie Fisher.


Saw it again, this time in 3D.

I was not impressed with their 3D, not at all. Took all the depth out of the scenes, from the scenery to the other characters.


I normally like 3D, one of my favorites is Avatar in 3D.

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The battle scenes were some of the best out of all the SW movies made... Felt like a real SW war movie versus philosophical ramblings about the force, etc.


It was cool to see them use stuff out of the extended universe during the final battle - like Y-wings doing bombing runs, ion cannon/torpedo disabling capital ships, and trapping other ships out of hyperspace with gravity well. 


The Vader scene seemed like something out of an Alien movie and is the sort of stuff that Vader had a reputation for but was never really shown in any previous movie. 


However it makes zero sense that the Empire's primary data archival facility is not on Coruscant

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I guess it could have been the main offsite backup for everything that was kept at Coruscant.. The defenses were certainly enough. But it wasn't really fully explained in the movie, just that it was a generic "archival facility.:"

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i went and saw it opening day, yehp, im one of those. second time i went without one of my parents to a star wars flick.


ill spoil it for you,


go spend 20 dollars on 15c popcorn! LOL


i even did a "wow" at the end. thats a first, thats for sure.


they spent a shitton on the facial cgi, but that was impressive, as well. kudos on that one

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