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  1. I've been tempted by the AWS SPETS-12. It also appears that they did not move the gas block back. I believe that K-USA would be a better product but I have no first hand handling of either.
  2. I've used one of those trench scopes. He had it for a mounted 1919, amazing how accurate it was . Zeiss made it, so it was clear as well.
  3. Ya, Game Commission isn't too fond of you doing that. That being said I've heard calls over the radio giving the locals the go ahead to dispatch the deer. The meat does taste funny, even if you make jerky out of it. I can say that the locals probably wouldn't have an issue with.
  4. You're buying lowers at $50 a pop? Saw some for $35 recently on a "flash sale". As for Andersons? last couple builds have been on them. A lower is a lower, unless you want something fancy on the side. I know a guy who referred to them as "poverty ponies", so I'll use that slang with pride.
  5. "I'm not dead yet" I check in but I often don't have much to say anymore. I'm probably not even the fastest S-12 in Pennslytucky anymore.
  6. Ja, it is East German. Treat it as corrosive primers "East German M43" https://www.google.com/search?biw=1366&bih=642&ei=JPqFW_DFFvHD_QbX1qsI&q=east+german+M43+ammo&oq=east+german+M43+ammo&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0.51341.55355.0.55735.
  7. So I got to hold a 590 with these mags the other night. With the way that the mags lock into the bottom of the receiver, it would be a difficult mod for an S-12. While the rear feed lips look similar to AGP mags, the front of the magazine did not look promising for a tab. The magazine itself looked decently made. I wonder about the weight of 20 rounds without some metal reinforcements on the feed tower.
  8. Whatever.....that Mike guy totally ran off to Mexico with all the MD-20 money All joking aside, I'm glad to see innovation happening. I'd rather it be on a Saiga-12 but I understand the reasoning on why it's not. Keep on thinking things up Mike, it's how we all started on here.
  9. Some of the best meals I've had came out of dutch ovens. The ones with the legs for cooking over a fire, without the legs you can use them in your oven. Roasted a chicken in one that came out real well, once we caught the chicken.
  10. As someone who often gets "Hey you cut trees right?" I feel like I should own one of these. Probably more than one since being larger than the average bear, I hate leaving the ground.
  11. I went in for one myself as well. Course in the process of taking off the pounds of cosmoline, pretty sure I took the "paint" off the barrel. I'm sure Alumahyde will substitute nicely
  12. Thanks all. Got to spend some good time with family today. I must be getting "old" since I didn't want to go shooting in 20 degree weather for once!
  13. You would have to look in the gas block and check to see what you have. My guess would also be a 3 port gun like evlblkwpnz said. I'm no expert on what runs and what doesn't run at a certain barrel length, I'll leave that to the pros out there who have been doing it for years. I just know that my 22" gun had 3 ports. When I shortened the barrel to remove the internal choke, it wouldn't run on low brass all the time. I went the route to drill a 4th hole, gun runs like it did before.
  14. Its really the reason I am even asking the question. I hate to permanently change a rare bird but most would agree 22 inches is just ridiculous for a magazine feed shotgun. The advantages of 4 less inches and threading for muzzle devices seems just to practical and aesthetically pleasing to do. The only reason I chopped my 22" was to thread the barrel. The cutting wasn't hard, or the threading. The next thing I had to do was knock off the gas block and drill another port. It was easier to buy the 19" threaded from Cadiz the 2nd time around. Shame your 12-c didn't come with the marked 8rd mag too.
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