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  • destroy america
    destroy america
    This one UGLY grannie beotch!
  • SLR 107UR 51 1
    SLR 107UR 51 1
    lol  I know.  I can't wait to have the stamps for this one and the AR pistol too.  Sick.  I'd like to suppress this sucker later but I'm not sure if the 24mm threads are concent...
  • SLR 107UR 51 1
    SLR 107UR 51 1
    Can't wait to see the Form 1'd version
  • Saiga 12 Kitty
    Saiga 12 Kitty
    Fucking CUTE~~~~~~~~
  • aimimg 2.2
    aimimg 2.2
    Check your front left pocket, I put something in there... it's like magic!

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