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The usual scumbag suspects and some "friendly" traitors are trying to railroad in new law that could effectively ban just about any accesorie,aftermarket trigger and even semi autos all together! This proposed law is completely up to abc boys interpretation of what is a "normal" rate of fire. So in short, pretty much anything including a trigger job, lightened bolt carrier, light springs etc could be interpruted as "fire rate enhancing" and land you in prison for 5yrs with a felony and effectively stripping you of your right to own fire arms. Spread this to every one you know and on every forumn you belong. We need to call and write reps non stop! Spam the sh!t out of them. We need all hands on deck. They are trying to cash in while the blood is still fresh and are wasting no time trying to railroad this through.


Mac video outlining this proposed law


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Demos or GOP:  Folks; we need to understand that there is just ONE POWER political system in the USA.  The Demos and the GOP are just two divisions of such a one system.  This is one of many times where the alleged difference is very transparent.   Damn near invisible.


True colors.  Deep Swamp.  Call it what you may.  This continued TREASON walks both sides of the aisle. 

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I just wrote the following to my "representatives":


     "I am writing to urge you to NOT support Gun Bill HR3999.  It is a blatant attempt to abridge the 2nd amendment.  It is an ill defined and not thought out bill and will only lead to immediate criminalization of current law abiding citizens -- myself being one.  I tell you this from my heart: the 2nd amendment is the only one that helps to secure all others and I for one will be willing to lay down my life to protect it.  I would bet that there are a million others that are of like mind as myself.  HR 3999 will only introduce chaos and bloodshed if enacted.  I pray that you will strongly oppose it.  Thank you."


I feel like it is pissing in the wind but sitting and doing nothing is not an option on this.  WTF else can we do?????

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"I feel like it is pissing in the wind but sitting and doing nothing is not an option on this.  WTF else can we do"


There is the million dollar question right thar.

We can continue to go through the motions without any real expectation of long term success as there is more to this thing than firearms, far more.

We can drop out and prepare for the inevitable, again with little hope of success depending on how the term is defined.


Or say enough is enough and start(continue) shooting at each other. I think that is long term result those evil bastids are looking for though so as good as it may feel it is a loss. 

I turned it over to God and moved to north Idaho so take that with a grain of salt.

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Personal Rant ...


History shows our revolution of 1776 was most definitely NOT a walk in the park.  It was long, brutal, bloody and nasty.  Very much like the War Of Northern Aggression.  The Civil War to others.  It was area against area.  Town against town.  Neighbor against neighbor.  Family against family.  Yep.


Tory vs Patriot.  Royalist vs Rebels.  It was not in geographically separate areas.  Either you were for us or you were against us and you must decide NOW.    More people starved to death or died from diseases than were actually killed in the fighting.  At the start only THREE PERCENT were rebels.


Are we prepared to do that again?  I do not think we are even close yet.  Yet we belly ache and complain about our New King George.  Then we change Presidents and we still complain and write letters.  Big fucking deal.  Things have not yet even begun to get bad enough to even think about violence.


Sosss ... do we have an answer?  Yep.  Get involved in righteous corrective politics at the local level.  Do it by non violent means.  Select and elect local good patriots for public office.  All public office.  Especially including School Boards.  We can still turn all of this around and drain the BIG SWAMP.


Also consider giving 10% of your NET income to the non violent political cause.  Enough that it hurts.  Put your money were your mind is.  The other side does it quite well.  Money.  We need to learn how to do it also.  We are a vast sleeping giant.  All we need to do is wake up. That and some valuable time.


And ... never start a new paragraph with a conjunction.  No ... wait.  What I mean is that I am one of the bitchers.  I write letters.  Make phone calls.  Do the E-mails.  But ... I have NOT YET gotten involved in the local political process.  Lazy I guess.  I need to get my ass in gear.  I know this.  Working on it.


Rant complete.  Thank you.  Respectfully.

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