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LOSS in the 2008 primary

LOSS in the 2016 general

LOSS in 2016 when the electors voted


Really, I just get a kick out of saying "hillary" and "LOSS". LOSS of freedom would be great. LOSS of life would take the satisfaction out of knowing she lives on with with crushed dreams. I have a feeling that these foreign donors will be her demise and she really has nowhere to run to now. Federal prison may be the only refuge for her. One good word that sums it all up is LOSER. Not so fast, shank!




ETA: I stand corrected.... 0 for 4 ! Lost the recount too! Thanks YOT!

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She can barely walk now, how's she going to run in 4 more years?  wink.png

Stupid old bag can't even stand for crying out loud. They would have to run a lookalike.


hahah, yep, i know trujmp wont be our savior just like obummer wasnt the libturds, but im just in such a happy(ier) frame of mind knowing i dont have another 4years at least of gun ban scare....

I'm just glad to know I don't have to worry about my business being regulated out of existence at break neck speed. THRILLED is not even close to capturing how I feel lately. I am zippity do da all day now and pressing forward with the wind behind me.

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I think the best coup de gracie will be oblome not pardoning her, leaving her wide open for prosecution.


Pray he forgets her on his pardon list!

He's making a list, checking it twice..... ;)

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I'll bet he wants to kick her while she's down like a two bit ho for letting Trump win and getting his legacy trashed.


I wouldn't doubt that the whole DNC wants to toss her under the buss.

Oh, the long knives are coming out. Her back will look like swiss cheese when they are done with her.

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Something to ponder.




Ours is kind of a special case due to losses in the flooding but... we had all but finished the critical preps as can be assumed most of like mind had done.

The prepping industry had all but fallen off a cliff in a natural decline of demand as it had been to large degree filled.

It is not a lapse back into sleep but just moving on to other things as that had been accomplished.


The the election hits and now some degree of prepping by the clown car brigade starts and suddenly they are the ones buying firearms and food etc.

I forecast this in the end will be a good thing and again Trump has seemed to improve the country before even being sworn.

Some in that group have lost faith in government because Trump, good.


Cant wait to see how this plays out as they have a history of half assing things...

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