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    I will not be communicating from 10-26-2019 to 10-28-2019. I will start catching up on comms 10-29-2019. Thank you for understanding.
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    Just go for it and the rest will sort itself out. Remember this is fun right? No one ever has the perfect gun. They have a lot of less than perfect guns that shoot just fine. Now ! Get off the fence and build that sucker and we will want pictures. Have fun you could live in LA
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    Tube fed with an odd manual of arms... not competition. Everyone I know with some sort of shotgun with an odd manual of arms (KSG, UTAS, DP12, etc) doesn't love it. Most attempt to like it, but run out of excuses for it and eventually the reality of how stupid of a design it is settles on them. This happens much faster if they fire my SBS.
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    Last year I had to turn around and go home because of my knee .Had surgery and a long recovery but doing great now. May I started to get my body back in shape and lost 72 pounds fast walking.3mile on tread mill and 3/4 miles swimming 6 days a week. I am ready! We leave tomorrow evening and I will be in the wild Thursday Can't wait, can't wait! Wish me Luck
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    Try not breathing and see her dilemma. Get a quartz heater for your radiant heat.
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    The front trunnion is the serial numbered part. This negates any value in replacing the sheet metal housing normally called the 'receiver' on AK's.
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    I came up with an amendment to that. I'd like the shooting bench in the shop right at the wall and just have a large dog door I could prop up when I am ready to fire. While I am dreaming I may as well go all of the way
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    I was able to log in using my old email. But i can't remember my old password to change it to a new one
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    China man should keep to his own and only speak norinco. Even those are stolen tech.
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    That's a really cool vision. Wishing you the best.
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    Not smart. Glad you're OK.
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    There is no way to SAFELY de-mill heavily corroded ordinance. The chemical primer and propellant may become very unstable, and if HE or incendiary may be even MORE unstable. An ex girlfriend from high school's father had a nest of Civil War cannon balls on his hearth. She later dated a UDT Sailor who took one look and called the bomb squad - the cannon balls were filled with LIVE black powder. A spark from the fireplace could have blown the entire house up! Leave it to someone who Knows what they are working on, and have training on safely de-milling! I stand by my first comment.
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    I would NOT set fire to this thing or try to cut or pound this thing open. If it's tracer, HE or Incendiary you could start one hell of fire or explosion. Some of these contain a powerful explosive.
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    Getting bullets through the same hole every time is 30% gun 20 % ammo work up and 50% trying to figure it all out . There are good days and bad days at the range. Just remember why you are there.
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    a fact most people seem to lose sight of.
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    Use the calculator below and it will tell you what you want to know. Doug https://bergerbullets.com/twist-rate-calculator/
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    Put a chunk of plastic pic rail on top of a baseball cap bill. Maybe a counterweight at the back.
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    You'll want a 1:12 twist so you can run 168-175 Matchkings
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    I'm not sure if it will ever happen, but I have been wanting to move somewhere that I can shoot on site. This would have to happen in an area where ground water isn't an issue and in Open Rural zoning, which would generally be on the Northwest area in this county. I would dig a pond as deep as I could legally get away with and off of that pond I would dig at least one lane or a loop above the clay layer or at least above where I might expect maximum water level to be during the wet season. Dirt from the pond and lane or loop would be used to hide the lanes (blend from existing grade to top of berms) at the same time as creating a more generous berm by the lane being down below existing grade. I would like to not be able to see the lanes at all from the home, but at least be able to fire down one of the lanes from inside of my shop. That's kind of the point, open the door of the shop, wheel a custom shooting bench to the door, and fire from the comfort of shade and AC or go down to the lane and fire. All of my steel targets are on stands and angled down. The target design and having the actual shooting area below surrounding grade should eliminate ricochet. As far as landscaping goes, I would let everything grow wild except immediately around the house and shop, and a line from the shop to the target area. I'm not a fan of creating a lot of landscaping to maintain.
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    Then he should know by reading the site that if it isn't English it doesn't mean shit to us. Let me make it simple for him: Fuck you! 操你 Cāo nǐ
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    http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2018/01/09/new-century-arms-draco-nak9-9mm-ak-pistol/ Century Arms just announced a Romanian built 9mm AK that takes Glock mags. I must say, it looks pretty nice.
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    Yup--the ones that are still available this morning have increased in price by 20% or more (supply and demand as they say or 'gouging' as others might...).
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    They managed to build a big clunky pistol that's less accurate than a standard pistol...o boy!