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  2. Hopefully someone will chime in and help with some info on this because I definitely want to add a side folding stock to mine once I leave the People’s Republic of MA where such things aren’t legal. I do have a home in GA though, so it will happen sooner rather than later! oh, and I’d want it to be able to fire with a folded stock if possible so that would be good info as well.
  3. Hi Folks: Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of my completed .22LR project rifle. Yes! I actually got a rifle built. It's motivation for my .308 project. Components are: 1) Boyd's 10/22 "Tacticool" stock 2) Green Mountain .920" diameter, 20" long heavy barrel 3) Tactical Innovations (?) ... not Tactical Solutions ... semi-auto "Elite 22" 10/22 receiver with integral scope rail 4) someone's tactical bolt handle (forgot who) 5) Caldwell 6" - 9" bipod 6) Forgive me for even mentioning it here on this fine forum .... a BSA 4-14x mil-mil scope. Hey ... it's just a .22. I figured a NightForce or Steiner scope would've been overkill. It is semi-automatic and accepts Ruger 25-round magazines. I bit the bullet and went ahead and had my local gunsmith put it all together to make sure it works. I like having a .22LR that looks like a sniper rifle! :-) Might actually splurge and get some Eley or Lapua .22LR ammo for this just to see how accurate it can be.
  4. I made this out of 6061 T6511 aluminum to mount onto a barrel with a diameter of 0.574". This was Type 3 hard anodized by US Anodizing. This replaced my front sight on my Saiga IZ-132. I mounted a standard height AR15 flip up front sight and used a adjustable rear AK sight. I'm also selling both the flip sight, the rear sight, and an Ultimak. Cost $75 just to have anodizing. Selling for $75 shipped USPS priority to CONUS only. Paypal gift payment only.
  5. I'm parting up the rifle this was on. I've listed this in the marketplace:
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  7. I reload my own using Hornady 55 gr red tipped sst I stopped using factory ammo years ago.
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  9. Good to hear that you can’t go wrong with anything ZenitCo and about Ivan’s excellent reputation. Going to help with this wait.
  10. Our Saiga’s deserve to be converted. Let’s do them this justice. Do you have any ideas what you want to do?
  11. Ivan has an excellent reputation and I'm sure you won't be disappointed...now you got me thinking about my unconverted Saiga...hmmm....
  12. Yes, I did get it through Ivan The Bear. They answered any questions I had right away through email. Also ordering through their website and the process went smoothly. They already gave me a tracking number, which was fast. That’s why I’m assuming I couldn’t add the extended cheek riser now but I’m not complaining with the fast service/handling that’s for sure. I’ll update with how the shipping goes. Sure thing, I will update with a pic. I’m still searching the market and parts gathering but I bought a ZenitCo PT-1 lock for a fixed stock trunnion. I’m almost certain I can mod it to work for a PT-3. If it works out I’ll update with a pic soon but if not it’ll be after my conversion. Either way I’ll throw up some pics of the stock itself, once I get it though.
  13. Used on my S12, in excellent condition includes hardware with the exception of the OE handguard screw. Tried uploading a pic and it failed. I’d like to get $220 obo as they are discontinued. Edit for pics: https://imgur.com/HUXr8Wo https://imgur.com/wL9A7S8
  14. Did you get it from Ivan The Bear? You CAN'T go wrong with anything legit ZenitCo so y'all done good for sure! I'd say it's a coin toss between the two, I've seen more firearms kitted out with the PT-1 as opposed to the PT-3 so it'd be nice to see your Saiga with that stock installed if you can post a pic...
  15. Well I have took advantage of Memorial Day sales going on and pulled the trigger on which stock I’m going with. I ordered a ZenitCo PT-3. I really wanted an original SVDS stock but they are very hard to find and after a lot of hours, finding a couple, led to them being high prices. While also I been researching and finding myself looking up the PT-3 stock a lot, between all of this. They are pricey too though... Then, all of a sudden this good price jumps out at me for the PT-3 while I was searching for parts and research. I scrambled and ordered it. I’m pumped for it to come in. I think I’m going to really like this stock, it does everything I was looking for in function, looks badass and looks to be quality built + solid. Wish I would of ordered the longer cheek riser with it but too late now. If I need it, once I get to actually use the stock, I will order one. Also I feel I will use this stock happily on another build if I would decide on a different option for my SAIGA 12, down the road. What do you guys think of the ZenitCo PT-3 stock? Took me awhile to decide on a PT-1 or PT-3 as well... So what’s your opinions on the PT-1 vs PT-3?
  16. Federal defense loads don’t fit in aftermarket drum or 10 round mags. Just a smidge too long. However, they do fit in the factory four round mag.
  17. You're welcome! And if you wanna do it right, it's gonna cost you and it's cheaper to do it right the first time around, otherwise you're gonna have to the second. Buy once, cry once as they say!
  18. My understanding is MD Arms is no longer making their drum so the only way to buy one would be used/secondary market. Like I said not a huge fan of a drum that...huge...! (sorry) Thanks! I'm fairly certain from my research that I'm not going to have an issue with 922r, which only applies to importers/manufacturers anyway, which is probably the main reason why you've never heard of anyone getting jammed up for it. There was a recent conversation about just that on the AK Files and with what I'm planning on it's a non-issue anyway...
  19. Welcome to the forum! I had joined a couple of years after having gotten a S-12. I had been looking for a box fed shotgun when I read an article about the Saiga in one of the gun magazines. Some time after having gotten one, I heard about this forum and found a lot of information that is very useful. That being said, you will want to check out the section of the forum regarding 922r. It covers the import laws. It has a parts count that means no more than ten imported parts in the shotgun so you can use magazines that hold more than five rounds. It could be a federal beef, but I haven't heard of this happening. Frankly, I wouldn't want to be one to test it. Besides, the conversion makes for better ergonomics.
  20. 1st tip: Good idea on the WriathMaker drum (Widowmaker drum). Sell the drum and get an MD Arms drum if you want a good drum.
  21. Thanks for the info. I’m going to go through and contact them to start gathering parts. Must be good people, I been lurking heavily since I joined and saw a few of those names already. Price is always a factor but I’ve had this gun for a long time now, definitely know I like the gun and haven’t done anything to it but always wanted to... so I’d like to spend the money on a quality conversion.
  22. A quality adapter won't be cheap, I'd check with JMac Customs, Stormwerkz, Bonesteel Arms and of course Carolina Shooters Supply to put together what you need for starters...
  23. I recently picked up an unconverted Saiga-12 from my LGS and found my way here by way of the AK Files, the consensus there was this was THE place to learn about all things Saiga-12. It was a consignment sale and came complete with a Wraithmaker 20-round drum, two 5-round Izzy mags and one 10-round AGP Arms magazine. I was quite surprised when I initially handled it as I thought it was new, it barely had the typically safety lever scratch which normally happens after wiping the safety up and down a few times on any AK. The salesman at the LGS said if I was at all unsatisfied with it that I could return it for a full refund, which was kind of unusual as I've bought quite a few guns there and have never been told that. After doing my research on the AK Files and lurking here, I'm guessing the original owner went in whole hog (hence the Wraithmaker drum!) ran garbage ammo through it and encountered all sorts of malfunctions and was done with it. I took it to the range yesterday for a brief test fire using 2 boxes (50-rounds) of 2 3/4-inch 00 buck Remington reduced recoil (8-pellet, 3 dram equivalent, FPS unknown, not shown on the box) using all 4 of the magazines/drum. While I won't say that's at all a comprehensive evaluation of the its reliability, I can say that I was pleasantly surprised as it was malfunction free. I didn't futz with the gas regulator and just wanted to run it out of the box. I'm extremely anxious to convert it but wanted to make sure it was going to work out for me and since this is my go-to ammo I figure I'm going to move forward with that as soon as I can figure out which CSS kit I wanna go with. As a side note the drum weighed just over 5-pounds loaded and while it's a fun range toy I suppose, I'm likely going to sell it as I'm more than happy to run 8 or 10 round mags. I was impressed by the quality and machined billet aluminum construction and it admittedly looks cool as hell, even on an unconverted gun, just not my style. Lots of great how-to instructions, before and after pictures, etc. here and I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can and applying it, I prefer to "buy once, cry once" whenever I can.
  24. Does anyone know if an AK-100 series folding trunnion, that is the civilian version, can be modded to work like the military version? From what I can see off of pictures the only thing that is different is a rear cross member/bar and a slot/groove cut out from the opposite side of the button. I can’t see the slot/groove making any difference looking at it by a photo but if it does I could easily fill that in. Looks like the cross member/bar is the only thing causing the gun not to fire when the stock is folded. Any knowledge on this would be appreciated.
  25. You do realize that this thread is over 7 years dead and MarcPoel is spammer and/or bot advertising powerchairs.
  26. Hi guys. New to the forum. I love my SAIGA 12 and had it long enough to start changing parts or modifying it. I can empty a 20 round drum as fast as my finger can pull with the lowest quality shells I can find. I hunt, shoot skeet and want to try 3 gun with it. The first thing I want to do is get rid of this plastic stock though. I would like to change out my plastic stock with a quality folding stock. I’m more interested in finding the parts to change my solid trunnion into a folding block/trunnion mechanism first. I do not want an add on or work around, I want a Russian made folding mechanism made for my gun to install, even if it’s going to involve a lot work. I’m not afraid of filing, drilling, cutting and riveting. I mean it could be American made but only if it’s a replica folding trunnion to what the 12-C variant uses. Then I’d like to search for the stock I want, unless I can find it all in one go. I like the SVDS style folding stock, PT-3 or Russian triangle the best so far. Of course I would convert it after all this, before putting the gun back together and refinishing it. Could anyone help me with what exactly I need for this and what all it involves? Also, where can I find these parts or where do I look? I would appreciate the help.
  27. Most of the problems are normally friction related, and most have enough gas, unless the holes were blocked by alignment issues. Out of 5 guns, I've only had one that functioned perfect down to 2 3/4 dram loads from the factory. The rest needed slight fitment and polishing to get down that low with any reliability. Expect 3 dram bulk loads to be the normal bottom end.
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