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  2. I vote for drilling and threading. So here is my way: 1.1" or 1.25" or 1.5" steel shoulder bolt (screw) 5/16"-18, shoulder 3/8". get any size you like. 2. Drill bit 17/64" Cobalt 3. 5/16"-18 tap set of 3 ( tapper, plug, bottom) 4. Red thread locker or any high strength epoxy. 5. My experience in metalworking. 6. I have the multi process welding machine but I prefer a simple way.
  3. Yeah ... it'll be for range shooting. So I think getting a BDL conversion kit from Brownell's will be necessary.
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  5. evlblkwpnz

    What to Get Next?

    PSA pistol lower with SBA3 brace, Geissele 2 stage trigger (pick one), PSA 12" 6.5 Grendel upper, a decent 8x or greater optic that isn't too large (Primary Arms 1-8x with ACSS is nice for the coin), and a YHM Resonator. I am actually wanting to do this, but my miserly boss refuses to pay me enough to have any fun money.
  6. jerry52

    What to Get Next?

    The wife said I have to many guns and to many guitars. When you get old you find out that you have every thing you wanted when you were 30. Love your Saiga AK in the other post. One thing my Wife knows , if I really want something bad she lets me get it. Sounds Like Yours is the same.
  7. usdmatt

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    went with 500 instead.
  8. ChileRelleno

    What to Get Next?

    I pulled the trigger on a new RRA LAR15 A4 NM.
  9. ChileRelleno

    What to Get Next?

    No, not my wife, her book money is her's. I've been selling some of my unused items, a Russian SKS, fishing kayak, sharking rods/reels and tackle to fund this purchase.
  10. Capt Nemo

    What to Get Next?

    Colt holds the $$$. For the lowers I bought, I'm looking to do them up as rifles, probably A1-3 mashups. Might do 2 as M203's.
  11. I would ponder what you are going to use the gun for. If it is for range shooting dump the 10 round mag Idea . You need to put the time into talking to people who shoot custom guns , most will go out of their way to share what works and what does not. Bull barrels are nice but some lighter barrels will shoot as good , as the barrel is only one part of perfection. I do not shoot heavy barrels . I have become a big fan of 5R rifling in the 308 , De-Resonator , 3lb triggers and barrel T-stat. Also have mixed feelings about bedding a poly stock ( not sure the effort is worth it) but I just shoot targets and your mileage may vary. Good Luck and have a great one I will be pulling some 308 bullets this afternoon with a nice cup of coffee maybe two
  12. jerry52

    What to Get Next?

    Not to be dis respectful but maybe some of Moms book proceeds is freeing up some of your cash. I am happy she is doing well . I would Mill your own lower and get the best upper you can find. Be One with the gun.
  13. Hi Guys: I'm still dreaming about getting a custom .308 Winchester bull barreled rifle made one day just for the fun of it, and have an excuse to get a McMillan stock. I like their A-4 stock. I have a few of questions some of you might be able to answer. 1) Several barrels whose contours I like differ in one dimension I can only describe as the length of the barrel's chamber region (I think they assume you already know what it is). Any tapering towards the muzzle occurs after this section. It is a straight section of the barrel. Some barrels have this section as 3" long. Others have it as 4" or 5" long. How do you choose? Does it matter? Two contours I like both have the same chamber end diameters of 1.220". One difference is this one straight length dimension with one being 3" and the other 5". They are a heavy varmint and a heavy bull barrel respectively. I always thought you just pick a contour and get it chambered for the cartridge you want to shoot. 2) I'll get a Remington 700 action blueprinted. Once I have that and a barrel, are there any other components you need for your action/barrel combination. I've heard of a part called a recoil lug. Would I need one of those too? I assume it goes between the action and the barrel somehow. 3) If I want to use magazines, how do you go about getting an action or stock to accept those? As of now, I'm thinking of going "BDL" with this to keep things simple, do less work to the stock, and just hold rounds internally. However, having a 10-round magazine would be nice. Right now, all I know is the McMillan A-4 can accept the kind of barrel I'm thinking of getting made. Boyd's makes a stock that looks like their A-5. That is a less costly alternative. Thank guys. I know what I want to do. I just don't know all the jargon yet.
  14. I've had a hankering for an AR15 of National Match quality/accuracy. Like a Service or Match rifle complete Upper from a respected builder like Compass Lake or such. Or maybe just buy a complete rifle. Something like an RRA LAR-15 NM A2/A4, or perhaps an Armalite M15A4 NM. There are also a few used guns that fit my criteria Colt AR15 A2 HBAR Sporter setup as a Service Rifle, Krieger barrel 1:7.7, Jewel trigger, double pinned rear, free float match tube, mags, sling and more. Or maybe, maybe I should grab three of PSA's sub $500 ARs and sell them off during the next election/scare. What's a guy to do with such First World decisions? What think y'all?
  15. MonaDeRio

    Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12!

    Just finished. All mods have been made by me. Some parts were taken from CCS, some from GB. 1. Converted . 2. Porting to 3x3/32. Gas block has been removed. 3.Completely polishing of the carrier , bolt and FCG has been made. Slightly re-profiling as well. Smoothed all sharp edges. 4. Chaos rails. 5.Auto gas regulator with CCS puck. 6. Billet aluminum folding stock. 7. JTE muzzle brake and more ( working on the aluminum extended mag release and left side charging handle)
  16. I believe that the closer we get to the 2020 election we will see civil unrest in this country on a scale not seen since the 1960's. The Red/Blue separation comes down to one simple question: Do you support the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law or don't you? We live in interesting times. Keep your powder dry boys.
  17. I don’t think you have to worry about the country dividing. The most likely senerio is we kick the shit out of those areas and when the dust settles they emerge from their basements with a whole new level of I better shut the hell up. You have all heard the sentiment growing. A very large percentage of their supporters won’t fight for themselves let alone a nation or idea. We are the working class, we are the farmers, we are law enforcement, we are the military, we are the gun owners... They are the pansies, the felons, the lazy, the dependents...
  18. To Ronin38: Thank you Sir for the info. about Pennsylvania and New York. It is encouraging to know what you wrote. Therefore, I hope the cars I've seen with plates from PA and NY are being driven by "Red" folks. Please understand how down in the southern states we tend to generalize the northeast as being "blue" country. I have relatives in Connecticut and they're all "blue" folks. Anyway ... regarding my original post that begins this thread, I'm just worried how the left seems to be "balkanizing" our country. It wouldn't surprise me if the map turns into a "blue" left coast, a "blue" northeast, and a big "red" region in the middle that are three separate countries one day. The folks in Chicago seem to be at the tip of the spear for all of this. I hope folks in PA keep making long rifles!!!
  19. Seconded. Definitely mostly a RED state. Harrisburg and that bastion of hoodrats Philthadelphia are the blue parts, with the crime to prove it. I know.....I LIVE HERE.
  20. For the record, PA (like NY and a few others) is NOT a "Blue" state. It's a Red state that has to suffer through all the crap forced upon them by the Blue hordes in a few big cities in that state. I know many people from NY who would be ecstatic if they could just wall off everything east of I-295 so they could live a good life in the real world. Everyone I grew up with in PA, just east of Pittsburgh, is most definitely Republican.
  21. Bulgarian

    Plastic Saiga Handguard

    Hi guys, I am looking forward to buying a standard Saiga Sporter handguard. Can you recommend an online shop that offers international shipping? It is sad but Centerfire Systems doesn't offer shipping to Europe.. especially Bulgaria. Thanks for your help!
  22. Bulgarian

    Picture Post,lets see your 7.62x39

    Greetings from Bulgaria, guys:) I am proud to be a part of this forum! Here is my Saiga Sporter 7.62х39
  23. I hear you Spacehog. Where I live, we've had a ton of folks move from California, Illinois, NY, and Pennsylvania. "Original" folks are really concerned about it. I just saw a PA license plate today. The fear is they'll bring their blue state liberal politics with them. In the meantime, they're the cause of house prices going skyhigh compared to what they used to be. I know several teachers in my area and they say they are having more & more parents confront them about stuff which boils down to the parents' egos - not anything about their child. These are parents from blue states. The concept of making "little Johnny" work for anything or be held accountable for bad behavior gets spun into some sort of offense committed by the teacher. Man ... if I even back talked a little bit I'd get sent to the principal's office and then get more heat from my parents at home. (Oh ... sorry ... I said "parents" instead of parent)
  24. What’s wrong with Chicago?...It is run by Democrats. Period. Show me one thing, anything that they touch that does not turn to complete crap. We have liberals moving into AL by the droves from the craphole cities they just left saying it is too expensive to live there and there is no opportunity. Out of the other side of their mouth they complain about why AL hasn’t banned plastic bags and ‘Vote Blue in 2020’ It has to be a mental disease! They can in no way make the connection that the very party and policies they vote for turns their community, city, and state into the autocratic high tax spawn of hell, they want to leave. NY just killed a bill to help members of Gold star families go to college, while just a week earlier they set aside millions to help Illegal aliens go to college? People actually defend killing a baby at term citing “choice”? It would seem that this country is marching straight toward Concord (Version 2019), and I would hate to be one of these American hating politicians if that happens. Regardless, at some point soon accountability has to come. Apologies....Rant over! Sincerely, Pissed in Alabama
  25. SickSilverado

    SGM competition magwell...what mags?

    Ran 50 rounds with my modified SGM 10rd and modded factory SDS 5rd. Flawless. Tuned my autoplug and ran high and low brass with no problems. Tried out my red dot and was really impressed.
  26. Spacehog

    New Toy, Arsenal AK47 SLR-107FR

    So I guess that means no more sharking with you?😂 I will give you a call the next time we head down to Mobile. Kayla is finishing up her Sophmore year at UM, and will be working down there over the summer. My mom lives in Daphne now as well, so we will probably make a at least a few trips down this summer. Had to give up the new gun addiction for a while....paying for college, a reliable used car for my youngest, a new 3 Ton HVAC unit for one that died, and a healthy check to the IRS all at one time has me on financial austerity at the moment. Anytime you want to make the trip just let me know. You can bring your family and stay on the property as we finished out the top of the barn. Even if you just want to get away a couple of days. Take care brother.
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