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Hello fellow forum members:


About today's shooting: I am glad no good guys were killed. The shooter got what he deserved.


However, I'm just not surprised he was on the political left. I'm just not surprised.


I wish someone would write a book explaining the left's collective mentality. Sort of "The Psychology of the American Left for Dummies."

I sense so many parallels between what our nation endures from the left and what I've had to tolerate from many women (not all) in my family or at work.


The only difference is scale. Both tend to "catastrophize" moments when things don't go their way. Emotional reactions occur accordingly. Trump's election was a catastrophe for the left. Meanwhile, the left relates with themes of criticism, dismissiveness, invalidation, marginalizing, and narcissistic hypocrisy. In some ways, it seems like Western Civilization is enduring an international campaign of emasculating emotional abuse from the political left - just like in a personal relationship. Again, the only difference is scale.


Just my two cents.


I think I should finally get that Glock 43 I want, and more Federal GMM .308 ammo.

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Well, by supporting democrats they are voting against guns in general, but they use them to harm others. Hypocrites.


I'm convinced that's how the Leftists are intentionally using guns and willing actors to make their point. It seems these weak-minded assholes are martyring themselves for a political cause, while causing pain and death to people for simply having different ideals or beliefs.

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Not everyone is gifted with mental acuity. There are as many with limited reasoning ability as there are with those who are blessed in their ability to reason. All cults and 'movements' use the lass gifted as "useful Idiots". Nothing new here.

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This may just be the beginning.

Keep your head on a swivel. people.

Be aware of your surroundings at ALL times.

ALWAYS know where the closest cover is, note exits, look for weirdos. 


This may be enough to keep you OUT of a situation.

If not, head for an exit or cover, and then deal with it appropriately.

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