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GAME...Name 3 things that would shock the cashier!

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Ex-Lax, chocolate cake mix, birthday candles.

At Walmart, the thing that freaks them the most can be said in one word.....UNION!   That will get management running damage control in a hurry, and even shut down a store.

Halloween candy, pack of razor knife blades, box of rat poison (also a bottle of antifreeze but you said three)   That got some looks.. I was helping my father pack up the cabin for the winter, boug

Hank of rope, Hatchet, bleach


...and your buddy's next in line with a plastic tarp, a shovel and bag of lime from the garden dept.


I'll bet they call the cops.


Discuss openly about how well these items will work for "the project."  ;)

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Plastic drop cloth, large bottle of vegetable oil, enema bottle.




Car battery, metal folding chair, duct tape. (grumble "That fucker's gonna tell me where it is now"

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^ Many places in this country that wouldn't shock the cashiers at all. Unfortunately.  sad.png


Hell, they'd probably congratulate you.  rolleyes.gif

...but not most places. Most of America is still normal, though you wouldn't be able to tell by the news coverage.

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