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  2. I will  buy that 

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  4. Looking for some help or advice on the best way to adjust red star arms trigger on saiga 12
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  6. I need a factory rear trunnion for my Saiga 12. Thanks!
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  9. For sale is a discontinued Chaos Rail that fits a Saiga 12 or Saiga 12 pattern shotgun. Comes with all of the attaching hardware. Asking $200 shipped.
  10. I am new to saiga 12 ,I purchased a saiga 12 last year and it has been a learning experience. I have done the conversion with a red star arms trigger bonesteel galil stock A T I scorpion pistol grip. This was 2 gas port gun I drilled out to 3/32 and added a 3rd at 45 degrees I did this before purchasing all of the gizmos and gadgets and I can empty the 20 round drum without 1 failure. I am sure that I will have the need for your knowledge and experience
  11. That's unfortunate it's not chrome lined. I was going to buy one to have a 2nd spare.
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  14. For anyone else who goes this route be prepared that the K-USA barrel is not chrome lined and the gas ports are drilled. The two cross pins for the gas block and the barrel pin in the trunion is not drilled. It's not the end of the world by any means but you have to stop and think a bit before pressing the barrel home.
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  18. Looking for the factory full choke, or a choke set.
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  21. Ya know I always seem to forget that they sell spare parts. That barrel seems like a cheaper way out instead of paying someone to tig it up and the drill bits I may or may not destroy in the process. Thanks for the recommendation
  22. You could try welding but I'd be worried about the chrome lining in the messed up area
  23. Kusa has barrels for $90 https://kalashnikov-usa.com/product/ks-12-12ga-shotgun-barrel/
  24. So I went and won a Saiga-12 on Gunjoker. It had a fair amount of mall ninja crap attached to it but nothing looked irreversible. Once I got it home I pulled the gas puck out to clean it. Dropping the gas regulator out I became worried as the chunks of gunk were pretty large. Getting more light on the subject revealed that some folks shouldn't be allowed near power tools. This is a 19" barrel so I'm assuming it was the three holes in a triangle pattern. Looks like someone went hog wild on enlarging the port. Took it out today, barely ran birdshot. It didn't choke on 00 buck on s
  25. If you search "saiga adjustable gas plug" you will see CSS who sells an aftermarket one that is nice, and another company that sells an autoplug which doesn't need as much adjustment
  26. I just had this come into my shop a few weeks back. I was going to attempt a conversion on it. Is this anything special and if so, what is the going rate for one.
  27. I Have not touched my Saiga 12 (Clone) in many years. Today as I was adjusting the gas block to relearn how it works I noticed it spun almost freely and the "lock" points at the settings were very loose and sloppy. I took it apart and found that the detent and the matching detent catches in the gas block itself are worn to hell. My guess is I was adjusting it without pressing down the detent. Does anyone have any instructions on how to replace the detent? I bought the gun in 2018 so I would assume it's one of the "post 2011" models that require drilling?
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