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Scope tutorials?

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Hello Everyone:


I'm coming clean. I'm confused about how to use tactical scope reticles. I know how to sight-in a scope to 100 yds., set the knobs back to zero, and that's it.


I know somehow you're supposed to use a reticle to estimate range. Somehow that estimation is used to determine bullet drop based on ballistic table data. Then that drop is used to determine how many clicks to set on your elevation dial.


I hope it sounds like I have a correct basic understanding, but the truth is I find it confusing.


As mentioned in a prior posting, I have an SWFA scope with their MRAD reticle. They offer a graphic illustration of what the ticks, diamonds, bars, and gaps mean. That's all. I think they assume customers have prior experience using mil-dot scopes.


Anyway ... I was wondering if anyone knows of any videos that are sort of "Tactical Scopes for Dummies."


I have a good rifle, a good scope, and good ammo, However, I am the weakest link at the moment. I'm tired of not understanding how to determine how many clicks of elevation you dial-in for a given range depending upon the cartridge you are using. I've seen videos where guys seemingly casually determine range, set their scopes a few clicks, fire, and make bulls-eyes. I'm scratching my head wondering how did they know how to set their scopes to make that shot?


It's like I have all the pieces to a puzzle, but can't quite figure out how to put them together.


While I'm at it, where does one get ballistics for Federal GMM ammo? Does Federal have a website with that information?


I just thought I'd ask for help guys. I have two technical degrees, but I quickly get confused when folks start talking about M.O.A. and stuff. I only generally understand how a 1/2 MOA group is better than a 1 MOA group. Obviously, 1/2 is smaller than 1.


Are there any books or videos out there where the author does not assume you are a former sniper or professional shooter - just a civilian who wants to learn how to really shoot. I'm at "square one" and I need a scope dope setting tutorial. Hitting a target 500+ yards is beyond my ability at the moment due to honest ignorance - not bad equipment.



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Look on youtube under long range shooting course. The last count I did he had posted dozens of videos all with the intent to educate you on all aspects of the art and science.

Has it in chapters so the scope will be pretty early on for your purposes but you may find a lot of answers to questions you didnt even know you had.


In kind of a time bind or else I dig it up but Im sure you will know it when you see it.

If ya dont will grab it later.



Edit - heh was easy to find here is the 102 video playlist


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No worries, we are all always the weakest link given a quality rifle, scope, and ammunition. Wish I could help but I am self taught knowing the distance, bullet drop for my loads, and doing the math to make my own charts so I know how many inches and clicks to adjust for a given range. I too am looking forward to watching the videos on this thread and the ones suggested by Darth on your rifle thread. Thank you for the post. It should be educational for all of us.

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The sniper 101 series is fantastic, thats usually what I have playing while I reload my ammo, he goes pretty deep, but there are youtube videos on mil scope ranging, you have to know your bullet velocity, b.c. Exterior temp and altitude, plug those numbers into a ballistic software and you get the amount of clicks and mils that the drop will be at a specific distance. I myself use the program strelok on android, and its gotten me out to 1000yds. You can also use a mil calculator to determine range. You have to know size of your target and how many mils it is in your scope, example, my steel target is 16" across and it is 1.3 mils side to side in my scope, that comes out to 341 yds. Its called easy moa and mil calculator. That gives you distance, or the sniper 101 will give you the maths and you can pull out your calculator. I am no good at maths. LoL

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+3 on their posts! That's the same thing I was going to recommend.

There are a lot of good comparison/review videos for sights and scopes on Youtube, too. Just watch your time, you can lose a few days on Youtube pretty easily! ;)

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