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New Whitehouse.gov Petition - Pres. Trump, please give us a legitimate

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Hi fellow gun enthusiasts!


While I am the proud owner of a great little Saiga 5.56, that is actually not what brings me here today.

I'm here today because we are trying to rally support for a new WhiteHouse.gov petition asking President Trump to initiate a legitimate, impartial investigation into the events of 9/11.  Letters were sent to over a dozen 9/11 Truther organizations this evening, and a Youtube campaign will be initialized over the next few days.

This petition will force the White House to consider this request if we can collect 100,000 signatures in 30 days.  If we do so, the White House will issue a response to this petition.  I know a significant percentage of the American people, and a good number of people abroad, feel that the circumstances surrounding 9/11 have never been properly investigated and much has been concealed.

Please consider signing this petition and sharing with others.  Our voice will only be heard if we work together.  The petition link is here:


And the open letter to President Trump is here:


God bless you all, and God bless America.

Sincerely, Jon States

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 The .Gov has increased the amplitude  of their mind control ray.

Regular aluminum foil is NO LONGER adequate to block the signal. ALL true believers are directed to line their hats with HEAVY DUTY foil, and to use more than one layer.Further instructions will be given to you by your toaster.

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Couple of things or more.


Respectfully ... 


1)  Not quite sure how to respond to the plea for us to consider signing that Petition.   After reading it, the Petition language seems a  bit flowery.   Perhaps it could be more objectively stated in more simple English?  But ... still a good valid Petition asking pressing questions about 9/11.  So many questions.


2)  The bad response from this Excellent Forum members.  Wow.  Some with excellent standing.  That is up until now.  Gentlemen, why the slam dunk?  What I have learned over my feeble life time is that when very smart folks act dumb, then something is bothering them.  What could it be guys?  Come on.


3)  Are we feeling uncomfortable with the Governments handling of the news and presentations about 9/11?  I am.  I am most certain not happy.  Look in a mirror and stare back hard.  Sossss ... what to do about it?  Are you men or sheeple?  Answers demand to be heard about the true facts?  Blue or Red pill?


4)  Same thing happened with the Warren Report.  This happened before most of your were born.  So many government lies and cover ups.  I was just a kid then.  It was a shock to me to learn that our own government would lie to us.  This is something I have kept in my memories since then.  Is our Government holding back?


5)  Now we have President Trump.  This fortuitous event comes along only about once in a Century.  We have a chance, through legal procedures spelled out in the US Constitution, to petition our government.  We may be successful.  We may not be successful.  There are lots of new Federal Petitions.  Look at them.


Enough.  :(

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Respectfully ... selective ball kicking.  The bigger balls get kicked first?  The smaller balls lost in the midsts of time and space perhaps are forgotten?  Remember, when it happened, those small balls were enormous balls.  But ... balls get smaller as time passes?


This is exactly that type of non logical selective thinking the bad guys hope for.  Time.  Space.  Forgetfulness.  Just how much time must pass before the most extreme bad stuff gets forgotten completely?  Is there a statute of limitations on justice?  Or ... perhaps revenge.


Remember, justice is just revenge spelled large.


Respectfully.  Yep ... time to lighten this up.  Who knows the difference between "Oven Tempered" vs "Quilted Strength"?  Ya gotta be an old coot to know.  :)

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He is not coming back?  Oh man, I was beginning to enjoy this.  We were all dumb ass kids at one time.  Regarding the JFK shooting, how many shots in how many few seconds with that particular Carcano rifle and scope?  One could wiggle the Tasco scope with your bare hands!  What about the guy on the grassy knoll?  Duhh.  But then time makes this stuff less important to some.  After time not important at all to a few.


9/11.  Building 5.  Did it die from fright?  The aircraft that crashed somewhere short in Pennsylvania?  The heroic passenger yelling out "Lets Roll!" and took over the cockpit, causing the plane to dive and crash?  Strange how the media focused upon THAT to the exclusion of Building 5.  What did the media wish to avoid?  Where are the tapes of the aircraft hitting the Pentagon?  So many unclear records.  Or no records.


This is extremely important.  We enjoy this Excellent Forum because in the past lots of very brave folks gave their all.  Now it seems OK for some of us here to just forget, play around the May Pole, sing campfire songs and shoot off their guns?  It doesn't matter what happened in the past ... only the lovely and precious present?  That kind of selective thinking may collapse our Constitutional Republic.  PLEASE read the Petitions.


Sign them if you feel the need.  If you feel you are powerless to make positive change, then you are exactly were they want you.  The Federal Government petition process was/is important enough that our Founding Fathers placed it in the very beginning of our US Constitution.  Remember, never underestimate the power of the pen.  :)  PS ... "Oven Tempered" vs Quilted Strength".  Come on, somebody must know. :) 


Helpful Hint ... it refers to 60 year old Aluminum Foil TV ads.  We will discuss the proper use of proper steel coat hanger wire later.  :) :)

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I demand answers!  I demand to know why the governments of the world are falsely claiming the world is round!  Why would they perpetrate this lie?  Why do so many "scientists" claim gravity is real???  Why!  Why!!! 


If we can get 700,000,000 Pepsi Points we can get a Harrier jet so we fly up to the dome and finally prove NASA is a big lie!!!

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Well, unfortunately the point cost of the Harrier was increased to 700,000,000 Pepsi Points after a guy figured out that you could buy Pepsi Points for 10 cents each.  Meaning he tried to buy 7,000,000 Pepsi Points for $700,000 and then claim the Harrier.  It took several months of court battles before a judge finally ruled that Pepsi had not actually offered a Harrier and dismissed the case.


Here is the revised commercial with the revised point cost.


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