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The old VWs were well designed in regards to being able to work on them, but once the FWDs came along that was over. A friend of my dad had a shop working on VW and Audi and we called him "Rake it in" Glenn, lol. He broke people off when it came to those FWD cars.

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An old Rambler would be the most durable and easy car to fix. 196cu/in straight 6 - made a 400,000 vehicle. Any old straight 6 like my old Valiant Duster with the slant 6 or the old 65 Dodge van I had were all easy to work on and DURABLE! Old Ramblers and Dodge/Plymouths always ran 300,000 miles or better, AND THE DOOR HANDLES AND WINDOW REGULATORS lasted the life of the body! My 88 Comanche is SO MUCH easier to work on than the Suburban, the Jeep 4.0 6 and MPFI make a nice second vehicle. That one will sit for months, then start right up and do whatever  you want.

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Check the MSDS on your anti-seize


Many today use graphite, and graphite is corrosive to aluminum. 


The anti-seize can also potentially creep past the threads and contaminate the AC lines.

If the refrigeration lines are under pressure how does the graphite get in?



Between assembling and evacuating/charging the system

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I use artist's brushes to put the ALUMINUM anti-seeze on the threads and flange back ONLY. Another even smaller brush to coat the O rings and the surfaces they slide over with PAG oil. These are not little lines, they mostly take 1 1/4, and 1 1/16 inch wrenches!

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