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  1. Thank you very much Scoutjoe, I did find some info on what I was looking for, the problem with this site is the search feature, if you type in the word Saiga it lists every single thread since everyone uses this word, no option for titles only. As long as I do not use the following mags in freezing temps the AGP or SGM will work fine. Makes since about the forum being slow... Thanks again
  2. Wow what happened to this site? You ask a question and no one answers. Is it dead?
  3. OK after reading aging your post, what I said above is not right. Do you have any pics of the BHO? Remove cover, spring, charging system and take pics.
  4. Hello again all, I am in the market for S12 mags, many here have probably used various models of mags for your S12, I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on the Kalashnikov 12 mags? From 5 to 12 rounders? Does not have to be the Kalashnikov mag but any mag that you love and are reliable. Thanks in advance, Steve
  5. After measuring the hammer width with the BHO it measured approximately 1.163" the BHO measured 0.088" and the trigger about 1.075", I had to take the hammer down about .095" so that it was basically free floating.
  6. Did you modified your hammer? It may be too tight, you might not have taken it down enough, I just finished installing mine and it works great. see my thread here:
  7. OK, so I got it done, the answer is yes you have to grind, sand down the right side if the bolt (if you are looking down the iron sights) right hand side, the way I did it was to get my Cobalt drill bit 3/8" diameter, cutting oil (WD40) and slowly drilled the hammer, I did this little by little and testing constantly, it left a sharp edge on the drilling out side si I used 600 grit sand paper (for metal) took the sharp edge out, again testing as I went along and with the BHO in place and checking the hammers center point in relation to the firing pin. I found out afterwards, that I would
  8. Hello Bvamp, I live in West Palm FL, I just purchased a S12 off of gunbroker, went to my FFL and it took me 15 minutes to be approved. What full background are you talking about? Do you have a carry permit? I do not know if this makes a difference or not. Just currious as to what you are talking about.... Steve
  9. Hello, it has been a while since I've posted. I purchased a S12 converted with Tapco parts, including Tapco side folder. The only thing left to do is to install a Bolt Hold Open which I purchased from CSS. It does not fit with the current Tapco hammer, I saw the tutorial from CSS and during the video he stated that I had to grind off (sand off) .050 from the hammer, I am sure that he means from the same side that the BHO goes on, the thickness of the BHO is .088. When I install the hammer (no spring) and with the pin through it, it moves back and forth with very little slack it does move
  10. It all depends on the twist rate of the barrel, I have no idea what the 223 version is, let's say it is a 1X9 twist then a 55gr up to a 64gr would work for the rifle now you have to find the right powder and tweak it same for the 1X8 twist then we all know that the best weight would be 69gr....
  11. Don't risk it, ship it to me and I'll shoot it for you.....
  12. You can also shave down (sand down) the bottom of the follower until an extra round can be added, I am not an expert on State(s) law(s) but I believe if you use the rifle for hunting, States have laws about mag capacities and it could be some trouble having it.. Just something I was told a while back IDK...
  13. If you use google translate, it is talking about Chinese students and getting a certification of some sort. I did not bother reading the details. I think the mods have banned this guy for non relevant content, maybe not...
  14. I agree here, I'd like to carry my Rem custom 308 except it weighs about 35-40 lbs + ammo, that is only one weapon..
  15. I am curious, is there not a bump AR trigger? I could have sworn they came out a while before the bumpstocks. Kind of hard to uphold the Constitution when you do not know or understand the Constitution, case and point government thinks they can plea the 5th amendment when the Constitution is for the people and not the government.... He also promised to end corruption (LMFAO). My question is, tell me what HAS he done since he has taken over? NOTHING.... 1st Amend, ones right to speak out against the government and only the government and so forth. as a matter of fact any gov
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