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  2. I just watched this video made by Big Ear. Just want to share it though. Sometimes people forget how loud a gun can be. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSowcCanPo8&t=103s
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  4. Spacehog


    Thank you. I appreciate that. This is the AK rifle I train with the most. (A close second being a SBR based off of a mini draco) But this was my first Saiga rifle, and holds a special place in my heart.
  5. saltydecimator

    Short Barrel Conversion Advice

    Money is an issue then you mention origin?πŸ₯΄ the kusa is only $900, but gas system isn’t moved...
  6. sjgusmc21


    Damn good looking rifle! Well done.
  7. PapaSmurf

    My Saiga 308 bbl threading experience

    You did an excellent job both on your rifle and explaining it plus the pictures. Now I will do mine
  8. There's a screw under the recoil spring. Remove the receiver cover, then the recoil spring and guide, and there's your screw. Might be one I the bottom of the receiver as well. Once the screws are out... A side to side wiggle will work the stock part out of the receiver. Get on it. Don't be bashful... It may take some tweaking.
  9. the plastic stock with the blue tape has to be removed from the metal receiver. it will slide right in
  10. Heck ya! Prop sounds great!! And would look awesome too, night light etc. I have to excavate near that lower portion of the house for a cellar wall reinforce so my options are limitless
  11. Hello, I am new to customizing firearms and I got a beautiful wood set for my saiga 7.62x39. Was able to get the front piece on no problem but the receiver on the back of the rifle won't come off so I don't know what I need to do to get the butt stock on? As you can see I marked the receiver with blue tape. I imagine muscling it off would damage the gun, anyone have any thoughts of how to do this easily? I don't know how to get the end of the base stock off so I can put the new one on. Thanks
  12. ...and to you and yours!
  13. May 2020 be the best year if your life so far.
  14. IndyArms

    No new posts here why?

    People are still here... Whatcha wanna Talk about?? Ask some questions, I'm sure you'll get replies!!😁
  15. IndyArms

    No new posts here why?

    I remember that line from "Up the academy" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  16. IndyArms

    Mag Id

    Dimensionally the .223 round is externally identical to the 5.56 round for all intents and purposes. If you have a magazine that feeds one but not the other... Something else is wrong. Either mag should work to hold and feed either cartridge. If you don't know the difference, more research might be a good thing...
  17. That's the view from my private shooting range... Only goes to 120 yards before you get into the woods... But it works for me. Slide open the back porch window... Place a bag on the sill... And have at it!😁
  18. As an aside, many of the Star Wars Fan Films on YouTube are very well done! Check out a few of them if you get the chance.
  19. Ever wonder if the Motorcycle accident lawyers who sign up here actually wanted to talk about Saigas and we never gave them the chance before booting them?

  20. Heartbreaker

    Introducing The Chaos WOC-12!

    Is this project completely dead at this point? I'm still interested in the concept, just wondering if it will ever reach production.
  21. If you look-up that soy boy director J.J. Abrams and feminist "the force is female" producer Kathleen Kennedy ... one look at them and you'll think "well ... that figures." I think whoever chose them should be hung.
  22. I stopped when they added that stupid Jar Jar character. It's a toy franchise, and you're right it's become PC. The story's dead. What's next? RuPaul as the hero(ine)?
  23. After 'The Force Awakens' (which I almost walked out of but decided against it since I had already paid for it) I quit. If I want to watch Sesame Street, then I will do so at home for free.
  24. Quite honestly, I do not shoot either very often, and when I do, it is Tula 150’s. I have several other .308’s that I shoot regularly for distance and hand load for. So these are really more for collection purposes. The 20” is more functional from a ballistics standpoint, but there is something about the 16” that is just sexier. It seems like the .308 Saiga’s along with the .223’s are the least desirable calibers. FWIW the 16” is an β€˜08 imported by RAA and the 20” is a β€˜10 imported by Legion.
  25. I've got a Savage F/TR in .308. I've also got an Axis in .308. Ones got a 30" Very heavy barrel. The other a 24, with light profile. I can get every shot in one hole with the F/TR. SOMETIMES... The axis... Under an inch. ALL THE TIME... One will run you 1200+. The other 3 bills out the door. How important is that half inch to you? πŸ˜‚
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