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  2. Some military service related health issues/injuries set me back for a few years, gave upon VA, daughter became an MD, between her and an old time doc, got me turned around. Still issues, yet can at least deal with them now.
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  4. Mullet Man

    Saiga12 model info

    Someone removed a mid barrel comp, maybe. Or maybe it was a 22-24" barrel and they cut it down and moved the gas block back. Got scared about messing up the hard chrome lining by welding.
  5. saigafreake

    Saiga12 model info

    Sleeve is factory as far as I can tell. has a notch on the bottom like a pin would sit on possible it had a very long handguard on it?
  6. Predator.Mz

    .410 X 3 in. load data?

    Its an old topic but i hope someone gets notice of it and spreads the news to all 410 users. My slug load data tested and confirmed regarding their safety from a proffesional reloader (a friend). 10mm FMJ 180 grain Semi Wad Cutter slug/ Fiocchi 410/76 plastic hull/ Fiocchi 615 primer/ Vectan SP3 Powder 18 grains/ slug wad. About 940fpe muzzle velocity. 5 Shots 2 MOA at 215 yards with a fixed (non magnified) Red Dot from a bench rest position. & 10mm Lead Semi Wad Cutter Slugs 175 grain cast from a lee 410 - 175 mold. Same components except powder. Powder with this one allows for 20.6 grains. & 4 Buckshot pellets of 8.6mm diameter 237.7 grain all together with a 40mm wad container same components except powder. Powder load is 15.5 grains. It performs around 1400fps. (Not muzzle velocity but actuall velocity of the 4 Buckshot pellets. Why not 5? Because their velocity will drop quickly. & Another load would be the same formentioned with a CCI large pistol primer and brass cases but haven't tried it yet to devellop any data. Sure thing is the Magnum pistol primers combined with slow burning powder and long barrels work wonders! I haven't confirmed the ballistic calculation tests by my self to give any details regarding fps and fps drop regarding distance etc. Will do this year though. But i shot it and it works well around 100+ yards and good enough at 150+ yards. You will reach 200+ yards if you know what you re doing but don't expect an ''effective range'' above it. The 200 yards shots haven't been tested regarding penetration of skin and clothing so i don't know if they are reliable.
  7. evlblkwpnz

    Saiga12 model info

    Looks like an IZ-433 or 030 series. I am not sure what is going on with that sleeve. Does the finish on the barrel match the receiver? If not, someone may have done some 'work' that required that sleeve-like portion. Look through the bore and see if there is a break in the bore at that point. It looks a lot like a barrel extension.
  8. saigafreake

    Saiga12 model info

    Didn't know this forum was so dead these days is there a new forum.
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  10. coyotewillie

    Mags/mag adapters?

    I've got a 16'' Saiga .223 that I converted years ago. Back then there weren't a lot of 30 rd magazine choices available. I ended up putting in a bullet guide and went with German Weiger mags. Steel, and didn't take much fitting. Great mags. However, now that there's a lot more choices and availability out there I'd like to get something a little more mainstream. CSS has poly mags and there's a lot of SGM's out there. What's everybody running these days for 30 rounders? I also looked at mag adapters for AR15 mags but really don't find much/any information on them that's current. Who's got a good adapter? Thanks. Greg
  11. saigafreake

    Saiga12 model info

    can't find out any info on this saiga12 model has a cantilever dust cover factory front sight and a sleeve pressed on anybody have info thanks in advance.
  12. I was member # 13 or 15 something like that. When the forum first changed to a new format the display of when we joined went back to 0. My life has changed to an extreme since then. Life has pulled me in a different direction...
  13. evlblkwpnz


    I ran exactly 5 rounds of Federal Multi-purpose in an OEM Saiga-12 mag through both the Lynx and the KS-12. Both were NIB and has nothing at all done to them, not even lube. Both ejected all five. I was kind of in a hurry to test fire some customer stuff and didn't have much time. I am going to see what they will eject with MD-20 drums and then get a couple thousand rounds of the strongest weak load that ejects in both. From there I will video document until I am out of ammo. I am not sure if I have 10 drums left or not, but it would be nice to do 2000 rounds in just 10 video clips. ETA: If they both live through that, I'll test with some stronger loads, working up to some 3" loads. I'd like to get to 2k rounds in each by the end of the testing. If one breaks, I'll keep going with the other until it breaks or reaches 2k rounds.
  14. I'm very outgoing outside of work, but I am so much happier being able to immerse myself into my work, whatever it is.
  15. Occasionally pop in. Just converted my 7.62 last spring, so much valuable information on this site. The McUzi days were something else.
  16. less chances of getting perforated fo sho!!! and better conversations with more relaxed atmosphere! can hog all the brass, its glorious!
  17. yep, dave ramsey says the only ship that wont sail is a partnership, cause of lifes rabbit warren of potential problems....
  18. I take it that you are a mechanically inclined introvert. I am exactly the same way. Solitude and a machine to tinker with and I am happy.
  19. I don't like working with or for other people. When it comes to work, I am wired for complete solitude and most happy in that state. No other hands or minds around to screw things up, lol.
  20. Ditto. My wife's work week is currently offset. So I tend to do half days on mondays or tuesdays (her weekend) and make up for it on saturday afternoon. A weekday with her is a lot more fun than a weekend. When I was in high school, my stepmother was an avid skiier with thursdays off. I would do my schoolwork ahead and go ski with her on a regular basis, not having to share the hill or waste time waiting in line at all. And they were discounted. It made us into snow snobs. Midweek weekends work great for play. Not so much for playing with friends though.
  21. Sounds great. I would love a break from being a small business owner. It's been very tempting lately to be an employee with fixed paycheck and fixed hours/ hours off. My wife would feel a lot better about that too.
  22. gunfun

    Short shell reloads

    Glad to help. I think the FGM hull is the best plastic, but the "mid" brass might have a little more drag than the REM STS/Nitro style low brass. I think those might be what I would use for your project. Cut them down. IIRC those survive the most loadings for the people inclined to waste their time wearing out shells. That would mean that they are probably also most resistant to black powder scorching, and therefore most likely to save you trimming operations. Plus the gold color of the STS flavor kinda looks like the traditional brass, so that fits your theme a little better.
  23. patriot

    Short shell reloads

    Some folks are reaming chambers out to 11ga to get a speedy shuck. That's stupid, and dangerous. I can get what I want by cleaning Rem Premier hulls thoroughly after loading and wiping down with a bit of Meguiar's Interior Detailer. I'm running a standard 1 1/8 oz target load when I load smokeless. They eject just fine. The issue is my Holy Black load. 110gr 1F a fiber cushion, and 1oz shot buffered with white flour behind a fold crimp. Yes, it's LOUD AS HELL with a huge concussion from the flour detonating in front of the muzzle, but it's a hoot to shoot! You should see the FLASH! at night. I've decided to shelve the experiment for now. I like my fuel/air boomers the best. Thanks for your input GF.
  24. gunfun

    Short shell reloads

    Haven't done it personally, but read up on it. I assume SASS? I've heard the same is true for the original winchester 1895 lever action shotguns. They want hulls that are a shade short. You are giving up the pattern benefits of the wad, unless you aren't going full short. That's my suggestion. There is actual load data for 2 5/8" British shotshells. i.e. these https://www.aerostaroutdoors /product/f2-subsound-12-gauge-1oz-7-5shot-1082fps-250-rounds/ (Link broken on purpose, just in case a forum vendor sells something similar.) Also, if you base your load off of standard AA12 data, but then use the claybuster clone of the winchester red wad, you are probably in the right neighborhood. It's basically the same wad, but with a shorter leg section. How much would you have to chop off to get your clean shucking? That's the length I would go for. Also, probably cleaner with a straight wall hull, as much as I like the gun club hull for most things. You could get some of the smooth style plastic federal gold medal hulls and probably get enough loads out of them to justify the effort in cutting down. Plus really good crimps. Otherwise, maybe work up a soft load from cheddite or fiochi hulls?
  25. Bvamp


    if they dont look, then it works... fuck it
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