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    i like guns and drag racing.
  1. faststang90

    12 round magazines

    I have put a lighter return spring in my gun and the bolt doesn't seem to close all the way. I installed the factory spring. I need to go back and try it. if I cant get it to work right now im going to take it to a shop to see if the gas ports are the right size. I think I have already done it but not sure.
  2. faststang90

    12 round magazines

    Went to the range this morning and my gun would fire 2-3 rounds before it would not kick the shell out. It did the same thing with my 3 inch shells
  3. faststang90

    Broken carrier

    this was what mine looked like.
  4. faststang90

    Broken carrier

  5. faststang90

    12 round magazines

    I have some MONARCH 1345 FPS buckshot that they claim is 2 3/4 shells but they are longer than 2 3/4. they get stuck in the magazine. I have some 2 3/4 shells that's 1220 fps I'm going to see if they work good
  6. faststang90

    12 round magazines

    My 12 round magazines came in today they looked great and fit into the gun pretty good.
  7. faststang90

    found a new shell

    I found some monacrch 2 3/4 that's 1345 fps guess I'll try them with the new 12 round magazines I have coming
  8. faststang90

    help,looking for SAIGA 20 mags

    I ordered 2 -12 round ones today 👍🏻
  9. faststang90

    help,looking for SAIGA 20 mags

    only ones I have found is on ebay but they are 3 inch. I just sold all mine I had 2 3/4 because mine gun doest fire 2 3/4
  10. faststang90

    does anyone know why

    yeah the only problem i have now is the gun only wants to cycle is 3 inch shells and they dont make magianes for 3 inch shells thats not 100.00+ each. also i go to a indoor gun range so no steel shot/no slugs and a 3 inch lead shell i can use is hard to find.
  11. faststang90

    saiga 20 mags from russia

    yeah I just sold all my that was for 2 3/4 shells. I got 477.00 for 5 of them. I got 2 off ebay that are for 3 inch shells 135.00 each. they work good in my gun but they are high priced.
  12. faststang90

    does anyone know why

    I picked the gun up today and it fired good. I put 5 rounds in it without a problem so I think its fixed.
  13. faststang90

    does anyone know why

    its already at the gun shop. I'm going to pick it up maybe Thursday or Friday.
  14. faststang90

    does anyone know why

    I found a shop to do it for 60.00 they said just give them a few days. the other places said it could be 6-8 weeks before they could do it and the other shop I called never called me back. if this doesn't work I think its time for a different gun.
  15. faststang90

    does anyone know why

    the new one is a lot bigger. I'm trying to find a shop in Houston that can change it out the right way