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    Been a while. I miss the old days when we were all working on some Saiga project. My father recently passed, and in his gun collection I found a NIB Saiga 223. I have converted x39's, but never the 223. Any tips, suggestions, warnings? IIRC, there were different 223 models that required different conversion parts.....or am I mistaken? Does the 223 require a bullet guide? I know there is a company that converts saiga 223's to accept AR mags....is that a good option? Just really exploring the what if's right now. Thanks!
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    Hi Guys: It's been a long time since I've posted here with my 10/22 project rifle pics. In the meantime, it seems like our country has lost its mind. I can't help thinking the dems are trying to steal this election as if their lives depend upon it. Perhaps they do if the Durham report indicts a lot of folks. I hope it does. I can't help thinking a lot of violence & partisanship would dissipate if Obama went to prison ... or had an "accident" of some sort. He set a terrible precedent. I don't doubt he's orchestrating a lot of what's happening due to his antagonistic/rebellious/seditious nature. I suspect he's the head of the snake. Pardon me for being naive, but why aren't a lot of folks on the left in prison for treason? I said it then and I'll say it again: electing Obama in 2008 was the biggest mistake this country ever made. We continue to pay for it today. The guy is tearing this country apart just to satisfy his ego by wanting a surrogate in the White House. It's the ultimate in narcissism/selfishness. (and why hasn't Soros been arrested for funding all this mayhem?). One problem is he's relatively young. So he'll still be around for many years. Whether I'm right or wrong, I've no doubt Trump will be reelected. My concern is what the political left will do when Trump is reelected and do during the post-Trump years. The left's myopia is amazing considering what else is happening in the world, but then perhaps many on the left are responsible for some of those problems too. There will come a point when folks will have had enough of this craziness. How that will manifest itself is what worries me. I just hope Trump is holding his cards and will finally expose folks when he gets reelected. I really hope we see people go to jail including Obama. I don't care what sort of a fit the lame stream media will have. They deserve to see their "god" taken down. I really wonder where are we going as a nation? I find comfort living in Trump/Republican country. There are Trump flags and signs everywhere in my town, and many truck guys flying Trump flags too. There are A LOT of hunters here and retired veterans. Also, I've heard more than once there are folks around here who really do have Barrett (and larger) rifles - and they know how to use them. I imagine a scenario where red towns or entire red states become their own independent entities in the future. To hell with the left. People are not going to tolerate their draconian policies. I am not an imposing person. Looking at me you would never guess I had military aspirations. However, I can't help saying that a big reason the left is so bitchy is because their ranks are filled with juvenile beta-males and women like Billary, and Pelosi. A bunch of "Madame DeFarges" with daddy issues. I'm OK with having a female President as long as she's a woman like Britain's Margaret Thatcher - not Harris. And what is that Mazie woman from Hawaii smoking? I think S. Dakota's governor is a fine woman. Senator Blackburn of Tennessee is great too. Masculinity must be restored to our culture. I'm just glad I don't need to panic about ammo. I don't drink, but I need a beer now.
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    I just don't think it is ever going to happen....oh it could, but probably ONLY at the end of a barrel.....they are that corrupt and self serving.
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    Two words Family Breakdown.
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    I just found out about this today, although it's from last year: Termlimits.org
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    You don't have the skill to make wood furniture fit, but rebarreling in a completely new caliber is not even in question?!?🤔🤔🙄😳
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    You may have to download the mag by 1 round. One round less may take the pressure off enough to prevent round deformation.
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    Thanks for the info. I wanted to update this thread and anybody who is interested, I was contacted back by rusgunmaster. He said he’d send me a tracking number soon but needed a few days. Today I received a tracking number from rusgunmaster. He warned me that during this pandemic, unfortunately there are interruptions in air traffic and the operation of mail services, a delay may happen but I don’t need to worry. He will always be in touch with me. I’m now pleased with all this and it’s been good business so far. I will update on if I received my parts and if everything is there that I ordered.
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    Switching some things up. Got a Russian wood set from Khyber Customs and threw it on the Saiga for fun. Saiga Rusky Wood by Damage Photos, on Flickr Made in Russia by Damage Photos, on Flickr
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    Exactly... Unless the guy is a dumbfuck and didn't have a CCW permit. I would still rather be judged by 12 than carried by six..........fukem
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    We always need to remember that... If involved in a 100% clear cut legal self defense shooting, you will still more than likely be initially treated as a criminal by LE. Be cool! Take everything with a smile and good attitude, say as little as possible and talk to a lawyer ASAP. Lawyer before statement if at all possible. Best to have already retained & talked to a lawyer, and know what he wants you to say.
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    Law abiding conceal carry guy needs to sue the family of the dead non law abiding gun wielder for court costs and personal distress.
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