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  1. Just wanted to put my Saiga 223 in here for the history.
  2. I just received my Arsenal single stage trigger in the mail. The hammer contacts the rear of the saiga bolt 100% flat. I'm throwing this Tapco G2 s*** in the trash, and never ever buying a Tapco product ever agian.
  3. Does anyone else have this problem? (Dent and deformation at the rear of the bolt)
  4. Yes, I noticed there is two kinds of Tapco G2's I got this one. You can see the curvature on the hammerface in this picture, it's not perfectly flat. Then there is this one
  5. Is the hammer face suppose to hit the rear of the bolt perfectly flat? I've flattened the hammer face on my Tapco G2, but it doesnt hit/engage of the rear of the bolt completely flat, it strikes it at a slight angle.
  6. What does re-profiling the hammer do? Is my bolt still salvagable?
  7. Does this mean the G2 is not compatible with saiga 223's? I thought it was drop in. Could I have bought a very old version of the G2? I bought it from midwayusa.
  8. Let me run to my brothers apartment for a camera.
  9. When my saiga 223 was unconverted and was in it's factory config, Ive put 800 rounds through it and the rear of the bolt looked fine. Now when I converted it and added a tapco g2 unit, this problem appears after 100 rounds.
  10. I took apart and inspected my saiga 223 after a range session and I noticed that the rear of the bolt (where the hammer strikes the firing pin) has been deformed. I noticed that the Tapco g2 hammer face has a rounded hammer face to it, and is not flat. Now the "butt" of the bolt has an inward bulge/ deformation to it that matches the rounded hammerface of the G2. What can I do to correct this, or is this not a big deal at all?
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