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  1. saltydecimator

    K-USA non nfa s-12!!

    Figured so!! Same price as the Chinese but not, perfect!! im hoping that fugly stock adapter can be swapped out, and that OAL has some wiggle room. Maybe psa/sb tactical triangle arm brace be out soon and we can use that
  2. saltydecimator


    Ah beautiful! They do exist! I guess I wasn’t just dreaming that I had one either, haha. My gunbroker search for them shall continue, ha
  3. saltydecimator

    80% lower?

    If you trying to go non-nfa route, looks like kalashnikov USA releasing one in a month. If you bought a parts kit off gunchoker, you’d be better off to just sell parts and get whole gun if you trying to keep big bro from knowing you have that specific “serial number”, make an ar and get a 410 upper from century Arms
  4. saltydecimator

    Lynx 12 Mods Saiga 12 true clone

    I still don’t believe it. Granted I haven’t owned the lynx, the metal is always mysterious, corners are cut, and lacks spit and polish and fit and finish. Can you give better examples of “this is better” than saiga? I won’t contest that the russkies let out some crap, but worst things it had goin for it was some unpainted parts, and some blocked gas blocks. Those things would be remedied with a work force that actually cared about the product it was producing.
  5. saltydecimator

    MDARMS X CSSPECS steel dbl stack mag alive or dead?

    And this is how rivalries are born. Will we see csspecs double stacks when patent runs out? Prooooiobably!
  6. Dunno what cost gonna be, but it’s not Chinese and it has SBA-3 on it already! Gross stock adapter, maybe that’s on there for OAL? http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/2019/03/14/kalashnikov-usa-komrad/?fbclid=IwAR1q9KhNYhNLWHVZ0I3EPpoj7bGPh6q_ko84HMxT9C1P4bdeYsUOj53nhhk
  7. saltydecimator


    Hahah the truth comes out! Post pics!!
  8. saltydecimator

    Kalashnikov's time of death?

    I’m wondering if the time of death was at the same moment I was buying a magpul plastic pistol grip. I’m not a purist, but I am anti fuddery. Which I suppose everyone who’s an actual shooter does too....
  9. saltydecimator

    Decisions Decisions

    how about the wbp guns? get the single stack so you have a lil bit of tweaking to adapt to double stack, and save some bucks while you at it??
  10. so the vepr is 25 rds and the saiga is 20. they are NOT interchangeable.... you would have to grind on your plastic to make it fit, and even then it may not.... so if you could try to fashion a vepr 12 type magwell out of hte tristar, it would work... buuuuuuut, that seems far fetched....
  11. saltydecimator

    AWS Spetz 12

    interesting... the aow route never aligned with my state/localities masters so i never pursued it... i asked the question over in the sbs section, but couldnt a longer carrier piston be used, bore a hole through the puck, and let the carrier piston extend through the front of the gas block, like an AA-12? wouldnt need to weld the tab on. and maybe could reuse your pistons etc, instead of fabbing a new one? seem like it would be a bit more work, but i dont weld...(barrel hood, for when carrier comes out of gas tube/guide
  12. saltydecimator

    wilkinson arms CR12. DI AR-10 12ga.

    https://www.facebook.com/wilkinsontactical/ finally some vid of it runnin on facebook... sorry. im just intrigued with the DI nature of the gun.... di means easy gas block moving etc for short barrel setups...
  13. saltydecimator

    AWS Spetz 12

    but why would you wanna aow if its presently OTC? i emailed K-usa and they said their receiver is the "gun" i think the s-12 is the front trunnion, what about the vepr?
  14. saltydecimator


    mags were weird, but workable i assume. i think i didnt realize it was lrbho till i started taking it apart.... guy who sold it to me never realized it... or didnt know they werent the norm
  15. saltydecimator

    SBS Technical Info Thread

    anyone thought about doin a sbs without welding a hood on the gas tube by boring hole in puck and gas selector?