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Go look at it again. Make a big show of carefully examining the serial number and any other stamps on it.


Then say something like, "Oh, man... one of these... The State Police sure ain't gonna like that if they see it here." Then kindly offer $350 to get it out of the shop for him.  ;)

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They probably paid $200 for it and then checked prices online.


Visions of tiny drink umbrellas on some warm beach dance in the store owner's head.


It will sit there until they need their money back.


I hope you aren't really shopping for a cheap AK. Those years seem to be gone.


I would be looking at the great deals on ARs, right now and then buying at least a case of ammo.

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I'm not really in the market. I'm getting a crown placed on a molar today ($500 my part after insurance), and another root canal finishing up this coming weekend (endodontist in Mexico, $370 for the root canal and custom post). So currently no extra cash for toys. That, and I've got a graduating high school senior in may.

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That is very true Chile. Very, very true. But seriously, I put off this crown for over a year and a half and ran the risk of breaking the tooth I paid so much to save. And as for the current root canal, I also put that off since September for the sake of the kids. Dental infections suck and can be life threatening. The endodontist in Mexico really gave me a good scolding over the state of my teeth. He's turned out to be a good friend and man I trust. He's incredibly reasonable in price and very ethical. In practice for over 20 years, and has also been a professor of endodontics at the University of Nuevo Leon in Monterrey.

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Also adapted it to take ar mags (clip if you are the media)

Just love it.

What adapter did you go with? Have you been happy with the fit and function?

I'm wanting to do the same.

I used a Cannis and it works great

Had to mill the trunion but that was nothing also made my own bullit guide

I think they redesigned it now I heard they run about $130, got mine on a deal for $69.

I run magpul with no problems.

This is my favorite gun in fact it is the only 556 I have.

Locks in tight and removes for Saiga mags, but I never use them any more.

Good luck

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