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  2. Nice work but looks really out of place on the otherwise all black gun. If you're targeting the AK market, you'll do better with high quality matched furniture sets, grip, and upper and lower hand guard as a matched set.
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  4. Hello all! To start with, I want to make clear that this is not an advertisement. This is an attempt to gauge levels of interest from people, to see if this is something worth further pursuing. In fact, these exact grips are not even currently for sale anywhere. Secondly, I want to point out that, while the firearms pictured belong to me, I am not the creator of these grips. All credit for that goes to a friend of mine, while he was visiting his home country (Costa Rica), using two grips which I had supplied him with before having left, to use as templates while there.
  5. Came across these two while doing research for a build down the road. https://4shooters.com/product/custom-guns-gk-04-vepr-12saiga-12lynx-12-muzzle-brake.html https://ishooter.ru/product/dtk-ilina-gk-05-custom-guns-pravii.html Any independent testing on them? I was originally under the impression that the GK-03++M was the absolute state of the art, and only tied with the V6 brake.
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  7. Hi Everyone: Years ago I visited an elderly family friend who was not a shooter or gun collector. This was before I knew guns as well as I do now too. He had worked in some exotic locations during his life like Saudi Arabia. I think he once worked in Germany too because of an antique gun he showed me. He was glad I knew some German and wanted me to translate something on it. It said "Schmidt und Sohne" - Schmidt and Sons. Am I correct thinking he had something valuable? At the time, I had enough sense to tell him to let someone at a place like Christies appraise it for him if only f
  8. Brian ripped me off. I will say it over and over. No contact back, no merchandise sent to me, it's been over 2 months. I've even called his number. He may be good but he apparently gave up
  9. How do I get ahold of him is he's much in business he owes me money
  10. I do not believe Brian is still in business, and I can say he is definitely either not paying attention to orders emails. But sure is taking the money you send him for a order. On April 04 2022 I ordered a saiga removable hex hand guard retainer. That you tighten down to hold on your hand guard. If someone grinded off the factory weld one. I researched the part online his website said stay away from cheap knock offs. I ordered his it is now June 17 2022 almost going into July. My bank verified the money went into his account I called the 18106879726 # that the voicemail says Angie. I've left o
  11. That was a "Titan" rail made by CHAOS, and had to be specially modified for the .410. I don't think they're being made anymore. I've looked high and low and can't find one in stock anywhere.
  12. Is there a place that sells that handguard and dust cover?
  13. Rest in Peace, Doc...

  14. Most of the crazies would have been prohibited, IF some asshat had just done their job. NOT reporting to NICS needs to be a crime, and mental health people need to lose licenses/accreditations as well as hefty fines for NOT reporting.
  15. Hello Everyone, Recently my Saiga 12 bolt carrier broke just below where the piston rod attaches. I am looking for a new bolt carrier assembly. I know there used to be a guy that made custom units but I think he is no longer in business. I have been unable to find one online and I thought maybe someone on this forum might be able to point me in the right direction. Any help you all can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!
  16. Lone Star Arms needs handguards to fill ongoing orders! Do you have factory Saiga 12, Lynx 12, or Cheetah 12 factory hand guards laying around? Lone Star Arms will trade new condition Kalashnikov USA take off hand guards in exchange for factory Saiga 12, Lynx 12, and Cheetah 12 hand guards. Here's the deal... Send us your Saiga 12, Lynx 12, or Cheetah 12 factory handguards, and we'll send you an essentially new condition Kalashnikov USA factory hand guard in return. The hand guards we're offering are top quality hand guards, embedded with threaded steel receptacles for Kalashnikov
  17. I am not sure what needs to happen right now. what i DO know is Florida changed a law here. they do a complete criminal investigation now. here in Florida, I have to perform a ful background criminal check before a firearm is transferred to me. I have my AMD65 here. its right by me in my hpouse.... I have my glock, i have conversion its for said glock, i have many rounds. there need to be SOMETHING in place to look at fucked up people. we are irresponsible if we allow it to continue. over SOMETHING. i dunno what, but we have to d
  18. Could someone please direct me as to were I can find one of these high caliber 9mm pistols I've recently heard about. It's my understanding that they can blow the lungs right out of a body. I have searched Gunbroker, Classic, Atlantic, Centerfire, even Midway and Brownells and have had no luck. I am hopeful that some of the highly knowledgable people on this sight might be able to point me in the right direction. And just in case you're a little slow on the uptick this is completely sarcasm.
  19. Budget? If you're a fan of MacBook series and if you don't have any issue with the budget then, the most common suggestion to go with latest macbook pro m1, also you have the ability to pay more, then I would love to suggest the m1 max chip which has 10 core cpu and 32 Gpu. Here are I have found some good deals, you can check it out https://www.cnet.com/tech/computing/best-macbook-deals/ I hope it will be helpful for you
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