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  3. What goes around, comes around! Glad he crashed and burned like Waco! Now if we can get Fauci!
  4. I bought mine stock for $239 plus transfer fees. Man have times changed. Never went the 7.62x39 route, but love to cut, form and load 300 Blackout. My other butter gun.
  5. Yeah ... I was thinking it might be a collector's item now ever since the import ban. My thinking (and I hope this is sort of right) was to get rifle with AK reliability & toughness, but with the better accuracy of a .223 or 5.56 cartridge. As far as I know the 7.62x39 round is less accurate. However, I still wouldn't want to get hit by one. Given my Saiga's possible collector's value, I'm glad I've only taken it to the range about three times and never rapid fired it like I'm a Rambo wannabe. I did, however, buy it knowing it'd be a good battle rifle if stuff ever does get rea
  6. Kind'a late, I use the Kalashnikov-USA 12 Gauge Tactical Muzzle Brake on my KS-12T, SAIGA-12 : https://kalashnikov-usa.com/product/kusa-12ga-tactical-muzzle-brake/ They also have a new generation V6 muzzle break you see used in some of the Russian competition's.
  7. But when it is converted it becomes better. It Just does! but its a high quality soviet gun and will never fail and is now worth some money.
  8. Thanks Jerry52. I'm afraid of screwing up something if I go tinkering with it. I'm coming from the "if it ain't broken, don't fix it" side of things.
  9. I picked it out, though. $159 at WallyWorld. Stevens 320 six shot pump. Imported by Savage and made in the P.R.C. which would explain the price point. It's pretty much a Winchester 1300 clone. I figured I have enough items for HD/SD but could use a good game-getter, and since I didn't have a pump shotgun I asked for this. She's a keeper BTW.
  10. It will shoot just fine. Take care Squeaky
  11. No. I think I'll leave it as it is.
  12. Converting it from sporting rifle to a AK . Moving trigger , adding pistol grip and folding stock. thread barrel .
  13. Pardon my ignorance, but what conversion are you referring to? I suppose my answer is "no" since it is stock just like when I bought it. I'm not a gunsmith.
  14. All steal 556 ammo work great and 55gr is all I reload and shoot. Lets face it its a 200 yard gun. Did you do the conversion?
  15. Thanks Jerry52! :-) I'm just relieved knowing I can shoot an "alternative" round in my gun instead of worrying about sticking exclusively with .223 ammo. During this weird ammo famine, it seems like 5.56 is available more than .223. So ... the versatility is nice. I remember this is a reason why I bought my Saiga years ago. I also recall thinking Tula steel-cased ammo wouldn't hurt it. I confess I need to get a sling for my Saiga. Then I'm ready. Maybe a couple more mags too. BTW, I've stuck with plain 55gr. FMJs all this time.
  16. I never tried the JTE magwell. I did try the TAC47 magwell and it worked pretty good, but wasn't a fan of the mag catch design. Nothing compares to the V12 magwell and factory V12 mags.
  17. Yes all day long! This is my 556 butter gun. I shoot hot loads and have added a heaver spring and it rocks. Go for it if you have one. mine is also converted for p mags
  18. I'd just never heard of a 155 gr. SMK match bullet. Learned something new.
  19. I think there must be in the list : https://www.bulkcheapammo.com
  20. I just noticed the article above titled "RAAC response to shooting 5.56 in your .223 Saiga." I seem to recall seeing 5.56 mentioned in my manual too. It's been a long time.
  21. Savage makes a fine rifle. I have several. ALL shoot extremely well.
  22. It's getting there. This was the local bass pro yesterday. And yes... Still overpriced. No primers to be had...
  23. And you can see from the load data card... The rounds are 10 years old. They still shoot amazingly well. ☺ Edited to add... This is out if a 30-06. Not a .308. But I have two savage's in 308 that shoot them ALMOST as good!😉
  24. 308 bullets com come in flavors from 100 grains up to 220. 155 grain bullets are nothing new nor unusual. In fact...i was shooting this morning with 155 grain Nosler custom competition hollow points out of a stainless savage axis 2. This is a TYPICAL 3 shot group with that rifle with these rounds at 200 yards. ( yes. TWO hundred)
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