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  1. I agree. Maybe without the governor status, he will be held accountable for the nursing homes. He put the covid infected in them just to spite President Trump who had sent hospital ships to ny and never used.
  2. If he would have agreed with Trump and ' just grab them by the pussy', Then he would only be responsible for killing old people in nursing homes.
  3. I'll admit that I have never seen a report of a 7.62 squib.
  4. The only thing that is concerning with shooting binary and especially if rapid fire, is the possibility of a unoticed squib. I've had that happen in a 20"ar w/.22kit while wife unit was at the helm. Luckily I intervened before she lit off another. Just heard the sound wasn't right.
  5. Franklin armory has a good reputation. Cycle rate seems right.
  6. It does rock. I outfitted it with a Thor LT and their quick disconnect mount and low and behold, can co-witness through the mount.
  7. Who has taken the plunge? I had got pretty good with my bumpstock on a bipod when the ruling came down and I therefore made a point to turn it in to the sherriff. Anyway, now to the bfs3, had to grind a rivet head under the pack to get the hammer pin to seat, but after that, install and test was easy. And man does it rock.
  8. Get the wife a hospital mask, some allergy pills, and a nettie pot, and fire that sucker up.
  9. I thought the SVD used the x54 cartridge, but may be wrong. Anyway I too have thought they were cool but heavy. I have a Dragonov stock on my .410. That's the closest ive got to a SVD.
  10. LA is definitely a place you can perfect your craft. You can make the perfect gun, just apply yourself bro.
  11. China man should keep to his own and only speak norinco. Even those are stolen tech.
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