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    My mother was born and raised just 2 blocks from where the riots have burnt a good portion of it. I was born close to the area and remember spending the summer with my grandparents there. It was a great place to live. But like all cities the middle and upper middle class moved out of downtown Minneapolis and went to the suburbs. Minneapolis has become like many cities only attractive to the lower class. Crime is high and tax dollar intake is not enough to sustain it. It will take years to rebuild this area if it ever will. Now they have voted to end the police force? This city is now Detroit and will never come back Ever! St Paul is the same . As I start my 3rd year of retirement I find it funny that I do not think of what I used to do ever. The wife dose not have to worry about my safety anymore but still watches police shows 90% of the time ?????? but I Love Her so much. Still carry every day as I have for years, Go nowhere, work on my Guns, Guitars ,make holsters , walk 4 miles and swim 1 mile every day except Sunday. Pretty sure I can swim 1000 meters in less than 20 minutes but why? Life Is wonderful and I am blessed beyond anything . All this unrest will fade as it always does like a coral reef always growing larger on what was once alive. Everyone be safe . God Bless
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    Just loaded 400 rounds of 300 blackout and 400 round of 556. Went to our Local Farm store Rural King to get pork rinds and the the gun department was packed with dozens of people filling out paperwork or buying ammo. One way or another things will even out. The real truth of Life is we all have a capacity to Hate. Getting over it is the real task even when we know we will always be hated. Defeat your enemy's and then move on. This is what will bring us to normal
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    It is likely about 19-3/16". There really isn't much to gain there without going SBS. I'd leave it as-is. If you are just bored and pretty good with your hands maybe it is worth it, but it definitely wouldn't be worth it to pay someone else to do it.
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    I always liked his acting just fine. Extremely well done! ...another great speech:
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    Some people have said he is legit, and some have had problems. Also, stuff from russia can take months to get. So you just have to wait and hope. Also, you will have no recourse if there is a problem. That's why it is always better to pay with a credit card
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    USA. I need to adjust my notifications. Not getting notified of reply’s. I ended up ordering a military kit. Just have to wait a month, hopefully, for it to come in.
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    At work we're having trouble getting parts from suppliers (Defense). I'd think Shannon's in the same boat as the rest of us, maybe more so, as he's just a little guy, not a huge .gov contractor. He's a stand-up guy. He'll do you right.
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    I recently picked up an unconverted Saiga-12 from my LGS and found my way here by way of the AK Files, the consensus there was this was THE place to learn about all things Saiga-12. It was a consignment sale and came complete with a Wraithmaker 20-round drum, two 5-round Izzy mags and one 10-round AGP Arms magazine. I was quite surprised when I initially handled it as I thought it was new, it barely had the typically safety lever scratch which normally happens after wiping the safety up and down a few times on any AK. The salesman at the LGS said if I was at all unsatisfied with it that I could return it for a full refund, which was kind of unusual as I've bought quite a few guns there and have never been told that. After doing my research on the AK Files and lurking here, I'm guessing the original owner went in whole hog (hence the Wraithmaker drum!) ran garbage ammo through it and encountered all sorts of malfunctions and was done with it. I took it to the range yesterday for a brief test fire using 2 boxes (50-rounds) of 2 3/4-inch 00 buck Remington reduced recoil (8-pellet, 3 dram equivalent, FPS unknown, not shown on the box) using all 4 of the magazines/drum. While I won't say that's at all a comprehensive evaluation of the its reliability, I can say that I was pleasantly surprised as it was malfunction free. I didn't futz with the gas regulator and just wanted to run it out of the box. I'm extremely anxious to convert it but wanted to make sure it was going to work out for me and since this is my go-to ammo I figure I'm going to move forward with that as soon as I can figure out which CSS kit I wanna go with. As a side note the drum weighed just over 5-pounds loaded and while it's a fun range toy I suppose, I'm likely going to sell it as I'm more than happy to run 8 or 10 round mags. I was impressed by the quality and machined billet aluminum construction and it admittedly looks cool as hell, even on an unconverted gun, just not my style. Lots of great how-to instructions, before and after pictures, etc. here and I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can and applying it, I prefer to "buy once, cry once" whenever I can.
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    Nice mag dumps! Great little gun evlblkwpnz!
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    They are. The left keeps breeding gun owners with their nonsense. The whole nation is frosty.
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    Pauly, is that you? If so, I hope things are going great for you. I don't agree with your opinions, but you are entitled to them. Understand me, you will not damage my business no matter what you say or do. You didn't make me and you definitely will not break me. My Father gave me this business. My customers pay what I charge for what I do because the difference has no equal and is absolutely measurable. I pour out my heart in these builds and the customer can see and feel the love in it. I do have more basic service offerings, but few want that. You are free to have whoever you want to do your work, brother, I hope your build goes great and exceeds your expectations. You just aren't my customer and I'm fine with that. I'm not your shop, but you are angry and I can't understand it. Vote with your wallet, my friend. We all have our tastes and desires and some people want something really nice, well built, something that looks like the craftsman cared about it, and something that they know for sure runs great before they get it. I have raised prices many times to try and slow the flow of work, but it never works and I have given up. God bless you. I hope you can decide to be happy and have an outstanding day. Smile, brother, it's ok. My website? I think it is obvious that I am not concerned with it, lol. It has been down for weeks and I'm over it. I own the domain and many many others. When things settle down a bit, I will have it rebuilt and hosted elsewhere. I have no time to deal with it and it hasn't effected the flow of new inquiries. That crappy website didn't make me either In the spirit of outrageous pricing...
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    Take the top cover off and have a look. I've seen people do some wierd things to these guns. If there's a buffer, take it out.
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    It's not bashing if it's true and high quality work is expensive, so
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    🍿 2 minutes with a search engine: https://www.facebook.com/evlutionz/
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    The front latch isn't all that hard. The work at the rear is where most people make their mistakes. You will do fine if you are actually going slow enough to measure things and think about what you are doing.
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    I appreciate the help. I’m planning on taking my time and measuring everything carefully with calipers, to do as precise job as I can. Really looking into it all, I think I can do a decent job. The only thing I’m concerned with is the front latch but I think once I actually have the parts in hand and can look at it in person, it’ll alleviate those concerns.
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    Or gamble on the election, if a democrat is elected, there will be a buying frenzy
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    You need an AK100 kit from wherever you can find one and a Saiga-12 front latch from AKbuilder.com. You may have a very hard time finding a triangle stock though. Most likely you will need to buy a poly AK100 kit and then get a triangle stock later. I have some of them, but I am not sure I want to sell them. It will require some cutting, but it sounds like you are a detail guy, and it isn't rocket science. Even if it doesn't turn out great at least you had the stones to do it. If you absolutely hack it up you have done as well as two well respected 'professionals' that I know of.
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    Ivan has an excellent reputation and I'm sure you won't be disappointed...now you got me thinking about my unconverted Saiga...hmmm....
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    You do realize that this thread is over 7 years dead and MarcPoel is spammer and/or bot advertising powerchairs.
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    Did you do this with a full mag? Try downloading the mag. Start with ONE shell in the mag and see if it loads right, then work your way up from there. You could just have issues with a stiff mag spring.
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