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  1. I replaced my asphalt shingles based on condition, not time. I noticed the sudden presence of the shingle gravel showing up at the downspout discharges, and saw that the tabs were starting to curl on the shingles on the south side of the house. That was enough right there to commit to replacement. Add in that the roof was approaching 25 years of age and it was unmistakably time...that or wait for water to come in and start ruining ceilings.
  2. Don't be so fatalistic. None of us were born knowing these things. Be sure to watch the gunsmith reassemble it. That way you'll learn how to fish, rather than just pay for a fish.
  3. First some definitions. BCG = bolt/carrier group. You do not insert the bolt into the receiver. First you insert the bolt into the carrier, spin the bolt around until the cam on the bolt nests in the slot on the carrier. When you then point the BCG downward, the bolt should rotate slightly but not fall out of the carrier. It is the cam on the bolt that keeps it from falling out of the carrier. If the bolt does fall out, it isn't properly oriented within the carrier. Play with is a bit and you'll see how the two interact together. With the barrel pointed down, you install the assemble
  4. I'll presume you can get the bolt back in the carrier. Insert the bolt tail into the carrier and index the cam on the bolt into the recess in the carrier. Once you've done the above, while you hold the shotgun with the muzzle pointing nearly straight down, attempt to insert the BCG. You'll notice that the bolt drop down and rotates into the proper orientation to allow you to insert the BCG into the receiver. That should be it.
  5. I know two who perished that day, one in the Pentagon, and one in the south tower. I know someone who should have been in a room that morning where everyone died, but as fate would have it, they overslept and missed the fatal meeting where friends and colleagues died, and had survivor's guilt for a very long time thereafter. A dear friend, I was best man at his wedding, saw American Airlines flight 77 streak over South Washington Blvd just a few hundred yards ahead of him and slam into the Pentagon, his shouts into his cell phone piercing the ears of another friend with whom he was speaking
  6. Other sites I've joined recently have a vetting process where you apply to join and the mods check you out in a very basic way before they let you post. Cuts down on the riff raff.
  7. JohnnyE


    I look forward to hearing how it goes. Thanks for weighing it. i wouldn't imagine that the failure to eject is related to the LRBHO...though I guess you see. Good luck!
  8. JohnnyE


    Among those who installed it, how has the Cadiz LRBHO worked out?
  9. I'm still hopeful, with cash in hand when they come available.
  10. I was in my office seven blocks from the White House surrounded by colleagues. We had the TV on and were all trying to figure out what was going on and working to determine what we were going to do. At that time, my best friend of 30 years was stuck in bumper-to bumper traffic on his way to work when American Airlines flight 77 flew over South Washington Blvd about 200 yards ahead of him and crashed into the Pentagon. Someone I went on a mission to Taiwan with perished in the Pentagon. Finally getting out of D.C., I saw the Presidential helicopter fleet heading north from D.C. to, I
  11. Mine self-disassembled. I needed to back the screw out a lot, because my BCG was so well profiled and polished it runs very efficiently.
  12. Does anyone know if a replacement adjustment screw, spring and ball are available? Mine adjustment screw backed out and the parts launched into the grass...gone. I tried contacting TAC-47 but got no response.
  13. It's a real shame things are drying up. I learned so, so much from this site, from what to do myself to convert several S-12's, and also which vendors to trust, which parts and supplies I needed, who to rely on, and so forth. Without all that, my Saiga 12 experience, and those who relied on me, would likely have been extra expensive, or a disaster! I hope the US variant and clones are good enough to carry on the mag-fed semi-auto shotgun tradition created by the S-12, until the S-12 returns!
  14. Thanks. Hit it! So far... Yes 3.9% (940 votes) No 95.87% (23,117 votes) I'm not sure 0.23% (56 votes) Total Votes: 24,113
  15. Mike, thank you for bringing us up to speed. Facts, whether encouraging or discouraging, beat the hell out of rampant speculation. Don’t blame yourself for not having a perfect crystal ball. We do the best we can assessing risk. If doing something seems like a banzai run, that’s great, but it’s got to work, because you need to live to fight another day. I’m glad you didn’t commit a fatal misstep, so you can continue to conjure up more shotgun goodness. As an entrepreneur, I am thrilled you maintained control over non-Mossberg double stack applications. I guess they made you an offer fo
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