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DDI/usa mashup for PGO "S12" style shorty "firearm"

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love the idea, hate the junk chinese parts making up the rest... suppose i could sub in my own russian bcg?


lotsa new action in the shotgun world, wish folks hadnt abandoned the forum.  then again, maybe not.... same old questions without searching etc gets annoying....


by new products i mean:


tak-47, new zealand designed chinese made

academy firearms chinese made saiga type gun

utas xtr12 ar10ish turkish gun....

genesis 12, ar10 upper... apparently they are 12-18 weeks from shipping.  1500ish msrp


by new i mean not the crapmountain fury

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Looks interesting. At that price, it is hard for me to imagine how they are starting with an existing gun, disassembling the receiver, manufacturing and installing a US made trunnion and/or receiver, refinishing, adding aftermarket parts, doing barrel work, and still making a profit that condones the effort. They would need to be doing fairly large batches and moving significant numbers to keep the price that low. More power to them if they can make it work.

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They could be receiving the gun as a barreled action... That would be playing with the meaning of "made in USA".. But hardly the first time that had happened.

I tend to think of everything as doing every little bit of it myself or in-house. Great point.

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lolz at the long porn convo in the comments...




i wonder if origin will sell the gun kinda dumbed down and cheaper.... basically a vepr minus all thier add-ons?


How would it be possible to sell the origin dumbed down? -- aside from selling it with the shield fore grip.

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It's not built on a vepr. Every part on there is a clumsily engineered overly complex gun, and most critically eliminating the tappet system which makes the Saiga derivatives able to deal with a wide range of gas pressure&volume reliably.


They made a checklist of cool features, and it has them all, but each one is executed badly. It's roughly what you would get if you asked an aftermarket porsche tuner to make a dumptruck from scratch.

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