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  1. ya kinda cheesy, which is why its on this gun. real heavy too. functinal, but heavy
  2. Have we done this before? I didn’t search cause..... reasons. I noticed with this Winchester after I profiled hammer (which I thought was the point of resistance to rearward movement) that the shell is the perfect length to bind up the action. Shell catches on this tiny step tween the bolt face and bolt stem. Have you guys ever polished that step out? I think this may be a major problem with this shell. I just noted the position of the charging handle in relation to “saiga-12” on receiver to determine at what point the bolt/stem was in. I don’t assume I’m reinventing the wheel here, it’s just with all my different projects and youngins I’m perpetually relearning things.
  3. Haha money (saving, spending)isn’t the primary concern. So spending 2k in renovations to save nothing is not a concern. It’s about that sweet sweet radiant heat.
  4. saltydecimator

    IWI Tavor TS-12

    And it beats the hell out of people. I’ll try one, but prob not buy.
  5. Ya that endo mag is a “game changer” and the guard itself. No ejector block opens up options like Cz 75 mags!
  6. Cmmg guard is the direction I’m going. Gotta watch the extractor springs cause supposedly they don’t last forever. But they less “cheesy” with extra blocks and adapters and whatnot plus a delayed blowback system
  7. They expeeeeeeeeensive. Russian ones from early 90s like $2800-4k at Tulsa gun show. Or maybe I thinking the “tiger” don’t remeber if that’s the same or not
  8. I have this cool wood stove in basement of new house but wife is militant about not using it cause she has kinda bad asthma. I think I could move the stove to either the old wood bunker with a shed above it or stick it partially through this door we have right next to it, with the stove facing out so only the radiant heat is in the room. We on propane, and it’s only 1$ gallon locked in for this winter but I just love radiant heat, and it’s just sitting right there being cold haha. What you guys think?
  9. Ya it’s the led model. Sent it In at some point and they upgraded it. Buddy said incandescent shows corrosion (airplanes) better.
  10. doin some yard work after kids go to sleep.... problem is that i left my rechargeable battery charger at my brothers... will see him in a couple days, but in the meantime ive dug out my stinger. i have 5 batteries for it so i dont want to buy a different flashlight etc as a solution.... so that got me to pondering a hands free mount for it... sure its kinda heavy but lasts awhile and gives off great amount of light... anyone pondered this as well?
  11. ya combo features sounds good... i m thikning about installing a bricked in section into the hill for a grill/smoker... pondering doin the tulips idea from holland or whatever... lil windmill. other flowers terraced on side...
  12. That’s a liiiiiiiitttle less elaborate than I was thinking, ha! This is my scrape with the kids in it notice the steel there in bottom right of the center area Did a lot by hand, prob 20-50 truckloads over a year. Skid steer started it but I kept on going
  13. So. I’ve been pondering this concept for a couple years, right now I have a big scrape in the hillside. And my other place has just a hill of dirt. I’m trying to get a feeling of where folks are and aren’t on this new place so I can guess where (potential) ricochets would go and to Make sure that Isn’t where folks are... but once I have the location figured out I trying to ponder how to incorporate some cool landscaping. Flowers, terraces etc. any thoughts? Dutch windmill? Hahaha