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A little while ago, I needed to replace my data drive. After doing a secure erase with DBAN, I gave it 3 shots of hardball into the platters from a 1911A1 to further lessen chances of any data recovery.

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The solution I suggested will allow you to reuse the media. The link above, was only an example and not an endorsement.

Nice in theory, but the drive is toast after degaussing.




No, you cannot reuse a hard drive once it has been degaussed. This is because the degaussing process not only removes all the data, but it also removes the start up files. As such, a degaussed hard drive will not boot up."




( I used to be a net admin)

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A bazillion years ago before DOS, (used to have a paper book to map the disc keep tract what file was stored where, so they could be found) - we used to clean a disc drive by printing 5F's. In hex that is a 1 in every place. do that 5 times and all info is completely gone. should not be too hard to code a program to do that.

All virgin drives have all the bits on (1).

to return to virgin residual levels for each bit turn them off and on 5 times and there is no residual information left.

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I throw them in the wood stove for a bit and clean them out with the ashes and throw them in the metal pile.

Drives are cheap these days.

Having worked with various agencies over the years total physical destruction is the only real way to be sure.

I have seen data recovered from drives of some pretty crafty people.

We have them shredded at the office. There are services that come to your door to shred them.

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I do commercial system service and the final resting place of retired hard disks is the solar kiln in my back yard. Still haven't decided what to do with the metal after meltdown. A few drives that were particularly troublesome are used as rifle targets and then the remains tossed into the kiln.

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The big magnet will do the job, especially if it's a 60hz electro magnet. that will degauss the media completely. Fire works even better, but you need to get it red hot.

If you need to wipe it fast, use the degauss method. When it just needs to die, fire cleanses everything!

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