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We left Bama Wednesday morning, over nighted in Abingdon, VA and the next day stopped in Harrisburg, PA at Bass Pro Shops to pick up a few things before heading to our final destination here  in Bushkill, PA on Bushkill Creek.
Staying at my wife's sister's cabin which is right on the creek, and it offers some good Trout fishing, along with Bass, Bream and others.
Really nice place and our hostess is first rate.
Have some of my family (older Sister and family) who live in Bethlehem are coming up for a Memorial Day BBQ.
Going to visit, play and fish and BBQ the traditional burgers-n-dogs.

Our hostess Auntie Angela and her beautiful cabin home.


First Day of Fishing
First day of fishing for Nate and I commenced early with nothing to show.
But the afternoon has proven mildly productive.
I'm using Ultra Light and Light spinning gear, Nate is Flyfishing and Light spinning gear.
I'm brand new to trout, someone verify species for me, Rainbow and Brook?

I caught this 12.5" Bow(?) on a Mepps Comet Minnow drifting along a riffle, just barely keeping the lure facing down stream and picking up the slack.
First fish of the trip!


Nate scores on a Caddis Fly, 10" Brook(?), he saw the fish rising to feed and put the fly in it's face and it ate.
This boy is a freaking natural born fisherman, and rapidly becoming adept at fly casting.


This is the stream at the front of the cabin, we're fishing along about a 3/4 mile in either direction on a private road.
Very little traffic from other fishermen as it is walk-in only allowed and must have property owner permission.
We've carte blanche permission anywhere on this side of the creek road.


Most of the people out here either fly fish or use live bait.
Lots of minnows, small earthworms, wax worms and hellagrammites on #6 and smaller hooks with BB sized split shot.
I may change my methods


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Been wearing out the panfish this evening, some nice Red Breasted Sunfish.
I also caught another trout (species?), 10", on a red spotted/yellow Panther Martin spinner.


Nate caught a really nice Red Breasted Sunfish, 9"+.
But didn't get a pic of that one, but it'll be breakfast.

Looks like a slice of heaven on earth, Chile! 

So far, so good Mike!

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Been wearing out the panfish this evening, some nice Red Breasted Sunfish.I also caught another trout (species?), 10", on a red spotted/yellow Panther Martin spinner.IMG_20170526_184216312_zpshiqimdhl.jpgNate caught a really nice Red Breasted Sunfish, 9"+.But didn't get a pic of that one, but it'll be breakfast.

Looks like a slice of heaven on earth, Chile!


So far, so good Mike!

Two things come to mind. Butter and cast iron skillet .

Have a great time what a great place

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It's a pretty state, except for Pitt, Philly, and Harrisburg.

Pittsburgh isn't too bad overall, Harrisburg is meh, but most of Philadelphia is a cess pool.

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Never knew there was a golden


Same here. Cool!  032.gif


Yeah, they're specially bred Rainbow hybrids.

PA stocks them on Opening Day of trout season, they stocked over 8500 last year in stocked streams that can support Rainbows.

And Bushkill is one of them, Yay!

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Day Three

A lot of time out of the water today, running errands and shopping with the women.
So not much to show for fishing.
I caught a few dink trout, legal but too small for me to bother with cleaning.
I lost a BIG Brownie, might've been a new state record! icon_lol.gif
Honestly he was at least as big as Nate's Golden...  Dagblast'it!
Also caught a nice 19" Smallmouth bass and another Smallmouth which is so far the tiniest fish of the trip.
The big Smallie had to be released as the season is closed on all Bass till June 16th, so no pic.
The dink Smallmouth was all of 2" and hit the same lure as the 19"er.

Nate put another Brown in the fridge, it was a solid 12"
He also caught a nice bass that looked to be a Spotted, but again strict C&R so no pic.





Nice vacation! Sorry I can't help you. I'm pretty good ID'ing the fish by taste though, so....

Mmmm, Mmmm, Good!



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Day Four

Nate scores two nice trout.
He also missed one trout and landed a small Sunfish.


And I walked away with my head hanging in shame.
I had two decent trout hooked and lost at the net.  :(
A Smallie (C&R) and a Sunfish saved me from being skunked.


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Day Five

Today was a tough and frustrating day of fishing.
I lost so many freaking lures and lost a couple of nice trout.
One would've been a stud, but he is sporting a shiny new $5. piercing for the ladies.
Finally late in the day I was able to seal the deal on a nice 12" Brownie.
I also got another decent 13" Smallie (C&R) and another Sunfish.


Today Nate almost got skunked.
He had a decent trout on the line, but it threw the lure.
I saw it clearly and it had to be 12"-14" fish.
Nate was pissed.
But his day was saved by a 4" Smallie whistling.gif

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Did some sightseeing.

Silver Thread Fall, 80'


Dingmans Falls, 130'


Went into Milford, PA to shop.
I hit up 'Fretta's Italian Food Specialties', they make a ton of homemade sausage, ham and cheese items... Simply incredible as I taste tested my way through their charcuterie selections.
Then I broke out the Visa and bought enough meats, cheeses, stuffed olives and to maybe last me till Friday if I don't pig out twice a day or more.

Double up on the cholesterol medicine!

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Don''t worry about the cholesterol Chile. There is ZERO evidence that "elevated" cholesterol has anything to do with heart disease, stroke, blocked arteries. 

It'a all conjecture at this point, and I've read a lot about the subject.

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Vacation Cabin Fine Dining


I prepared another nice meal for everyone at the cabin tonight.

Charcuterie Board
Breaded Chicken Stuffed with Gorganzola Bleu and Bell Pepper
Garlic and Herb Crusted Pork loin
Tater Tots Roasted with Onion/Bell Peppers
French Dessert Croissants with either Almond Paste or Chocolate Gnocchi

Sample charcuterie board of meats/cheeses
Not shown: 4 types of stuffed olives, two varieties of pitted olives and a various crackers.


Breaded Chicken Stuffed with Gorganzola Bleu and Bell Pepper


Garlic and Herb Crusted Pork Loin


Tater Tots Roasted with Onion/Bell Pepper

(pic n/a)

French Dessert Croissants, Almond Paste or Chocolate Gnocchi


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Day Six

Neither of us landed a trout.
Small Smallies, Sunfish and Fallfish were all we managed.
Only got about four hours of fishing in.

Day Seven

Nate didn't do much fishing today, so nothing for him to show.

Myself on the other hand spent the afternoon in pursuit of fish, and it was quite an aggravating, yet rewarding day.

Rewarding that I landed three trout today, several Smallies and a few Sunfish too.


Aggravating in that:
I lost several trout at the net.
Ran through tackle/lures like a bacon through a goose.
Found the deepest hole in the creek... And stepped into it up to my chin.
Snapped the tip of my best trout rod off at the second guide while trying to land the last trout of the day...  I sure do hope Bass Pro replaces it.

One more day of fishing before heading home.

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Trout, From the Stream to the Grill...  It'll Make Ya Shout!

Grilled Fresh Trout
Sauteed Veggies over Buttered Rice
Mixed Spring Greens Salad
Potato Au Gratin Croquet

Remove guts, gills and rib bones, and wash thoroughly under cold water
Season body cavity with salt, herbs and lemon juice
(I used Himalayan Pink Salt and Fox Point seasoning blend by Penzeys Spices )
Butter or oil on skin before laying on grill
Grill till done over medium high/high heat








Money Shot


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Day Eight

And as the sun sets on the last fishing day of our vacation, I count my many Blessings.
Of which for today, I didn't lose a single piece of tackle, but didn't land any fish either.
Two hookups, two losses and several fish short striking and/or aborting their run on the lures.

My family and I had a great time, no accidents or injuries... Still a long 1100+ mile ride home.
Pray for us as we head back South, dang highways and drivers are crazy now-a-days.

Thank you to all who offered tips/tricks and encouragement.


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