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Got a message from Mississippi Auto Arms that they may have a source for these mags. Appears that they're looking for potential buyers before they place a fairly good sized order.


If youre interested I'd give them a call.


I'm not affiliated with them in any way. I'm just really interested in getting some of these mags.


Thanks, Ron

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the statement wasn't specific about size of the mags.


Don't know what ACEZ HI is referring to, but I also filled out the form and was contacted and recontacted. Projected cost $60 each.


If I can get a mag for $60 bucks, at least I got one. When you only have one, any price might be pretty decent. Better than NONE for free!

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Just received the following response via e-mail this morning.


As of now it is only a 13 round magazine. We are waiting to see if they can make something other than the 10 round magazine. They are in the $60 range right now, so we are trying to see if they can do something with the price. 

Lets hope. I would love some 10 or 13 rounders.
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Ya I've been getting sick of the waiting and waiting and waiting for extended mags for my s20. Ive been waiting forever, so I'm also thinking about just getting rid of it to get an S12 or even a s410. I seem to have no issues finding extended mags and drums for any saiga except the s20. I really love that gun too so it makes me mad, but the gun is 100% worthless to me without atleast a 10 round mag.

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