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  1. It all depends on the twist rate of the barrel, I have no idea what the 223 version is, let's say it is a 1X9 twist then a 55gr up to a 64gr would work for the rifle now you have to find the right powder and tweak it same for the 1X8 twist then we all know that the best weight would be 69gr....
  2. Don't risk it, ship it to me and I'll shoot it for you.....
  3. You can also shave down (sand down) the bottom of the follower until an extra round can be added, I am not an expert on State(s) law(s) but I believe if you use the rifle for hunting, States have laws about mag capacities and it could be some trouble having it.. Just something I was told a while back IDK...
  4. If you use google translate, it is talking about Chinese students and getting a certification of some sort. I did not bother reading the details. I think the mods have banned this guy for non relevant content, maybe not...
  5. I agree here, I'd like to carry my Rem custom 308 except it weighs about 35-40 lbs + ammo, that is only one weapon..
  6. I am curious, is there not a bump AR trigger? I could have sworn they came out a while before the bumpstocks. Kind of hard to uphold the Constitution when you do not know or understand the Constitution, case and point government thinks they can plea the 5th amendment when the Constitution is for the people and not the government.... He also promised to end corruption (LMFAO). My question is, tell me what HAS he done since he has taken over? NOTHING.... 1st Amend, ones right to speak out against the government and only the government and so forth. as a matter of fact any gov
  7. I did not think about pistol grips, I hate to toss out nice wood.... Thanks
  8. The stock is gone, still have the 4 scales...
  9. So I had a couple of questions, can you use a Nagant Stock for knife scales? What kind of wood was used for these stocks? Last, any knife makers want it, plus 4 6" black walnut scales? PM me.....
  10. I have a thumb hole stock on a Yugo Mauser 308, I had to pillar and receiver bed it, no free floating needed. The only thing I did not like was the size of the grip. too thin, I bonded a piece of Mahogany and formed it with finger grooves.
  11. Being vague on your answers is annoying. For those who give a sh!t, apparently CA decided to change the size of the C39 side rail, so I purchased a Midwest Ind, C39 mount, topped it off with a Primary Arms 30mm red dot and a 30mm Vortex Cantilever mount....
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