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Mystery Crate Finds Coming Soon!

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We’re cracking open mysterycrates from the deep recesses of the warehouse and you won’t believe whatrarities we’ve been finding in them! Each week we’ll be unearthing new andexciting finds to offer that you won’t see anywhere else! 

What will be revealed when we open crate #1? Standby for more info coming soon!

Check out the crates HERE onFacebook! What do you think can be in them??


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Pre-Ban Military Barrels at Pre-Ban Prices!

Our first pallets of crates have been opened to reveal an amazing deal on barrels!

An amazing deal coupled with the addition of more types of barrels makes it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own the barrels you want and need.

All of the barrels included in this deal are original factory mil-spec hammer forged and chrome lined barrels! They are perfect as replacement/spare barrels for your existing rifles or even the ones you’re planning to buy! Or, use them to build the AK rifle of your dreams with all authentic parts! The true worth of these barrels will be appreciated by all collectors, professionals, and aficionados who truly understand and value original factory barrels and their supremacy over aftermarket substandard ones.

Barrels like this haven’t hit the shores since the ban and we thought we were out of them all this time, so once these units are gone, there’s no telling if you’ll ever be able to buy anything like this again! And since we pretty much found them frozen in time in our warehouse, we’re slashing the prices to pre-ban costs!


  • The 23mm barrels will fit on the following:
    • Any mil-spec factory forged then milled receiver AK/RPK rifles
    • Trunnion blocks on Romanian stamped receiver AK/RPK rifles
    • Trunnion blocks on stamped receiver RPK rifles, including Veprs
  • All 23mm barrels can be turned down by a professional AK gunsmith to accommodate smaller diameter trunnion blocks, such as the 22mm ones found on non-Romanian stamped receivers
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