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  2. best thing I ever did was to do the mag conversion on my 223 and it works great. It will run any mag that will work in any ar 15
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  4. Well done. I had a blast converting my Saiga, really do miss shooting it. Oldest daughter is about ready to do so.
  5. As I said, we could have come out of this much wiser and less dependent on China, but after seeing this atrocity, I doubt it. Truly perverse and disgusting how THEY spend our money. I did not fact check this, but none of it surprises me. American population: 330,483,530 Stimulus bill: $2,000,000,000,000 Dividing the cost by every person in America is $6,051.74. The government could have given every person over $6,000, but instead will give $1,200 to each adult under a certain income. Because of bailouts. Wanna know where the missing 96% of your tax dollars went? $300,000,000for Migrant and Refugee Assistance pg. 147 $10,000 per person for student loan bailout $100,000,000 to Nasa, $20,000,000,000 to the USPS, $300,000,000 to the Endowment for the Arts $300,000,000 for the Endowment for the Humanities/ because no one even knew that was a thing $15,000,000 for Veterans Employment Training $435,000,000 for mental health support $30,000,000,000 for the Department of Education stabilization fund/ because that will keep people employed $200,000,000 to Safe Schools Emergency Response to Violence Program $300,000,000 to Public Broadcasting / NPR $500,000,000 to Museums and Libraries / Who the hell knows how we are going to use it $720,000,000 to Social Security Admin / but get this only 200,000,000 is to help people. The rest is for admin costs $25,000,000 for Cleaning supplies for the Capitol Building / I **** you not it's on page136 $7,500,000to the Smithsonian for additional salaries $35,000,000 to the JFK Center for performing Arts $25,000,000 for additional salary for House of Representatives $3,000,000,000 upgrade to the IT department at the VA $315,000,000 for State Department Diplomatic Programs $95,000,000 for the Agency of International Development $300,000,000 for International Disaster Assistance $90,000,000 for the Peace Corp pg. 148 $13,000,000 to Howard University pg. 121 9,000,000 Misc. Senate Expenses pg. 134 $100,000,000 to Essential Air carriers pg. 162 This of note because the Airlines are going to need billions in loans to keep them afloat. $100,000,000 is chump change $40,000,000,000 goes to the Take Responsibility to Workers and Families Act. This sounds like it's direct payments for workers. Pg. 164 $1,000,000,000 Airlines Recycle and Save Program pg. 163 $25,000,000 to the FAA for administrative costs pg. 165 $492,000,000 to National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak) pg. 167 $526,000,000 Grants to Amtrak to remain available if needed through 2021 pg. 168 (what are the odds that doesn't go unused) Hidden on page 174 the Secretary has 7 days to allocate the funds & notify Congress $25,000,000,000 for Transit Infrastructure pg. 169 $3,000,000 Maritime Administration pg. 172 $5,000,000 Salaries and Expensive Office of the Inspector General pg. 172 $2,500,000 Public and Indian Housing pg. 175 $5,000,000 Community Planning and Development pg. 175 $2,500,000 Office of Housing
  6. with Russian guns a file is your friend. It's not that complicated, but these are not AR-15s. Most parts require fitting.
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  8. Does it have an AK100 folding stock? If it does then the front latch may be keeping the front lug on the mags from going in fully. Some aftermarket mags will need to be fitted at the front on the left hand side. Compare a 5 round factory mag to whatever mag you want to use and note the angle on the front lug that is present on the 5 round mag. Otherwise, maybe the mag catch needs a little fitting or the mags need fitting to the gun. If you need some help just email me and I ca tell you how to do it. evlutionz@yahoo.com
  9. The Saiga was just shipped. I will have pictures in the next day or two. Thanks again
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  11. From the photos of Arsenal SGL 12-07, it appears as a regular Saiga... Can you upload some photos of the magazine you have, so we could see the part of the magazine that is inserted into the receiver, so we could evaluate the possible differences between magazines and help you troubleshoot the issue?
  12. Hi all, I just bought a new Arsenal SGL 12 Saiga 12 shot gun. The dealer I bought it from tried out a 5 and 10 round mag for a Saiga and neither one fit. He also tried a Promag 20 round drum which didn’t fit. The 5 round mag the Saiga came with does fit. I’ll mention the dealer I bought it from is a gunsmith. Would anyone here have the same model Saiga and know what drums and mags would fit this gun? I’m really looking for a 30 round drum and some 10 or 12 round mags. Would this Saiga be a generation 3? Thank you
  13. For Sale: CSS Saiga 14-1 LH Die and barrel guide for 7.62 Saiga barrel threading and will include the mini tubing cutter I used to cut off barrel shroud. $30 shipped. Note: The $12ish ones from Amazon won't cut it ........ literally - how do I know that? If interested email me at xxhooyapejka@yahoo.comxx by dropping the "xx"s before and after. Thanks for look'n.
  14. Just picked up a used 410 Saiga with 1 3 inch mag. In your opinions, who makes the best drum mag? Thanks in advance.
  15. Bet the bolt was ahead of the carrier and not cammed into it.
  16. here is what it looks like with the slide pulled all the way back. the shell can not come up. What i wrong ? I guess I need to go see how to take this thing apart and put it together...
  17. it snaps in fine. just snug on sides. not problem tight,just snug. no problem as long as it goes in perfectly straight. then snaps right in good and tight. no slop..
  18. no..snap right in place..once you get them all lined up right..
  19. do the mags snap in real hard? Also not all installed bullet guides work ,I had to make my own.
  20. shells dont seem to be high enough in front/wrong angle.....one pic at rest,other pic, against the guide
  21. sorry if this dosnt go here,but it didnt look like to many post were being made in the section for this gun. I got a russian/RWC AK47 in a trade with no clip. It has bullet guide installed so I got clips from tapco and magpul and some military ammo. clips snap in fine. wont feed the shells.Just slides right over the top with the magpul. tries to feed with the tapco but hits bullet guide. neither seem to catch the back of the shell.. Any ideas ? I tried searching on here for help,but I am not computer savvy and the list included every word in my search and was to long to look thru. How do you narrow it down? I tried the quotation mark thing and that didnt seem to work..
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