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    There are no sights on this weapon, at all. Front sight is a faded memory, the rear sight dovetail is too, and it looks like they never happened. Watch the target at 1:52. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_68wZDsoTE
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    'If a barely-trained civilian like me can figure that out, I sure hope our military leaders are already prepared for it!' Its not the military leaders that haven't figured it out...it's the damned politicians. The politicians are the ones that we should worry about making the right decision.
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    I saw an interesting news story recently, listing the members of the Invasion as known gang members of MS-13, other South and Central American gangs, ISIS members from all over the place. They claimed it's being funded by Cartels and the President of Venezuela?! 🤔 It is already set up as in Invasion, with the women and children up front where the cameras are, and the rear 2/3's are all males aged 18-30. I believe this is how it will hit our borders, too, with the women and children front and center, and the fighters flanking around the sides. If a barely-trained civilian like me can figure that out, I sure hope our military leaders are already prepared for it!
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    Just remember we beat Mexico prior to the war of the north and south , then gave it back to them after keeping the land we wanted. Which we paid for. This thing is coming to an end. MAGA
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    Call me crazy, but after ten years of ownership, I felt like the Tromix S-17 in my safe was a little dated. Adding insult to injury, none of my other Russian shotguns even used the rock and lock magazines anymore. I thought about selling it a few times but could never bring myself to actually listing it anywhere. Slowly but surely, the idea crept into my mind to modify the old style shotgun to except Russian mag-well magazines. Over the last two years I’ve been accumulating parts to male it happen and today I finally got it done. The whole idea was to make the S17 look more like a Krink/Suchka and more AK-ish. This was a lot of work, folks. 😃 I haven’t settled on a muzzle device yet. I’ve got an idea or two rattling around in my head so we’ll see what happens.
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    I live near San Antonio. I'm sick of the local paper (Express News) discussing "Democrat this" or "Democrat that" all the time, and always sympathetic to the "plight" of illegal immigrants. A lot of folks here literally think Texas should belong to Mexico again. That's no joke. Perhaps that's one reason why Mexico isn't helping. I fear something's going to happen if Democrats/Progressives keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing their "agenda." Having visited gun ranges around here, I take comfort in knowing there are folks like DLT in Texas who have guns and know how to use them. I know for a fact many are current or former operators. I feel like I need to hurry and get Shilen barrels to make a couple of barrels for me and finish a couple of rifle projects. Honestly ... it seems like some folks on the political left should be charged with treason. They know not what they do. They think they do, but they don't.
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    The wife and I did discuss evac last night, but both concluded that this is our home and property. Its the only thing we got. We have both worked too long and hard for this, and we are not leaving it behind because of fear.
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    They are idiots. They are well aware of what they are voting for, but the repeated stupid excuse is usually something along the lines of "I don't like the way he looks". They all basically vote by the look of the cover, and not on substance.
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    Nobody's dirt napped me yet, mostly lurk these days to see what guys are turning out. If you ever want to have some fun, start searching ancient posts. After the sunset of the AWB I found the platform and this place. I was drawn in by conversions that Shannon and Dinzag had done. Bvamp was probably the only mod at the time and was fond of killing snow men, not cleaning his shotgun, and trading punches with a jackass named McUzi. Good times! Maybe one day The U.S. and Russia will kiss and make up and allow trade to resume, although supply has always been sketchy through the year. And drama, oh yes the drama. We managed to run off AGP, Red Jacket used to be a no name good guy, the drum mag wars with Mike D and another jackass that owned AA. Cameron (Chaos) got the shit kicked out of him when he first came on the scene for no good reason and had integrity to hang in there and build his business, Tony Rumore built a huge following around this platform and has since stepped back due to dwindling supply leaving Lonestar and Evl to fill the void for quality builders. Last, I'll leave you with the crazy old mofo from the past who's name escapes me for one of the most entertaining picture threads I ever ran across years ago. Azrial, if you still have the same profession, watch your 6 and keep the bad guys at bay. Thanks for posting this, I'd like to see who else checks in.
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    Wow the ancient ones being summoned huh? Howdy old brothers! I'm still around and still doing top quality work on S-12, Vepr, and AK action components. I check PMs and lurk occasionally, sometimes make a comment or reply.... Hell I figured I'd lay off posting for awhile since even though I haven't much in years, my post count is still thousands above the next runner up I think...lol. Was last time I checked anyway. Yup still alive and well...somehow...
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    I joined in 2006, this place was buzzing back then... I was 18 back then. Only person that chimed in recently that was here longer is GOB.. Thing that drives me buggy is that all the activity that was here evaporated while other forums remain fairly active. One of the things that damaged this forum was several shady companies.. There was and likely still is an attitude of not allowing bad press, but that allows companies to really screw up. Once a source of information can't be trusted the viewership will drop like a rock.. It seems today like bringing up product issues would be more accepted, but back around 2012 it was basically how you got permabanned.. Also this place is/was so laser focused on Saigas only, that it basically wrote off anything else.. These days most of my saiga-12 mag sales are for Lynx and Cheetah shotguns.. And JTS-12 mags sell about as well.. Because you can actually buy one of those guns off the shelf. We really need to condense several of the forum sections and make new sections for more active content, such as the new import shotguns. And maybe send out a few mass emails to try to get some people back in here.
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    I'm here... Kind'a, maybe, sometimes. Damn I miss the days of high activity in here. I'm amazed Mackc keeps the lights on.
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    Mike, if it was coming from anyone else I would not trust it. After having first hand experience with the Cat, I was most definitely not going to bother with anything Chinese that didn't have Norinco or Polytech rollmarked on it somewhere, but you just changed that. As far as K USA brushing you off when you are trying to help them at no charge, whatever. ALG did the same thing to me when I offered to give them a perfected AKT to copy and then they put forth effort to just offer something that fits, nevermind the rest of the FCG working against reliability, lol. They obviously do not feel the shotguns deserve the same attention to detail that the ARs and AK rifles get. Onward, I'd like to see K USA succeed, but if they don't watch out they will fall behind. To be bested by a Chinese shotgun would really be a kick in the nards. I don't care who rises to the top, just as long as someone does. I'd like to keep beating AK based shotguns until I can't see well enough to not smash my hands and until those hands shake too bad to hold a punch, lol.
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    Thank you all for the support and prayers. Starting to notice a slight uptick of DPS activity. Also been hearing the BP airboats early in the morning with more frequency. I still have a few friends in different agencies who can't share their plans, but apparently a few contingencies are in the works. I just dont buy the whole walking to California story on the part of the organizers when its 1000 miles shorter trip this way. Anyway, been adding ammo to the inventory and topping off the truck every evening. Also been talking to others here with the same frame of mind. Many more people than I previously thought are getting ready.
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    I live on 281 North, near Bulverde. So a San Anton-ion, I am. With the likes of the Castro Brothers, nothing else should be expected. The city gov is very liberal, but nothing compared to Austin. Screw that city. As stated previously, I was born and raised in Lubbock. When it was time to leave Northern VA, I just couldn't bring my two little girls back to Lubbock. Dust, allergies, and the job market there. Not to mention I am retired Marine, so the bases here offer certain advantages for me and my family. Growing up, my Uncles, Grandfather and Dad would always say how the Mexicans were pissed and they believe Texas truly belonged to Mexico. They would take it back in time. Fast forward 35+ years....and their wisdom is echoing to me from their graves. But it is still Texas, and there is no other place I would rather be....well, Hawaii, but certainly can't afford that either! DLT, you and yours are in our thoughts and prayers. Stay vigilant and stay calm. Hopefully, if it gets to that point, you will see our military patrolling your area. Hoping for the best of a possible bad outcome.
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    This will be worth following for sure! If you haven't done so, this would probably be a good time to mic various dimensions of parts that take pressure or impact to be able to measure any deformation. It might be worth putting a couple punch marks or scribes in to measure from on some of the wonkier shapes on the bolt head, and trunion.
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    Actually the Lynx is beefier than the Saiga. It’s receiver is thicker. The carrier and op rod (not the piston) are not one piece. They are two separate pieces that seat very nicely together. One of the main reasons some would break in the Saiga is because they didn’t fit nicely together and flopped around. Some Saigas also sandwhiched the piston between the op rod and the gas regulator. That put all the stress where the op rod screwed into carrier and some would crack. That combined with the play is where those cracks were coming from. The gas plug is lacking in design. The 3 and 4 setting are no different in gas. Yes, the 4th setting is substantial larger than the 3rd but the 3rd can handle more gas than the barrel ports can deliver... That means that giant 4th setting in the plug is not doing anything but increasing the volume of the chamber and making it take longer to pressurize. That 4th setting is actually hurting the effiecency of the gun with low power ammo even when the plug is set to the 3rd setting. I tried to tell them how to make an even better gas plug than the V-plug was but it doesn’t appear they are going to. I even sent them the CAD files for the V-Plug and told them exactly how. Makes me scratch my head...
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    Probably sporterized.
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    Did another tour, lost my gal of 12 years, got very sick, was cured, and am living on the lake with my new wife! Life is good! I hope the same for you!
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    Still here. I don't know if I qualify as an old timer, but I have been here for a while. Long enough to remember the daily "I bought the gunfixer plug and my gun still doesn't run low brass" threads.
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    Dunno if I qualify but I check in every once in a while...
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    Been here since June 2011. Don't post as much as I used to, but will always hold this site in high regard. I would have never attempted full conversions without this site, and the information I gained was priceless.
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    I'm fortunate enough to not lay on my death bed wishing I would have. It makes all of the things about the business that I hate worth it (paperwork, sales tax reports, the occasional customer who refuses to read and follow instructions and it leads to some sort of shipping debacle, etc.). I'm definitely not doing it for the money, lol.
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    Here's an IZ-433/Version 30 we built earlier this year. Really love the Version 030 platform, and looking forward to doing a high performance build with the RS-S1.