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Show Us Your Guns Monthly Video Contest

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It’s been a long while since we’ve run any contests. So we’re putting a stop to that right now!

Each month, we’re asking you to submit videos of you running your K-VAR guns at the range. The best video of the month will get a free K-VAR T shirt and whatever other stuff we feel like throwing in at the time. It’s fun for you to shoot. It’s fun for us to watch. It’s a win - win!

Videos should be submitted in the form of links from You Tube or whatever online service you use, just something that is easily shared on social media. We’ll pick the top 3 of the month, and then you guys and gals get to vote on Facebook for the winner!

Please email entries (VIDEO LINKS ONLY) to webmaster@k-var.com. Please DO NOT submit any footage of you doing anything unethical or unsafe, it will not be considered.

We'll be posting finalists here for anyone interested: http://www.k-var.com/shop/show-us-your-guns-contest

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oh ;look who is running one, my first entry is classfied


its the russians. go figure.

i figured you all would be wondering what is going on. send me an email, i bee wondering whats up with you guys,,,,,

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im tired of this shit, i would like to do buisness with you folks. I have worked with you folks before, fuck this. lets figure it out, im here for you

these are the BEST guns, and that is how it is. this is the BEST small arm in the word, and we need it here., end of story. I am with you guys, lets sell this to them,....

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