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When that impending lack of relevance hits you hard...

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Oh President Obama, ... just go quietly into the long night.  Now if he were a former USA combat military veteran or a 30 year retired Fire Fighter or Police Officer ... someone who repeatedly went into harms way to actually serve and defend this great nation ... if he had actually done something productive to build rather than to tear down ... if he had spent his time helping rather than hurting ... if he had even spent a fragment of his tiny brain imagining good for the nation instead of his pathetic ego or dinky dick, ... then he might be in a position of reverent or respectful power to actually back up his idle meaningless empty threats.  But President Obama is just Obama ... an empty joke.  Don't let the door slap your ass on the way out.


Sorry for the run on sentence .... it added ... ah ... ah ... style to my meaningless post.  smile.png

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