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  1. i was thinking about getting one just because its different
  2. faststang90

    KS12MAG10 in a Saiga 12

    I use saiga drums in mine
  3. faststang90

    got another one before they

    I got another 20 round drum before they try and outlaw them. I had to do a little filing but it locked in good. now I need to see if it feeds the gun. this is in my Kalashnikov 12
  4. faststang90

    Slide fire?

    Seen this today
  5. faststang90

    KALASHNIKOV USA KS-12 Shotgun ?

    I got me another magazine before they try and outlaw them
  6. faststang90

    Anyone Have a Stock Trigger?

    ? https://www.mississippiautoarms.com/saiga-ddi/internals/saiga-shotguns
  7. faststang90

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    has any tried a 3 inch shell in these guns ?
  8. faststang90

    Ks 12 and dove shot

    I got the box of 100 rounds from Walmart for like 22.00 and it worked great in the gun to.
  9. faststang90

    Slide fire?

    Got this email this morning
  10. faststang90

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    the only reason 5 is because that's all that comes in the box of 5. I don't go to that range much and slugs are all they will let you use. I just wanted to see if it would fire all ammo. the only ammo I have not tried is the big box of 100 that Walmart sells. its a bird shot 100 rounds for like 21.00
  11. faststang90

    Slide fire?

  12. faststang90

    Slide fire?

    I know this is old but I just seen where a judge said they are illegal today
  13. faststang90

    JT Engineering still in business?

    are you looking for a spring and rod ? https://4range.com/product/jte-shotgun-performance-guide-rod-14731.html
  14. faststang90

    just liked the look

    Plus the back hole is about the size of barrel so you can’t have anything that’s bigger than the barrel. I got my money back so not that bad just time wasted
  15. faststang90

    thinking of selling my 20 gauge

    Man they are trying to make some money on that gun