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It's been a long time - who is currently doing reliable bolt polis

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I'm a novice and it has been years since I have been on. I was going to send my S12 to Pauly's but never did. I read the horror stories and I feel absolutely terrible for people who were caught in that massive scam. 


As far as I can tell Cobra's Customs seems to be the only vendor still providing that work? I did not see any recent posts so I am not sure if he is still open for business or what his turn around time is. I don't trust myself or have the tools/time/knowledge for it. Basically, I was going to get the glass bolt service done from Pauly's (I plan on owning the S12 for life). I currently run it with a Kushnapup (fun at the range and bought it for home defense). 


I would prefer to send the entire shotgun (less the Kushnapup on it of course) because I would like to the Bolt Hold Open option installed also - maybe some trigger work as well.


Any thoughts please would be appreciated!



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Hesitation was a great idea. It probably didn't seem like it at the time, but you made the right decision.


Send it to Cobra. He is the only trustworthy vendor that offers that as a standalone service. He is good at it and usually has a bit of a backlog as a result of that demand, so expect a wait. Welcome back.

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Yes I'm definitely still at it and currently turning out some of the best work I've done. Sorry for my absence from the boards and my facebook biz page... there's been good reasons. There was a huge backlog, some of which were jobs pauly didn't finish that are still filtering through here. 


 There were also a few very serious issues at home last year, on top of an already full workload, which cost me dearly in available shop time and ability to focus. Of course the worst thing was the fact my former girlfriend of 9 years, business partner here at Cobra's Custom, best friend, and forum member Racegal20...(Sandi), was diagnosed in Feb with a very aggressive form of esophageal cancer. This hit especially close to home for me since she was my angel who kicked me in the ass every day and made me fight hard enough to survive this exact same cancer over the course of two years in 2009-2010. I was a high stage 3 when we found out I had it.... that's bad. Fighting Squamous Cell head & neck / throat cancer is an extremely painful thing for anyone, and agonizing to see a loved one go through. It takes everything from you and your loved ones. Sandi gave it her best through Dec and that's a lot. She was always the toughest woman I've ever met. Still...her cancer was pure evil and on the 10th of Dec we lost her.  sad.png It was a couple of months before I could even function again. I am still trying my best to be there for her parents and three boys who are going through hell.


 Guys I would not even dare take an irreplaceable gun part to a bench grinder without being completely focused....ever...


 We also got hit last year with Hurricane Matthew right in my back yard. Huge oaks down all over the property, massive 100 year flooding (I live on a flood plain), multiple vehicles under water, no power for weeks...shop totally out of commission for a spell with months of cleanup...


 I did still do my best and get as many jobs as I could done when able, but the backlog was large and has been hard to get back down. I want to assure everyone who needs work done though, (and of course those still waiting...) it's back now to a reasonable level now and completed jobs are going out the door regularly again. I shipped out 4 over the past two days in fact, some of which are being delivered as I'm typing this. Also my policy is to get a good bit of the work done on every job very soon after it comes in the door, so finishing up jobs already half done and doing it assembly line style does take less time.


 It is my goal to completely clear out all jobs currently in house (12) by the end of this month. After that the wait times will be much less... like back to 2-4 weeks again like it used to be.


To everyone who has been waiting a long time to get your parts back I humbly apologize, I certainly did not expect things to go the way they have over the past year and I'm sorry you were forced to wait so long. I'm back in full force now and It won't ever get that way again.  You guys be on the lookout for tracking numbers. 032.gif


 Looking forward to rocking 2017 with some new offerings as well so stay tuned. Will try to get back to having time to post pics when I can. I haven't had spare time to do any posting and have been wanting to post an update on what's going on for awhile. I'll more than likely copy this post to an update on my vendor pages to make good use of time. My welder is on the way here soon for us to knock out 4 custom charging handle jobs so that will have to be later.


 Ya'll have a great weekend and anyone wanting to inquire about work please email me at cobrascustom@yahoo.


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I read this last night and I didn't even know how to respond (I was too tired and in shock over all of it). I didn't want to glaze over everything you have been through. Some people may feel my response below is excessive but ultimately, I talk to strangers the same way I talk to old friends and I wanted to write something personal. The tragedies you have been through are the same magnitude to your life whether I know you or not and that is why I wrote something more personal. 


I don't know you at all but all I can say is that I have NEVER met anyone who has been through SO many tragedies (yet alone in the short time span they all happened) as you. I can not EVEN begin to imagine the fortitude, suffering, depression and mental torture of dealing with the health issues of you and Sandi (and her tragic loss as well) as well as the life altering aftermath of the Hurricane. The closest I can empathize is a very close friend of mine lost his amazing wife and two boys to a multi-repeat offending drunk driver. He said that a huge part of him died that day and he will never be the same. He loved them with all of his heart and I imagine you feel the same about Sandi. He also said a small part of him is the same but he had to get comfortable with the new "him" (the person he is without them) and he still battles with his own unfamiliarity every day. 


The storm could have been the "last straw" for you but you are still fighting. Not many men would have that kind of fortitude and will and that probably comes from the part of you that survived Stage 3 Cancer (which again, i have NO idea what that was like). I don't have any comforting words for you to help you get through all of this (and you obviously didn't need them to get through). I have NO idea what it must be and feel like to actually survive everything that you have so any words of "optimism" or Hallmark Card-esque sayings would be pointless and borderline insulting.


I can say that I wholeheartedly respect and appreciate your genuine communication about all of it and the best thing I can do is give you my business, be patient and have full faith you will provide the same level of excellence and craftsmanship you built your great reputation on so that is what I am going to do. 


I hope that this post provides future clients a commitment to work with you and help get your life back on track and your business expanding again. Focusing on your work is probably the best way to heal (pride, focus, and fulfillment) and serves as a great distraction to avoid getting lost in your head about the past (just speculation on my part). 


I have a request that anyone who has thought about having work done recently please send it to Cobra as a gesture of Faith and contribution to him and you. I couldn't feel better about my decision to send it to you given everything you have been through. 


I will "PM" you the particulars with a few questions and my cell number.


God Bless,



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Wow Patrick thanks brother I appreciate the kind words and trust. I can guarantee you the work done will be second to none and your shotgun will run smoother and better. Looking forward to your email and happy to help with any questions you have about your Saiga.



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As a result, I have become nearly unstoppable. Lots of things happen in life that I don't like, but I do have to live with, so I just try to make the best of what is left and press forward as hard as I can. Stubbornness is a virtue.

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Does Tromix still do S12 work?

Tony has stopped doing conversions on Saigas.......  but it wouldn't hurt to give him a call to see if he'd do something for you.

Talk to Stacey at Tromix..........




So, I guess that officially makes S-17's and other Tromix' collector's items?

(As if they've not ALWAYS been so....)


-Guido in TX

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