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  1. MikeD

    MDARMS X CSSPECS steel dbl stack mag alive or dead?

    Our talks never got to the point of discussing numbers because you left it off at if you could even do it. Maybe one message you claimed to send didn’t go through but honestly having a hard time that 3 didn’t. Other ways I could have been reached by someone that was serious as well. You never showed any real interest and said your brother didn’t either on more than one occasion. Not going to let you pass the buck off on me why our talks never went anywhere. At this point that boat has sailed as well. Not trying to insult or anything like that but it is what it is and it went how I said.
  2. MikeD

    Lynx 12 Mods Saiga 12 true clone

    Yeah, China has an utter shit government. Why those people don’t rise up and hang them all blows my mind. Sheep...
  3. MikeD

    Lynx 12 Mods Saiga 12 true clone

    The big reason the quality is better is SDS demanded it and paid for it. They even have ever single hammer forged bolt x-rayed... The Chinese can make good stuff. The problem is most companies that contract work from them don’t demand it and want to pay as little as possible. That’s why the Catamount line is such junk and some others. Also most stuff China makes themselves to sell is junk. They get away with all they can. Look at all the counterfeit junk they make for export. Bearings, batteries, and on and on...
  4. MikeD


    No problem! Glad you still have them!
  5. MikeD


    I had a couple of those too and sold them. Wishing I had held onto them as well.
  6. Right, the cost of manufacturing doesn’t have anything to do with the validity of the patent. I didn’t design the Mossberg mag or a lot of things would be different including the ability to take 3” rounds. I don’t see any reason that the system couldn’t have been designed to accept 3” rounds. Not many people use three in rounds in a shotgun of this nature but the option is always nice to have in my opinion.
  7. The key to the black ace patent is using an elongated receiver and that it takes all original parts of the gun in stock condition with the exception of the mentioned modified parts like the slide and bolt... The elongated receiver was needed to make room for a thicker polymer magazine. All those previous mentioned guns used a standard length receiver and thin walled metal mags. Like the new 870DM. The mag walls are thin enough that an elongated receiver wasn’t required. The 590M has an elongated receiver like stated in the above patent. It also has the mentioned modified parts. It takes all the stock parts as well with the exception of the barrels. The barrel from a 590 will not fot a 590M. There is a shell sweep on the 590M’s bolt and a clearance channel is required in the barrel for it to lock. The barrel of the 590M not being a standard 590 barrel is why the 590M is not infringing on the above patent.
  8. I haven’t actually read that patent fully. If it says it makes the mag cheaper to make that is definitely incorrect. Making a single piece body mag from a single mold vs making two pieces from two different molds and then the time to screw them together is definitely not cheaper. I’m actually surprised that patent was issued also. There would be nothing wrong with modifying existing mags or modifying existing guns to use the mags as long as the upper section of the mag remained in place. That is the double stack and is where the magic takes place. If it is replaced with a different part that works the same way it would be infringing on the double stack patent.
  9. MikeD


    I have 2 of the Lynx. One the bolt carrier is hard to get back in and the other it goes in no problem. The rear trunnion is just a touch narrow and the rivets are being over crushed making some of the guns harder to get the bolt carrier in. I pointed this out to them and supposedly they are addressing it.
  10. MikeD

    MDARMS X CSSPECS steel dbl stack mag alive or dead?

    Not sure what happened with the PM’s. My box wasn’t full though. I actually have a patent pending on a second way to do a double stack. It would definitely be an easier geometry to stamp. But I also now have some irons in the fire on a Saiga-12 double stack and need to see what pans out before pursuing other deals on one.
  11. This one. https://www.google.com.pg/patents/US8966801 The number is on the tower section along with the number for the double stack patent. I think Mossberg has an exclusive on the tower section patent but not sure. I know they definitely have a right to enforce both it and the double stack patent. Making a tower is infringing on 2 different patents. It would be very unwise for someone to do so. If someome wants to use these mags in another gun they will need to work with what is there. If they remove the tower and replace it with a different tower they are asking for serious troubles.
  12. MikeD

    MDARMS X CSSPECS steel dbl stack mag alive or dead?

    Actually the ball on a stamped double stack was left in Csspecs court. I initiated contact 8-31-2017. We had a few messages that day and it ended with him saying he would look at the drawings closer and then me offering suggestions to stamping concerns he had. I contacted again 09-12-2017 asking if he had a chance to look at the drawings. He replied on 09-15-2017 and said that hurricane Irma had them cleaning up and work would restart for a few days but he would try to look at the drawings in the next few days. That was the last I heard from him. The last time he viewed our private message shows as 05-17-2018 but he didn’t follow up. I took it as he just wasn’t as interested as he thought he was. We never even got close to talking numbers because he never followed up on if he thought they could stamp one or not. The idea died with him and not for my lack of follow up. All in the private messages...
  13. MikeD

    MDARMS X CSSPECS steel dbl stack mag alive or dead?

    I have had a few other interested in doing a Saiga-12 double stack but nothing to my liking yet on what I want the mag to be or cost.
  14. MikeD

    MDARMS X CSSPECS steel dbl stack mag alive or dead?

    A new tower infringes on two different patents. The tower is the double stack and there is a patent on the changeable tower as well.
  15. MikeD

    MDARMS X CSSPECS steel dbl stack mag alive or dead?

    I missed the email and apologize. Send me a message here. Actually I have been slaving away on new designs. I have 2 more patents pending on mag designs. A new drum design and a different way to do a double stack...