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Just picked up one of the Bug A Salt guns at Cabela's for $49.  Effing A!  This gun is a blast!  Made to kill bugs with table salt.


Got the idea to test it out on the yellow jackets by the apple tree.  Will cripple on the first shot and kill by the second or third.  Bald faced hornets take a few more to kill.  It can kill a fly up to 36" away.  2" pattern at 24".  You want to be 12" or less when engaging a yellow jacket or hornet.  80 shots per hopper of salt.  Must have reloaded 5 times today, and there's a heck of a lot of dead bugs by the apple tree! 


Can't wait to use it on the stable flies up on Lake Superior when I'm out mining.  Last time I was there, there were 100-150 flies sitting on each bucket ready to mob me.  Only the pyrethrin was keeping them off of me, and I'd still get bit on my arms where it got washed off. 


Totally worth the money spent!  And no shortage of targets or ammo either! 

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I live in a steel shop building so I get legions of fly. Bought my Bug-A-Salt at the local Cabelas last year. I don't get good results over 18 inches or so on Idaho flies, but it seriously F's em up at close range. Much preferred over the swatter!

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Hornet sting is the closest thing to being tased I've ever experienced!

I'd rather be shot than hit by a bald face hornet again...


It's pretty damned amazing that such a little critter can cause so much pain. One puncture, and it lasts for ~2 weeks on me.

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