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  2. here is a link to the one I saw, rifle sights with no mag well https://www.gunbroker.com/item/896568096
  3. Lightfield 12ga NOVA blank. https://www.litfld.com/products/home-defense/ CRAZY loud. Like plugs AND muffs loud. They rang my ears with just plugs. There's a bit of recoil, about like a standard dove load. HUGE flash. Lights up the whole yard. I load my own blanks and nothing I've done is even close to these. The closest I've seen is a Deftec flash-bang grenade. No shit. These are that L O U D. Made me happy. I LOVE these. Oh, non-corrosive too....
  4. I'm buying a....wait for it.....GOTTA HAVE IT........WAY over my head!!!!!!!!NEW........Roof for my house. NOT a fun purchase, but I needed one. I'd rather have another gun or 10 or so cases of ammo.
  5. Last week
  6. Congratulations! I wish you the best in retirement and thank you for your service. I have friends who's son-in-law I believe is a DI at Camp Lejeune. His name is Sgt. T. Winney.
  7. Congratulations Gunnery Sergeant! Thank you for your service to our Country and please enjoy your well earned retirement.
  8. Congratulations on retirement Gunny, and thank you for you years of faithful service!
  9. Hello everyone, I have been around this Saiga gun club since July of 2007 and even longer in the United States Marine Corps. If there are any members in the Jacksonville, NC area and have access to get on Camp Lejeune I would like to invite you to my retirement ceremony on April 15, 2021. My ceremony to to celebrate my retirement and a wonderful 21 years of Honest and Faithful service to this great nation. Should you have base access and wish to attend please send me a private message. Thank you and Semper Fidelis, Gunnery Sergeant New River USMC - Mission
  10. ...Been VERY quiet lately. Guess the lack of weapons and ammo can do that on a gun board. But....yes, I'm still here still capping the trolls and wrong-do'ers. JOINED: July 13, 2007 Semper Fidelis, Gunny NR
  11. another idea, how hard is it to remove the magwell and return it to lock en rock? I have a lot of mags already so i don't want to have to buy more but I really like the factory rifle sights.
  12. There were at least 4 different versions that I have seen and 3 have different gas systems. The first 2 versions have smaller gas pistons,neither interchangeable. The third and forth use the S-12 piston, and the only difference is the longer extension fingers to shoot 2 3/4' shells (only with 2 3/4' mags). The 3rd and forth are most common, so if you have a version with the large piston, the S-12 manual is all you need.
  13. There are THOUSANDS of gun owners for every Federal agent. AIN"T GONNA HAPPEN!
  14. Looking for a pdf of the following manual. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  15. Dude I completely forgot about that circus. Thanks for bringing that memory back up. Glad to see you're still down there and kicking
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  17. Didn't want to make another thread, but looking for one as well. Thanks
  18. I ended up getting one locally, thanks for replying. You wouldn't happen to have a MD drum would you?
  19. Met a guy yesterday who told me that the democrats are passing legislation that will allow the police to come into your house and confiscate your guns. And it has almost passed. Any truth to this??? Sorry I don't watch the news
  20. That's funky. I have never seen one like this in the US. I will admit my interests are fairly narrow though. I like that plain old IZ-109, they have incredible reliability potential compared to other detachable mag-fed 12 guage shotguns. The KS-12/Komrad is a winner too.
  21. thanks for the info, I didn't realize there were so many variations. Is there a web page where I can check out the options? I have been told there is another one that seems to be the same except [1] it still has the original tang in place [2]does not have the mag well and is still rock and lock [3] does have the rifle sights and [4] appears to have the hinged/railed cover.
  22. Sup all, looking for the Promag 12rd drums if anyone is willing to part. Thanks
  23. My favourite custom holster maker is Craft Holsters: https://www.craftholsters.com/holsters. I have a few holsters from them and can't be more happy.
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