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    Hendrix. Yeah. Seattle. He was one of the greats. No whining, just great music.
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    Eat your heart out.
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    Due to health issues,only checking forum once a week... but will get in contact with anyone interested... Want this to go to a good home... Thanks..
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    Wife will probably divorce me, but I picked up a new in box 2018 WASR-10 and a Kel Tec Sub 2000 multi mag at the pawn shop. She hasn't seen either yet.
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    I have nothing against Portland or its people as my Father was born near there. I have been there, and it is a nice city as city's go. The nature in Oregon is breathtaking it dives you to the view than only a God could make such a place. I do not object to peaceful protests that stimulate thoughtful exchanges of Ideas between two opposing viewpoints. I have gotten over the outrageous treatment of Nam vets, as sometimes passion can move people to act in stupid harsh ways. Back then they had a central misguided reason for doing what they did but at least they had a reason. For at that moment they hated and responded the way they did because of association as I did to them (I hated their guts) The problem with this group is they just hate everyone. They are Thugs. My faith tells me to Love people like this, but it needs to be love in action. Their violence needs to be arrested; they need to be shown a better way as violence should never be encouraged by the local government. Police need to be able to protect the safety and rights of all citizens in the community. They failed to help this man when it got out of control and that is just wrong. He was in harm’s way and they stood by and watched. The police chief should resign because he would not respond to the needs of his community above politics. In short, he has no Balls for the job. That's my opinion and I am sticking to it
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    Thanks, ordered a set from Carolina. Been several years (maybe 10) since I converted the 12 & 410. For some reason thought I could mod the originals and not buy a new FCG? Maybe you still can, but I got a Tapco single hook for the same price. Think I recall modding a double hook for my 12 back then. Believe even the Tapco will need some mods as it's a standard AK trigger set.
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    I have a Grand Power K100 (full-size 9mm). I can't tell a whole lot of difference in recoil impulse, but the gun itself is excellent. Their rotating barrel mechanism is superior to Beretta and Glock's, it's simple and durable. The only problem is magazines are difficult and expensive to aquire.
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    And unless your gun is truly locked in a shooting vise... You can't trust it to not move, either...
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    Remember the cheaper the scope the less you can trust the klick
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    I've used one of those trench scopes. He had it for a mounted 1919, amazing how accurate it was . Zeiss made it, so it was clear as well.
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    A lot of good choices here. Mine: Pistol- FN9c Rifle- Always going to be my Marlin 30-30. Saiga 223 is a close second. Shotgun-Saiga 12 is my favorite of the many in the safe.