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    What VFG is that?
  • SLR 106FR Pic4
    SLR 106FR Pic4
    Thanks, can you believe I dumped 50 rounds through it before I took that pic?  That's what it looked like before I cleaned it.  lol I liked the idea of the lefty folder from the star...
  • Modern Musket
    Modern Musket
    I seriously doubt that.  They would likely want to be cautious of people they first encountered that would have one.  They would also be curious and inquisitive.  You have to underst...
  • image
    No but thank you, that was a hell of a compliment. It is a Tapco black polymer mag that I made to look like a Bakelite. The thread that covers it is below:http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic...
  • 762x39 Saiga with Wood..
    762x39 Saiga with Wood..
    Sweet folder (I'm a folder freak). I'm guessing you compromised a bit of comfort for trigger, charging handle and safety access, plus it looks badass.

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