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They were throwing a couple of these away at work, So, I hurried up and got permission to snag them and take 'em home. It was a bit scuffed up, but it's a Pelican, so that won't hurt it one bit. The U.S. military beats the snot out of these cases and they survive pretty much anything. The latches, gaskets, and valve are all in good shape, and the inside was clean, but unpadded.  We throw out black foam all the time too, so I was able to line it for free too so I could fill it with up to three layers of handguns.



If you ever need to cut this foam, an electric kitchen carving knife works great, and looks factory if you take your time.

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That is not fair.  The only thing "FOR FREE" I may receive is another hike in the property tax bill.  "Allowed" by all the non deserving VOTERS who do not own real property.  Yep ... a freebie once in awhile would be nice.  Oh well.  Life is good.  smile.png


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...and I have NO kids, yet I pay to put all the little hood rats through school so they can become good little Socialists.


I gave the other case to my buddy to cheer him up. He had a fight with a dairy cow and she won. He's been laid up for over a year with a messed up sternum.

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