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  1. MikeD


    Actually the Lynx is beefier than the Saiga. It’s receiver is thicker. The carrier and op rod (not the piston) are not one piece. They are two separate pieces that seat very nicely together. One of the main reasons some would break in the Saiga is because they didn’t fit nicely together and flopped around. Some Saigas also sandwhiched the piston between the op rod and the gas regulator. That put all the stress where the op rod screwed into carrier and some would crack. That combined with the play is where those cracks were coming from. The gas plug is lacking in design. The 3 and 4 setting are no different in gas. Yes, the 4th setting is substantial larger than the 3rd but the 3rd can handle more gas than the barrel ports can deliver... That means that giant 4th setting in the plug is not doing anything but increasing the volume of the chamber and making it take longer to pressurize. That 4th setting is actually hurting the effiecency of the gun with low power ammo even when the plug is set to the 3rd setting. I tried to tell them how to make an even better gas plug than the V-plug was but it doesn’t appear they are going to. I even sent them the CAD files for the V-Plug and told them exactly how. Makes me scratch my head...
  2. I was sleeping in a little that day. I came down stairs and my dad was watching Fox. It was right after the second tower had fallen. The screen was just a haze of dust and smoke. It was an airial view from across the bay. Only thing I could make out was a very small Staute of Liberty in the bottom left corner of the screen. I asked my dad what happened. He simply said, “They bombed New York.” I immediately thought nuked and asked my dad what the hell he doing sitting there and letting me lay in bed. We aren’t far from Wright-Pat Airforce base and if nukes were flying we needed to be getting on the move away from possible fallout if it were hit! He clarified it was planes, lol... I went to work out in the wood lot splitting firewood. A short bit later I heard 2 loud booms. It turned out to be a jet breaking the sound barrier. At the same time a power transformer blew up about a mile outside of downtown Dayton and set a overgrown field of grass on fire. The local news reported that Dayton had been bombed before they figured out what had happened. I remember that night a couple local gas stations were gouging at just over $2.00 a gallon and people were lined up trying to get it. I remember sitting with friends that afternoon and one friend was frantic saying he was getting to Canada. I was pissed the hell off over that comment. I verbally condemned him calling him a pussy and a traitor and told him to just go then and don’t come back after we mopped up. He was just really scared. I felt bad about saying all that later. He is a great guy and American, he just doesn’t handle stress well, lol. Crazy days for sure...
  3. MikeD

    Vepr-12 Drum, What should have been...

    Took me 18 months from the time I said I was building a Saiga drum until it was shipping! A lot in the industry said that was quick but it was the longest and scariest 18 months of my life!!! I tried to juggle both my tree service and the drum development in the beginning. After a couple months I realized the tree business was slowing me greatly and would likely kill the drum. I had to make a choice. I came down out of the tree for good and hit the drum development fulltime. By full time I mean basically all waking hours spent researching materials, production methods, mold design, websites, shipping and on and on! I wouldn’t even allow time to eat! I’d get up from the computer and go open the fridge just to immediately close it and go back the computer. My mom and girlfriend started keeping it stocked with Ensure. I would grab one or two of those if they were there, lol. They kept me alive, barely...
  4. Actually I have a semi Mossberg I converted to magfed. I did away with the rear spring and put it on the tube. Reduced about 14 parts from the gun and a half pound of weight! Made the gun more reliable, blows the gas chamber clean ever round like an AK, you can have a folding stock or sole pistol grip now. It was actually a super simple design change and superior in basically every regard to the gun.
  5. You mean “The most advanced AK mag in the world.” They were a joke. I got some. One drop busted the feedlips. One light smack to the front of the mag in the gun and it ripped the metal reinforcements damn near completely out. Pure garbage!
  6. You are correct! With the fear removed of imminent bans the market has slowed. Now manufactures have to concentrate on new and innovative to get sales and simply making AR-15s 24/7 isn’t going to cut it. That’s a good thing for advancement!
  7. Still check in from time to time. The drum wars, lol! Bringing the MD-20 was definitely a battle! Even when the wall was breeched there was still a battle to reach to command center, lol. I remember the reliability service to get the wraithmaker’s bad feedlips to not jam the gun. Yeah, that’s pretty much all it was that was wrong with their drum, the feedlips. Had they been better guys I would have told them back then, competition or not... They finally figured it out though but not until they had destroyed themselves, lol!
  8. Modifying the existing mag wouldnt be patent infringement. Someone couldn’t swap out the tower though for another. They would have to use the tower as is or modified and use the existing tower.
  9. We have been talking in private. I have also forwarded his contact information on. At this time I should give them a chance to handle it together. Russel’s article for the 590M is due out in October. I am hoping a conclusion is reached in time for an update.
  10. It was a double feed. You can see it at 3:51. The top round was out of the magazine.
  11. I’m trying to work it out with Russell. I really don’t want any bad blood from this.
  12. Well, It appears Russell has written an article with bad info regarding what he thought was the cause of his problem in the video above. It will be published in Recoil Magazine. I tried to explain to him in the comment section that his assumptions were incorrect and his deemed fix was irrelevant. He then stated it happened multiple times during the coarse of his match and stages even though the 2 videos and his spoken word in those videos contradicts that statement... This is exactly how bad info and rumors start getting spread and from those that don’t even understand the design even when explained to them... It’s a little annoying... Guess I’ll have a rumor to chase around and correct. Sucks. If you are interested watch the video and read the comments for our conversation. Here is a link to the other video from day 2 and 3 from the same event.
  13. MikeD

    Why I do it? Doing custom work on the Saiga 12

    The curse of a borderline perfectionist is their greatest blessing... Even if it doesn’t feel like it at times. It does make it hard though. Determining when is good enough and when is just splitting hairs. Impossible for a true to the core perfectionist... A true perfectionist can never be satisfied or take pride in something they have done, it is never good enough. Luckily you and I border on being a true perfectionist because the curse of a true perfectionist is only a curse to them and rarely a blessing to others.
  14. Don’t get me wrong. There is a ton of potential in the platform. The main guy working on the platform spotted some of the major issues himself before I even spoke with him so that is encouraging. I offered a bunch of suggestions. I hope they put the time into it. I have zero doubt that if Max Atchisson had stayed on the design and production that it would have been right long ago. I would love so much to take the AA-12 to the next level. That’s why I bought one really... While I was a snot nose kid in the early 80’s Max was working on some the AA-12’s current form less than a mile away from my childhood home! He made his conceptual prototype well before he moved to my area... I didn’t find that out until I was at a local gunshow with a MD-20 prototype in an early Tromix 12”. That was September 2007. An ol’timer called me over to a booth and asked what it was. Then he told me he use to run with a guy that made a drum fed automatic shotgun a few decades ago. I asked him if his name was Max and he came to life. Said yeah and asked me if I knew him. I told him no but knew of him. He told me a ton of awesome stories about Max. That when he told me the street his shop was on. It totally blew my mind. It occurred to me that every 20rd drum fed shotgun in world at the time had been greatly influenced by and held some roots in my little childhood town. My first true love in a shotgun was with the USAS-12. My copy of American Rifleman featuring it was a prized possession! There was no internet at the time so it wasn’t very easy to see new guns. Crazy... The USAS-12 was an evolution of the AA-12. Jerry Baber wasn’t the only person to get a set of modern AA-12 drawings... The other guy tried to find a manufacturer to make it. He found Daewoo and we ended up with the USAS-12. It was greatly changed but the influence is still very heavy. Just compare a bolt and carrier from each. At the time I had no idea the AA-12 even existed. That discovery didn’t come until much later with the Internet. So after the double stacks were released at Shot Show all this stuff was back in my mind. Thinking of my innovation in magfed shotguns and thinking of its roots in my home town. It had me thinking of the AA-12 again. Thinking of Max and his friend Bob. Thinking maybe the double stack and another drum mag design I have a patent pending could help breath new life into the platform. So I start searching it planning contact and found a video from around a year prior where Boje, Jerry Baber’s tool maker and designer, was offering the plans for a semiauto AA-12. I immediately call and find out they have 2 semi AA-12’s actually for sale. I laid claims on one and was driving to Tennessee to pick it up. I had in my hands a gun I didn’t think I’d ever get a chance to own. I knew it was problematic from videos and speaking to others with direct experience with it through robotic programs before I bought it but didn’t care. I had to have a sample in my hands... I had no idea just how bad the problems were though. After a couple hundred rounds that video I put up was the only drum that fully cycled without multiple jams! It was the first drum we fired that day too. After I fired it I thought maybe it wasn’t had bad as I had heard. Or maybe it had been fixed. I found out quick it was worse than I had ever heard and people had been handling the issue with kid gloves actually, lol! I also knew the semi wasn’t going to have the same recoil as the open bolt fullauto but didn’t expect it to be as bad as it was. It is so slow. I’d basically rather have any other semi shotgun and just take the quick hard hit any day if in any real world situation... So now I’m really turning. I spot the main issues with the AA-12 over the next few days after getting it home. Thinking how easy it would be to redesign it into the next level. After encountering the recoil I’m thinking on that. I end up coming up with a super simple way to cancel recoil. I’m talking way better than the way the AK-107 cancels recoil! So simple both in function and manufacturing that it is by far the best idea I have ever come up with!!! I’m really thinking of Bob now and desperate to contact him. I’m thinking I am going to figure out exactly which of the ten or so possible buildings it was that Max worked on the modern AA-12 design in. Try to get into that building and bring the concept back home... I dig out my number for Bob and it was no longer good. I tear through the Internet looking for him. Found 3 different guys in the area in the right age group. One had passed. Looking into his relatives names I found his son on Facebook and he had a few pictures of him. I had missed Bob by about 8 months. He was 81 I believe when he passed. I felt terrible because I had really wanted to meet up with him again for the past decade but never did and now I couldn’t never hear his stories again. I also lost my link to the exact shop location. I tried to contact his son through Facebook but he never responded. I was hoping maybe he was interested enough to have asked where and may remember the location. I wasn’t giving up though. I search more and find the apartment Max and his wife lived in in Ohio before they moved to Georgia. I found Max’s old lawyer. He is actually who bought the most of Max’s prototype guns including his original conceptual blow back operated AA-12 and the only transferable modern gas operated AA-12 ever built. I tried to leave him a few messages at his law office but he would not call me back. Still not giving up I search more and I find Max’s wife’s name and a phone number for her. I call it and she answers and confirms who she is. Said she had not had someone call her about Max in quite some time. She was very friendly. I asked her if she knew Bob and yes said, Oh yeah, lol. She said Max always found guys that liked to shoot to hang out with... Bob was definitely a gunlover and shooter. Bob was one of 6 people at the very first Knob Creek Machinegun Shoot, lol. I asked her is she knew where the building was and she said she didn’t. Something pretty wild was just the night before I was analyzing the AA-12 and it occurred to me that the AK had to be a significant influence in it. While I was talking to Max’s wife I was telling her how I was considering trying to take Max’s design to the next level. That’s when she said Max was influenced by the AK for the AA-12 than any other gun. That blew me away! All those years looking at pictures and videos of the AA-12 and the influence had never occurred to me until the night before and around 12 hours later I’m on the phone with the Max’s wife and she volunteered and completely confirmed it! Sadly my search for the old shop came up short. I’ll likely try to reach out to Bob’s son again and Max’s attorney. Anyways... I feel a strong connection to the AA-12 as you are probably realizing more than you cared to know about now, lol. I almost feel it’s my destiny to help design and build the next step in what will be the most awesome and capable tactical shotgun in the world. Double stacks, super cap drums designs, simple recoil canceling... I stated my interest in teaming up with the guys that bought the AA-12 tooling. I told them I could come down to Florida and we could be firing a modified semi AA-12 to test the recoil system I came up with in probably less than a weeks time. Never really heard back from the brass there that could make those decisions though. I have a very strong feeling that if they don’t the will regret it as bad as Remington has to be regretting it right now that they told me they had no information of working on a magfed 870, after I heard they were, and I told them they would need double stack mags for it... Lol!
  15. I’m not sure what happened here. But dropping the mag and topping it back off won’t have any effect on rim lock. The entire double stack portion of the magazine lets the rims do whatever they want. They rounds can, and do, move around more under recoil than any shoulder high drop could ever have on them. The rims reorient at the very top of the mag after it transitions back to single stack. You can literally take the floor plate off and load it from the bottom and place every single round’s rim in front of the rim above it and by the time they get to the top they have corrected themselves. I’m going to contact him to see if he had anymore issues. The only other hint of trouble I have seen was a guy on Facebook made a video of his gun jamming. I was speaking directly with him trying to find out what the problem was. He eventually tried a different magazine and it worked fine. I was trying to get him to let me trade him out for the problem magazine so I could analyze it personally but he went quiet. Not sure if that means it started working or if he got it replaced through Mossberg or what. I really wanted that damn mag though, lol. I’m betting Mossberg couldn’t analyze it as well or as fast as I could, lol.