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    Don't trust Roberts.
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    1. Infringement is infringement, plain and simple. 2. They are trying to take lawfully purchased property without compensation. 3. The Executive Branch doesn't have the power to do this. Neither does F-Troop, even though they've done this in the past. 4. The Supremes may shoot this down IF they follow the Constitution and do their job.
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    GOA filing lawsuit..... https://www.gunowners.org/gun-owners-of-america-to-file-suit-against-atf-bump-stock-ban.htm Whats the NRA doing?
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    Then there are better things like DIAS, which you can make from a piece of sheet metal or wire.... I don't need full auto, and I am not going to be the test case, but I know how to make it in a matter of minutes that is loads better than any bump stock. The beauty is that not only are there so many proper firearms out there already, that seizing them all would be impossible, but that whatever the dominant tech of war, the tools of making the tools are now modular, distributed and too numerous to track. A sub gun can be made in a garage in a matter of hours. A goodish subgun, could be made in dozens per hour with a couple days of setup and a few home grade CNC tools. and firearms are not the most important component of armed resistance. Autonomous sentries, and scouts, and even drones are already being made in the middle east from RC kits and home grade quad rotors. There is open source software that turns computers and radios into ad hoc internet type comms with or without the grid. I have friends who use it for tracking forest fires, etc. They've chosen to hold back the ocean by bailing with a bucket. Sooner or later, they will have to admit failure, and try to draw a new boundary line other than whether the public is armed. Someone who wants to be armed, will be anywhere in the world. It's a matter of time. The effort is going down and the effort of preventing it is going up. The trend is that oppression becomes cost prohibitive if you cross any threshold that people are actually willing to resist. Can you imagine how much ingenuity would go into a civil war in America if such a thing were to happen? Every muffler shop would be an arms factory, and every old PC a potential server.
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    Make SURE the tools they need will be available to your progeny!
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    We may not see it during our lifetimes, but there will be another bloody fight for them sooner or later.
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    I'd rather take my time, but that's not the point here. The point is the steady erosion of our God-given Rights.
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    You all were warned something like this would happen. This is the worst case scenario, especially because of the precedents it sets for further/future Presidential pen strokes outlawing firearms by decree. Best case was the ATF simply retracting their earlier acceptance of such devices.
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    I honestly don't know if you think I count as here from the old days or not. I surely missed the window on $2-300 saiga builds. I enjoy the era of new ideas and problems to solve. Now most of them are solved. I did not enjoy the period of loudmouth crowds of know it alls ganging up on every thread and patting eachother on the back. Less so, when a couple waves of them later started spamming every thread with bottom shelf porn. Now, those who stick around are mostly the creative types, but solving problems on new guns that aren't saiga, and all the mag fed shotguns out there. I like that. I want to keep up to date on developments in mag fed shotguns. This is still the best overall place for that. Plus there are friends here. For the last year or so, there has been more activity holding my interest in the YT gun community, and the reloader's network project. A lot of really talented and creative people involved in that. So more time there than here, or vepr org. But I check in here and there, and other places.
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    Reminder that this exists: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ak0Uu1DF-59PdFdmenV3ZThCbVEzNEg2WXFnYXhXSFE#gid=0 If you measure your unfired length and compare it to the lengths listed in the headers, you know all you need.
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    When I was making these as gifts and expiriments for myself, I started with a big shelf and cut it down in stages until I wished I had left more on. Going for the low snag, but still positive instinctive motion. I found that I wanted it to stick about 5/16" past the flat of the lever. You can radius the corners so that from top view it is basically a semi circle or trapezoid without harming its function.
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    You know that at some point over the course of this holiday season, everyone still in possession of a bump stock probably uttered the words, "Now I have a machine gun, ho ho ho."
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    Looks like some people are going to learn how to do it with a finger.
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    I've used a rubber hair band to bump fire. So they're illegal too! That's going to piss off a lot of women!
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    😂 I think he said 100 round dump. Shoot , a 100 round drum would be about a 3ft diameter ....lol.
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    if they just banned marbles, then nobody could lose them to begin with
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    I can't wait either man ! The whole day I was shooting , all I was thinking was how much fun I'm gonna have with it when it's an Evlblacksbs 😎
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    I just had a chance to finally shoot my ks12 like I've been wanting to. It ran the federal target loads and the Winchester universal without a hiccup. I ran close to 50 -60 shells of each and it ran perfect. I could do full mag dumps ,burst fire and slow single shot fire with no problems. I am extremely happy with how it runs. I used three different mags. Factory , ccspecs steel mag and the us made lynx 12 mag.
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    Unfired case length being too long and rolled crimps are the main common reasons certain loads will not feed correctly in drums. You need to know unfired hull length and check it with the old table. You might contact Federal for that info. I would be willing to bet longtime member Gunfun has a link to that ammo table copied and ready to paste
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    Yeah, I was meaning krebbs style. I've made and riveted on similar things, which IMO also matches the AK look naturally. Krebbs fits the aesthetics of the curves you are grinding in more naturally though. Their finger shelf is curved in a way that feels "quality".
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    I got it to lock in with very little work just got to get to the range
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    That and rough edges and stiffer springs. You can fettle them into working, but don't drop them. I actually liked the baby brothers of them, but I couldn't stomach sending money to promag. Hashbrown neveragain.
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    I keep it holstered then I barely ever look at it and no one else ever sees it. It becomes money well spent that way. Moral of the story, leave it alone.