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  1. Get the wife a hospital mask, some allergy pills, and a nettie pot, and fire that sucker up.
  2. I thought the SVD used the x54 cartridge, but may be wrong. Anyway I too have thought they were cool but heavy. I have a Dragonov stock on my .410. That's the closest ive got to a SVD.
  3. LA is definitely a place you can perfect your craft. You can make the perfect gun, just apply yourself bro.
  4. China man should keep to his own and only speak norinco. Even those are stolen tech.
  5. SF is in a downward spiral. Thx for calling attention to this travesty. It's like the political class has blinders on like a donkey. Aka. ass.
  6. Would love to have, and at the prices of saigas now, the mag price seems in line. Good find. My surefire is a surefail.
  7. The ban was bs. In order not to become a provable felon I took my slidefire to my Sheriff the day the ruling went into effect. He was quite unaware of said Decree, and had his deputy look up the law. We had a good conversation about the chickenshit ruling and he surmised how many might be in the county. He had the deputy to tag with my name and place in His closet, telling me if the law changes I can have it back and thanked me. Recently, I heard only 1 other person in my county has turned theirs in, and we are both in the same obscure industry. I do work on military bases because we can pass backgrounds. Which I hear is rare for subs. If I really need to bump my Saiga I'll just hold it loosely to my shoulder. Bumpstocks are not worth the hassle right now. But be sure that they are effective on a bipod.
  8. Some have said soaking in wd40 will make powder and primer inert but I think they would have to have open exposure to the oil. This 1943 shell proved its quality of build by withstanding years of salt water submersion, so much that the bullet rusted off at the end of brass, and still fired. So I doubt wd would do crap. I don't know who 'NES' is, or was, but if it were built with a non corrosive round like du, it could have been fired today. Though, due to brass showing weakness with visable cracks, it might stick in the chamber of say a layti. This bullet was most likely from a ww2 ship anti aircraft gun or Corsair cannon.
  9. No troll, I had first thought to try to shoot the primer with a pellet gun but didn't want to risk missing the primer and denting the rim. As a kid, I used to put 12ga rounds into a clay bank and shoot them from across the road. Often I would miss dead center just enough to knock them out of the bank without them going off. But back to the topic, I had few choices to make the 20mm safe. With no access to a eod team, I could either bury it or light it off somehow. Burying did not sound good because someone could always dig it up in the future and it would be even more corroded and dangerous. So setting it off was the only was to make it inert. By digging a 4ft hole and placing it in laying horizontal and cooking it off, what remained of the bullet would go in the dirt. Everything went as planned, safely. Now I have another empty shell for a key ring. Some of these replies sound like hens cacklin. Jeez..
  10. Well it went off well, literally. Placed it in a 4ft. hole, inside of a canister type air filter soaked in diesel. Lit it up and waited, and waited. Probably took ten minutes to heat up enough but finally went Boom. Blew the brass clean out the hole. The brass shows stress fractures from not being in a chamber but otherwise looks good with what looks like an unfired primer. I took a .50 brass cartridge and it slid into the 20mm neck. Cool.
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