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WTS Converted Saiga 7.62 "Punisher"

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Russian Izhmash Saiga 7.62 AK  federal 922 Compliant in its present config, i The conversion was done with all top quality parts, this rilfe is an excellent trouble free 7.62x39 shooter. The barrel is chrome lined and in excellent condition, the fire control group is Tapco G2, the stock is Arsenal, the rail system is by Chaos. The Eotech scope is not included. The stock has an eastern block cleaning kit that inserts through a trap door in the butstock and it also comes with a  cleaning rod. It also has  a side mount scope adapter on the receiver if you want to go comblock style scope.  if you want to go top mount optic and/or light it has a Chaos top, side and underside rail and also rail mounted and can be flipped up under the rail if you do n't want to use it..  has a stock sling mount and on the front end a sling adapter. The underside rail will also take a bipod without removing the handguard., which is also removable or you can A US Army bipod is included in the sale. The bipod can also be used as a handgrip. even if the actual handgrip is flipped up or down and permits rapid transitioning from bipod fire to shouldering the weapon and firing. The front handgrip  is both removable and flip up/down if you want to use it or not. It also has a quick mag adapter for fast mag changes in front of the trigger guard as well as a very comfortable Hogue pistol grip. BHO on last round fired, but if you want to go real old school you can remove the spring that does that, but it is a nice feature. If you are not going to use an optic it has comblock front and rear iron sights which work just fine.  The cosmetics on the rifle are like new. Bullet guide installed so you can use traditional AK mags if you want. Comes with an AK mag. Safety leaver also functions.

Price $ 1,190

If you are not an FFL will ship to your FFL with my driver's license for free. Just make sure your FFL will accept from a non FFL  Most will.

pm me if interested


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