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  3. Who has taken the plunge? I had got pretty good with my bumpstock on a bipod when the ruling came down and I therefore made a point to turn it in to the sherriff. Anyway, now to the bfs3, had to grind a rivet head under the pack to get the hammer pin to seat, but after that, install and test was easy. And man does it rock.
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  5. Yet another SPAMMER. Wanna advertise on our board? PAY FOR IT.
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  8. Want To Buy the Arsenal Saiga 12 RPK style handguard part #SG-023. dont need the retainer but will buy anyway.
  9. Looking to buy a MD arms 20 round mag willing to pay or with in reason for it.
  10. Got a chance to check the counter mag with a magnet: Floor Plate: Metal Trunnion Lug: Plastic Mag release Lug: Plastic Mag Spine: No metal reinforcements Feed Lips: metal rear.
  11. It's been a while since anyone has posted any images... I am guessing ppl have become bored with their saigas or there just isn't as many available to convert/work with. Ive posted steps Ive taken to make mine what I have wanted in the past and I think I may be really close to where I want it. Bonesteel Left sidefolder (nato length) Monstrum handguard Phantom Flash Hider I cut 1.75 inches from my barrel, pinned and welled the brake onto it. I did this earlier this year before everything went to shit and became crazy. Right after my new mods, this thing shoots better th
  12. Hey All, Just grabbed a saiga and looking to pick up a sporter wood stock for it like below. If you have one for sale or know where I can pick one up let me know
  13. Yes. Someone used to sell an angled front grip with mounting bolt or hardware that fit Tony’s custom Saiga12s. I put off buying one just like I did with M11-9s when they were 1K all day every day. I finally bought a M11 9 but it was 2k when I finally did. Now for the VFG...
  14. Are you referring to an angled fore grip? If so, there are many on the market. Another possibility is a multi/5-position vertical fore grip. I hope this helps.
  15. I want a canted front vertical grip on my Tromix 8” Saiga 12 SBS. I missed the boat several years ago and I know someone here can point me in the right direction. Reaching around a 20 round MD drum is a bitch with the standard setup. TIA MadDog in GA
  16. Hey folks, sorry so late on posting an update. I heard back from Shannon a couple of months ago. He explained the for the delay, which was totally out of his control. Truly understandable, at least now I have piece of mind. Thank you to those who that reached out to me, and thank you Shannon for the quality work that you do.
  17. Hello all, I have an opportunity to buy a older Champion safe. I already have a Fort Knox, but looking to add another safe to the family. I'm not looking to spend for another Fort Knox purchase. I've done some research and found that Champion seems to close in quality. So what are your opinions on Champion?
  18. If you MUST use 5.56, then frangible or Ballistic Tip is the way to go.
  19. It is 1X9 and I load my round a bit hot and the do just fine. It's not like I will be shooting it a 1000 yards. Zeroed at 200 and that is all I want
  20. sKott

    Inserting a Mag

    I have a solution for this. I have a small hole drilled for a pull pin . One less round. Push rounds down, slide pin across the brass, works like a charm. id post pictures but the choose file option does not seem to work. sKott
  21. These are Russian Aftermarket mags made by Polygon. They accept 10 rounds and have Several windows on one side that act as a round counter with numbers stamped into the follower. I believe the footplate is metal. I’ll check the lugs and stuff with a magnet this evening and post the results. as far as rarity goes I’ve got three in my possession but I’ve never seen any more here in the states. They look to be available in Europe. sKott
  22. ever sell it????! 2020 wants to know
  23. It all depends on the twist rate of the barrel, I have no idea what the 223 version is, let's say it is a 1X9 twist then a 55gr up to a 64gr would work for the rifle now you have to find the right powder and tweak it same for the 1X8 twist then we all know that the best weight would be 69gr....
  24. Don't risk it, ship it to me and I'll shoot it for you.....
  25. In the mid 1990s, a large amount of it was imported into the US. Some of the ammunition was blister packed as your picture shows, other was boxed 20 cartridges per box. The German ammo was mostly steel cored, although there was a plastic-cored training version. Not long after it first became available, there was a ban on steel cored 7.62x39, so a fair amount of the East German steel core was re-bulleted with lead core, and then imported. The steel core is the most accurate 7.62x39 surplus I have found, but it is corrosive, so clean with a water based solvent, then use a water-displac
  26. ahhh, it's making sense now. I wasn't bright enough to understand the history of the Saiga/AK design and what I have is a neutered variant. okay, so my instinct for form-to-function wasn't just about fashion and that makes me happy (or lucky). I'll google more on the Russian version for photos
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