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  1. saltydecimator

    Puck Install Question

    So I initially thought the lil nub was for minimally interfering (friction, hydro lock, lessening gas effectiveness) but I think really if it is pointed the other way what the cup does is increase the surface area of the face where the gas can act. So if you are dealing with limited port size only way to increase the “work” done by the gas that you have in the chamber is to increase the “force” of the work... think my physics terms are a lil mussed up hence the quotations, but the general idea is more surface area for gas to affect = harder push on op rod which translates to more bolt velocity meaning higher reliability. Other point of concern is whether your Chinese clone will work with us parts. Also, gas blocks and tubes binding creates some tension that does somethin to the system. Think I dealing with that on a 20 ga right meow
  2. saltydecimator

    K-USA non nfa s-12!!

    Ya the lack of shortened gas puzzles me. It’s the reason the saigas and veprs got a bad rap. If the gun won’t run and ya don’t wanna work on it you’re gonna be disappointed and talk all your buddies outta buying them. Super heavy fail on the part of Russian manufacturers and American importers...
  3. saltydecimator

    K-USA non nfa s-12!!

    which patents? links please for research! the price on these is down to $940. im loving kusa shipping products... havent looked at reviews but options are nice!! https://gun.deals/search/apachesolr_search/811777020425
  4. ah good times... when we get moved im gonna bone up on my load data and see what i can find... guys over at castboolits suggested a simple tube mold with the ends installed for your ogives etc... i was hung up on makin the correct bore dimension where a piece of tube etc would work nicely
  5. saltydecimator

    TriStar Bullpup shears bolt lug and injures shooter.

    the shell had to come off to get into the action.... i think its only 6 screws, but screws had to def be removed before top cover came off... hole as in bad casting or as in a on purpose hole? i feel like i could almost get my bolt/carrier installed wrong as well on that tristar, which with "stacking tolerances" or whatnot on clone guy i feel is a recipe for disaster
  6. saltydecimator

    Safety not working!

    Measure twice cut once haha!
  7. saltydecimator

    Saiga Unlimited

    Let’s see videos already!! Fave Ramsey says what makes your idea succeed vs someone else taking and stealing and succeeding with your idea is YOU. You are the X factor. It’s your baby you gonna stay up late and come in early to make it happen. Worst case if someone steals your idea, you come up with another!! Because if you have one good idea chances are high that you could come up with another. Food for thought (patents expensive)(and I’m curious, and visual)!!
  8. saltydecimator

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    The Konrad will prob not run birdshot until the gas system is shortened. They didn’t do their homework and gonna screw themselves with reliability issues. Or doin the apple planned obsolescence routine.
  9. I was looking for some more cheap herters birdshot( $40/250) the other day when I noticed turkey loads from them are 1 3/4 oz. so maybe this big ol slug wont destroy anything.
  10. saltydecimator

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    I think it’s just a 10/32 screw through the handguard. I want a komrad, at least for receiver/trunnion. May have to rework gas to run on something other than buckshot. But will still be fun
  11. hmmm i have noooooo i dea... the only things im thinking about are it shouldnt really matter? i turned a barrel OD down for a 3-4'' gas system shortening, and it takes aloooooootta meat off it back to near where the forcing cone is. folks do it, so i assume it doesnt impart "grenade" characteristics
  12. so normal wads are kinda weird, if i remember right, as they dont completely seal, thats the reason for hte gas check. or it doesnt seal the top of he powder completely. i wanna say hte nitro card is actually an 11ga (available at BPI etc). that maybe the reason for the 730 bore, to have no obstructions...? sorry for not addressing everything, watching kids etc limited time to look away
  13. barrel is like 730. or at the high end of .72x" ive been wittling at my bold little by little and mold one and see if it drops down easy. i would like to see if we could rifle one of these barrels. or, maybe just convert to 12 ga or something... as far as loadings go, the components they used past the gunpowder are pretty forgiving. the nitro card and the squishy plastic disc thing (name eludes me, kids frazzled my brain/interfere with garage time) are forgiving. i think the hull and base wad of the hull is the most critical part, or the part thats gonna get you into trouble. the BMG brass would prob take the 2" slug, but i dont wanna waste MY shoulder on it, haha.... gonna lighten that one, btw, no way im shootin over 1-1/2 oz without a fixture etchahahha i would suggest teh cast-boolits forum, they have some folks doing fun stuff with shotguns/slugs etc... good group of guys too.... helpful not like facebook/ar15.com where mostly folks justabuncha snarky poo flinging gremlins, hahah
  14. and where your upper come from for $150? thats a great price haha
  15. i have a lathe, but like everyone with one of those i am getting ready to move, so finishing landscaping and getting ready to sell is higher on the priority list... i thkn you could do the drop in slug, yoyu just use a regular wad, with the lee mold anyways... i will try and screen cap some of the facebook mag mod things that run with no nose cone later