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  • iron My shirt
    iron My shirt
  • Mossy 930SPX Urbino Stock
    Mossy 930SPX Urbino Stock
    No problems in the stock config. The finish is holding up fine but I haven't abused it. I need to wring it out with the Urbino stock since it uses a shorter recoil spring. I had an 1100 a...
  • Mossy 930SPX Urbino Stock
    Mossy 930SPX Urbino Stock
    Sweet! I've been looking for another tactical shotty. Have you had any issues with it? Would you recommend this over the Remington 1100 tactical? How durable is the finish on it?
  • Half Mile Bay 160
    Half Mile Bay 160
    I really need to start hunting for these guys. NE Washignton is just covered with them, but they don't look as much like a children's book illustration as these guys.
  • 20150315 144229
    20150315 144229
    It's a simple dust cover mount and a Bushnell 3 x 9.  I've had both for many years and they work really well.  As long as the stabilizing screws on the back of the dust cover are snug, it...

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