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Moving out of state in 7 no, start a silencer form?

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File a 5320.20 (Form 20)



Some may say it is not required for silencers, but the instructions on the new Form 4 require it. Better safe than incarcerated.


Box 2 will be "no". The "to" part of box 3 will be "permanent". You can also do 2 other NFA items you have on this same form. It must be submitted in duplicate. When it comes back approved go get your can from the dealer. I filed a bunch of these last November and it took about 2 months.


The fact that the can has not yet been approved may throw a wrench in it if the light of day hits the Form 20 before the 4 is approved. You might call the NFA Branch 304-616-4500 and ask about filing a Form 20 before Form 4 approval. With odd things like this, I recommend calling 2-3 times and make sure you are speaking to different people. The likelihood of getting different answers each time is high with uncommon inquiries. Pick the answer that makes the most sense. Do not tell any of them about previous answers or you will be on the phone a while. I made that mistake before.

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Yeah, this is probably one of those times when it isn't a bad idea to contact the ATF.  You are far from the first person to find himself moving out of state while waiting for a can to be approved.

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