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  1. so youre gonna pay someone to cut an inch off of it? that doesnt seem like a good use of "cash" im getting some mixed signals from you here... google, ballistics by the inch.... 12 ga doesnt suffer much from short, and length doesnt add a lot bewteen 20-28". real strange..... but ya, you either do what you wnat and dont tell anyone about it, or follow the law and tell everyone....
  2. buddy in PA sent me link to a junk conversion with 2 drums, couple 10s, junk folding promag stock, winning gun stroker price, $1255!!! wth! also, was a bunch of ks-12s languishing on there for $700, now those are all snatched up.... the ks-12 comrade, was kind of a hard sell at 900, now they up to 1100 and more on there....ts are the riots really tipping folks?
  3. dang it! with all the necromancy goin on aroudn here thought i would dredge up an oldy but goody... these would be rather useful in a current riotous climate, me thinks
  4. Exactly. It’s like Walmart and ammo. They so cutthroat if something doesn’t sell like they want it to they need to get it off the shelf as fast as possible cause it’s probably literally millions by the minute. Dang soccer moms!!
  5. Amen bro! i feel like an East German in 1950 etc?! All I wanna do is run around like it’s a snow day!!!
  6. I’ve since put this on a gross (silly down sngle) fixed tube stock vepr. thoughts I’ve had: bolt carriee could be easier manufactured without concern for rear trunnion bottoming out ... and for the spring guide hole. I’m think pretty crude could work. Bolt itself still be complicated I suppose...
  7. zhukov could work. its made so that y0u dont nned to chop it... slides underneath. find the instructions for it.... i have one. so im not just blowing smoke. anyways, its an ak, any flat bar steel be fine. or literally buy any ak rear trunnion (fix wood stock provisioned that is) cut it off weld that on... easy peasy...
  8. Ya I’ve come across those on eBay before I think but didn’t realize they were full bore... neat! You have any of em? I pay for shipping
  9. I am not knocking anyone’s choice to not use it, I will just throw the phone in the pond when the spaghetti hits the fan ...problem solved
  10. Mdarms (Mike Davidson) has a buncha neat stuff Posted on his Facebook. Double stacks before this newer “fill in the md-20 gaps with shells “ drum, ala a rifle snail drum? whats wrong with pic posting around here? I would do screen caps for you non-face(palm)book people if I could get it to work...
  11. Already been done. I have 3. Intrepid ras 12. I need to nut up and have Lee build me a full bore slug mold. As shotguns they kinda worthless. Weird nose cap made reloads impossible
  12. Yep I been pondering this myself. Lots of folks over on the form 1 Suppressor face(palm)book group Ask about making shotgun silencer. My plan is to take a fugly fake aluminum silencer and turn it into a monocore baffle then thread it for external shroud. Maybe “redundant” or silly but these fake silencers with the pokers in the end are so “derp “ I have no other use for it. And I don’t want to reintroduce it into the secondary market On a trade or sale so turning it into something “worthwhile “ is the next best thing. long thought long, discussing back pressure, and the minimal amount reintroduced to system unlike on rifle silencers, how could we increase the back pressure, increase the silencer effectiveness and increase the reliability of the base gun, all at the same time?? Too much you say? I don’t know, all these components are related.. how about chokes stacked on chokes? With gas bleed holes in between them? the only down side I would see with a stacked choke situation is Decrease shot speed?
  13. Money is an issue then you mention origin?🥴 the kusa is only $900, but gas system isn’t moved...
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