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  3. Alright, I've attempted the installation. At the moment, magazines are difficult to insert. Occasionally, it will hang up on the front against the receiver, and occasionally on the sides against the receiver. When the mag does go in correctly, it won't lock without applying pressure to the rear. They do drop free. I've attached a photo of my progress so far. My question is, if I hog out the front all the way to the edge of the plastic magwell, and the sides all the way out, will I run the risk of the magazine fitting "loosely"?
  4. 416 & 460 HE AND 416 & 460 HSM .LONG RANGE AND HUNTING Can be set up in Pierce X10 ACTION for the 416 & 460 HE AND X20 action for the 416 & 460 HSM , Can get those if guys need one...Ed
  5. I tried to remove my front sight block yesterday and ended up bending my punch, what am I doing wrong?
  6. Alright, so I recently bought, refinished, and fitted some Romanian RPK furniture for my KS12, but I've run into a problem and have been a bit to lazy to address it, that is of course: how the hell do I get this mounted? I'm unsure what front handguard retainers to buy, and how they would exactly fit on with the big gas block in the way. On top of that, how would I get the top handguard mounted? Thanks.
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  8. I'm not a TIG expert, by far, but if you get good penetration I don't see why it wouldn't be adequate since it is not subject to much stress in normal operation. Don't get it too hot. I had a meltdown on the first one I did and had to rebuild it. Wasted a lot of time, but it looked like nothing happened and never failed. You will learn something whether it goes good or bad.
  9. Thanks bro. So TIG welding is strong enough in this application?
  10. Don't overthink it. Extend what you have. Maintain that angle at the rear, then file the notch. The only part of it that is very critical is the original angle as it initiates and times bolt rotation at lockup. Exact notch dimensions are not critical. Eyeball it reasonable close will work just fine. Good luck with your project, and yes, it is a mod worth doing. I include it standard on Evl Grade builds.
  11. TJ (saigateen) passed away this afternoon. Fuck Cancer.

    1. David Mark

      David Mark

      Condolences to you and your family Drew. I know he was a special person to you.

      May God rest his soul.

    2. patriot


      Sad news.

      Remember, he's not gone. He just moved. You'll see him again some day. Have faith brother.

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  13. Somebody with this type of barrel hood, can you please measure this dimension?
  14. Well I think I finally got'er how I want 'er, except for a TLR-1 light. SBR'd with the standard Russian Vityaz triangle stock. Added a HK style charging handle. EOTech XPS2-0. Magpul MS1 sling with Blue Force Gear QD wire loop. Rifle Dynamics stock pouch to keep paperwork handy.
  15. I don't think the magwell will interfere with a folding stock. The SGM magwell will work better with some mags over others, you would have to search on here for what others have tried that worked. Most mags can be modified to work in the magwell. Also, the magwell mags like the VEPR12 will work, although anything you do will require some fitting
  16. Just built up a 10.5' pistol, and 16" M4 with PSA uppers and Anderson lowers. The upper on the M4 is slightly out of spec as to rear takedown pin hole. (fits real tight) The 10.5 fits all the Andersons nicely. Both uppers were factory proofed. (could tell by the brass pressed into the bolt faces from the 70Kpsi proof round) Comparing any of the 16" or less barrels to a full 20" A1 or A2 is noticeable in the sound signature. The difference was like comparing the blast of a M4 to a .22LR. I think some of it might be the difference between compensated and non-compensated flash hid
  17. I recently started to upgrade my saiga and I went with Bonesteel.... Ive had it for a year now and I love how well it works. I went with the left folder so I can still charge and shoot with it folded. https://www.bonesteelarms.com/Galil-Style-Folding-Stock-FS-GL.htm
  18. I'm getting ready to sell some stuff on GunBroker and I see they have an option to sign up for GunBroker Pay that uses FreedomCoin I'm not sure about how it works but it seems more convenient then Postal Money Order Anyone have any experience with this service
  19. I only own one 223/556 and it is a PSA. Has the kit in the link below. Put it on a nice lower with a design I liked. Used it for deer hunting this last fall. Did what it needed to with one shot. Holds a tight smaller then dime group at 25yards. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-18-rl-223-wylde-15-mlok-moe-ept-rifle-kit-w-mbus-ss.html
  20. Hi folks, I just picked up a Saiga 12 and am planning a full conversion. I've converted a Saiga 7.62x39 into an AK104ish SBR with an AK100 series side folding stock, so I know what I'm getting into (still need to pull the barrel to get it chopped). I'd like to install a magazine well. I'm primarily going to use this shotgun in 3-gun matches. I'm not very competitive at these, but have been running open class with a pump gun, and I've always lusted after a Saiga 12, so that's what I'm going with. First, what magwells are recommended? I see the SGM tactical magwell is available, and wa
  21. 2013 ammo production was very dodgy stuff.. My own homemade reloads from 2009 are better than most of the factory bulk pack stuff in 2013. I had some federal that was not sized right and the metal bases would not seat in anything, not even a double barrel, ended up having to run it through my reloading sizer to use it, a little dangerous to size live ammo but nothing exploded. My new policy on ammo buying, buy it when it's not made in a rush.. I loaded up pretty heavy from 2015 to the end of 2019. When the panic buying started I stopped buying pretty much everything. The QC on everything
  22. Well, I knew that the bulk packs were all over the place, but never encountered any this bad. Whatever loading they were at still cycled the smoothed out S12 action for the most part. (25% failures) My guess is they were below 2 1/4 dram. Won't buy it again!
  23. Winchester bulk pack is well-known to be junk. I wouldn't worry about it. Shoot them in a pump or double. Beware stuck wads.
  24. Spent an afternoon busting caps with the 12's. Everything ran great until I got to the batch of old Winchester bulk pack. The Federal bulk (3 dram) landed in a pile at 2:00 about 5-6' out. The Federal pink pussycats (2 3/4 dram) about 5'. The Winchester fell at my feet, stovepiped, or got mashed in the action! All three have been stored in cans since 2013.
  25. I have for sale a MD Arms Saiga-12 20rd drum that's never been used and a SGM Tactical 10rd magazine [not pictured] that's never been used. Will ship ONLY to non-commie states. Paypal or postal money order accepted. Drum: $100 shipped Magazine: $25 shipped
  26. YOT

    Selling price

    It's real, I know because I did a lot of the work on it. ☺️
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