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  2. Maxim Defense CQB Pistol Gen 6 PDW Brace for AR15 - FDE BCM Gunfighter Enhanced LPK - FDE BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle 556 Mod 3B - Large Latch
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  4. Roll Pin Holder and Roll Pin Punch sets Brass / Delrin hammer 1" Toolcraft Premium BCG, 5.56, Nickel Boron AR15/M4E1 Field Repair Kit
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  6. I feel pretty accomplished for a Friday and exited for next week. I'm finally getting me some steel mags!
  7. It's mighty nice when the owner of a business answers your question on a dead website and on the same day.
  8. jkucukov

    Lynx 12

    Any luck with sourcing the underfolder trunnion & hardware for the 1.5mm receiver. What comes to mind is the Yugo M70 rear UF trunnion & hardware that might fit the Lynx but you'll end up needing to drill new set of holes and weld fill the existing hole pattern. There is a youtube video of a UF Lynx 12 SBR, its a looker alright.
  9. Anyone know when the Csspec 10rd mags will become available? Restocking in progress since 9/26/21 per the site.
  10. True. Not much going on. My main focus right now isn't shooting. I have things that need taken care of before I can play. I'd like to get my Tromix Saiga 12 out again. After things settle down.....
  11. The plan is to build an AK-102. I've been looking into acquiring a Saiga .223 to use as a donor versus doing a clean build on a US receiver. What I've seen so far is Saigas are terribly expensive, would require significant metalwork on the receiver, and might require milling of the trunnion to fit proper AK 5.56x45 mags, such as the ones the ZPAP M90 uses. With a Saiga I would get a properly-headspaced barrel and trunnion, RSB, bolt, carrier, gas tube, and the Saiga receiver, which gives it resale value. With a build from parts I could get a US receiver that is nearly an exact match
  12. Hey man, yeah I didn't do much with it and a friend has wanted this for a long time, I sold it to him and he's super happy. How goes man. I didn't think I'd actually get traction here, pretty tumble weed around here.
  13. I'm learning on this one and working with an AK builder. I can do a lot but the amount you have to cut the Vepr sets isn't worth it. Ironwood didn't recommend it. I sold the rifle to a friend and have done other projects. Finding the barrel isn't hard btw.
  14. The big tank brake clones were popular for a long time
  15. When I had this house built, I had a commercial aluminum roof installed. 50 year warranty so any replacement will be SEP(someone else's problem). Asphalt shingles come in various weights, the heavier, the longer the guarantee. But climate and environmental conditions can greatly shorten their lifespan. Look for erosion in the space between tabs. That and poor flashing cause most leaks. In MD I found that oil heat weaken shingles, and leaves do also. Both from the acid.
  16. Thanks guys. I just ordered the Zhukov stock, waiting for it to arrive.
  17. Saiga Joe


    Just picked up one of these after persuing PSA's website, which showed $299 clearance sale price. 😮 I figured how bad could it be? PSA is good about warranties and returns so I pulled the trigger without doing any research. Now, after messing with it for a few days, I'm pretty impressed with the design and build quality, and am thinking SBS, perhaps with a suppressor. A few questions: Anyone do a SBS with this Lynx? How hard is it? Is there a place I can send it to get done? The consensus for these in SBS form seems to be a minimum of 12" barrel, is that accurate?
  18. Aero Precision M4E1 Enhanced Lower FDE, Stripped M4E1 Threaded, Assembled Upper, Barreled, 10.5" .223/5.56 FDE Gonna build it as a pistol and then Efile a Form1 for SBR.
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