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CHALLENGE... Identify a .223 Remington powder from description...

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So just Before I got laid up, I did some shooting with my savage axis rifle... In .223. Got a cute little 4-32 BSA optic on it... Went shooting up a bunch of reloads that I've had sitting around for umpteen years without any load data with them...just to get them gone. I came across about 20 rounds that gave me wonderful 3/4" groups of 5 shots at 100 yards... So I brought 10 home, unfired to try and reverse engineer what I loaded... Turns out they are a 68 grain BTHP W/cannelure. Pushed by 25 grains of a ball powder. Now...this powder is REALLY a ball powder. Not like blc2,cfe223, or w748 that squishes the powder balls semi flat...it's all really little round balls. Ive looked at all the powder I currently own and use and nothing matched. I know I had some oddball stuff when I got all my equipment, and this would have been loaded around then... MAYBE it's H335... But I'm not positive... I could use any help identifying potential other powers it could be by weight for load, and physical description. I'm thinking I cant rule out all other hodgdon/imr powder because I may have had a few ounces of something odd to use up... But I know it's not H414,blc2,cfe223, or w748. Like I said... MAYBE H335... But could be a totally different brand I normally wouldn't use... What you folks in the reloading world think??? Up to the challenge ??

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Indeed so. I'm gonna try and run a few rounds through the chrony later and get some velocities. Hopefully with those, I'll be able to duplicate the load pretty much exact, even if I don't have the original powder.


Just one of those things...when you find the load that really shoots well...you wanna keep tabs on it, and make more. And for these to give me a 3/4" group or a little better at 100 yards, with a $300 dollar rifle...even better!!

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Got the chrony all set up INSIDE...just been too busy to have the mrs. take it outside and set it up for me so I can shoot thru it...

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I hate to say it, but you could set your gear up on a baby stroller and a rascal while you are healing.


Good luck and don't get impatient. 

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