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  1. Member since Sept 2004..Still alive and kickin !
  2. I have two pairs of New .223 cal Israeli Orlite Galil 35 round mags with the correct amount of material removed to fit your Saiga .223 with a bullet guide.These were brand new and fitted to my Saiga,i have more and they work great,perfect fit...likely the best mag to use in the Saiga...They still fit in Galil guns as the material removed is very little and doesnt effect function. Sold in pairs only..$60.00 shipped Prompt money order or P.Pal + 4% Also have a pair of unmodified,still in plastic mags for same price.
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    What to play a game? Part 4

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  6. Wheel weights work great also.....or so I heard So do ball peen hammers.
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    I QUIT

    Another thing,if you drink that makes it twice as hard to quit.I had to stop drinking for 6 months because they went hand in hand.I smoked for 25 years and its been 10 since i quit cold turkey.I look back now and think how f*ckin retarded i was for smoking all those years.Why/how anyone smokes now at $5 a pack blows my mind.
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    UTG Quad Rail

    I have one on my 7.62....like it alot,it does what its supposed to do very well,i could care less of anyones neg opinion of it.