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  1. Reading the description on the JTS M12, it was built on the RPK receiver. That is a 1.5mm receiver, so it would be closer to the VEPR not the Saiga-12 which is on the 1.0mm receiver. /sarcasm on now where's my flamethrower....
  2. scoutjoe

    Best Mags

    The AGPs are the closest you can get to the Russian 8's. If you prefer to go to a metal magazine look up CSS spec. I've used them both and I'm quite happy with them.
  3. You're thinking of Cobra76Two on this forum, he's down Raleigh way. If you're mechanically inclined and can take photos there are probably a number of folks on here who can help you out.
  4. SAS-12, Vepr-12, Catmount Fury , Klasnikov-USA ( K-12) , Fostech FT-12 and Lynx-12 just off the top of my head. There are some other MKA-1919 clones I'm probably forgetting.
  5. The trick is to grease up the recoil spring in the stock. The "spooooing" sound after every shot drove me crazy.
  6. Do you have the HK sights and the Galil charging handle like the one in the link? Any other special options ?Is it a SBS or a full length gun? How many mags?
  7. Have seen/assembled a number of Palmetto kits. I found one out of spec safety in a lower parts kit. The a replacement safety was there in less than a week. I used there A2 profile upper for my build since they were one of the few companies that had a 20" barrel that didn't want my left arm for payment. Accuracy has been good, with little to no "break in" time on the rifle. I haven't used the A2 config in a high power match yet but it gave me results that I would be happy to compete with. I would have no problem buying another kit from them. I'm too stubborn to buy an assembled rifle at
  8. I've been tempted by the AWS SPETS-12. It also appears that they did not move the gas block back. I believe that K-USA would be a better product but I have no first hand handling of either.
  9. I've used one of those trench scopes. He had it for a mounted 1919, amazing how accurate it was . Zeiss made it, so it was clear as well.
  10. Ya, Game Commission isn't too fond of you doing that. That being said I've heard calls over the radio giving the locals the go ahead to dispatch the deer. The meat does taste funny, even if you make jerky out of it. I can say that the locals probably wouldn't have an issue with.
  11. You're buying lowers at $50 a pop? Saw some for $35 recently on a "flash sale". As for Andersons? last couple builds have been on them. A lower is a lower, unless you want something fancy on the side. I know a guy who referred to them as "poverty ponies", so I'll use that slang with pride.
  12. "I'm not dead yet" I check in but I often don't have much to say anymore. I'm probably not even the fastest S-12 in Pennslytucky anymore.
  13. Ja, it is East German. Treat it as corrosive primers "East German M43" https://www.google.com/search?biw=1366&bih=642&ei=JPqFW_DFFvHD_QbX1qsI&q=east+german+M43+ammo&oq=east+german+M43+ammo&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0.51341.55355.0.55735.
  14. So I got to hold a 590 with these mags the other night. With the way that the mags lock into the bottom of the receiver, it would be a difficult mod for an S-12. While the rear feed lips look similar to AGP mags, the front of the magazine did not look promising for a tab. The magazine itself looked decently made. I wonder about the weight of 20 rounds without some metal reinforcements on the feed tower.
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