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  1. i was thinking about getting one just because its different
  2. I use saiga drums in mine
  3. I got another 20 round drum before they try and outlaw them. I had to do a little filing but it locked in good. now I need to see if it feeds the gun. this is in my Kalashnikov 12
  4. I got me another magazine before they try and outlaw them
  5. ? https://www.mississippiautoarms.com/saiga-ddi/internals/saiga-shotguns
  6. has any tried a 3 inch shell in these guns ?
  7. I got the box of 100 rounds from Walmart for like 22.00 and it worked great in the gun to.
  8. the only reason 5 is because that's all that comes in the box of 5. I don't go to that range much and slugs are all they will let you use. I just wanted to see if it would fire all ammo. the only ammo I have not tried is the big box of 100 that Walmart sells. its a bird shot 100 rounds for like 21.00
  9. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/federal-judge-upholds-trump-administrations-ban-on-rapid-fire-bump-stocks/ar-BBU5ksI?OCID=ansmsnnews11
  10. I know this is old but I just seen where a judge said they are illegal today
  11. are you looking for a spring and rod ? https://4range.com/product/jte-shotgun-performance-guide-rod-14731.html
  12. Plus the back hole is about the size of barrel so you can’t have anything that’s bigger than the barrel. I got my money back so not that bad just time wasted
  13. Man they are trying to make some money on that gun
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