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  1. think this is a bigger picture
  2. KS-12 has a nice forearm to add stuff to
  3. I have a few they have always been worked great. I have promag that I have not had a problem with.
  4. sorry I just seen this. No I did not. I have a good Ks-12 so i dont need one
  5. yeah i watched a video on youtube to take mine apart. i even pulled the gas piston and cleaned it out it was pretty dirty and the gas piston puck was stuck
  6. i had a 20 gauge for years and i sold it because no one makes stuff for them
  7. i had some time and found this. they take 3 inch shells if any one need to know
  8. i have a SGM magazine that hold 12 rounds and i see some for sell and it says only 2 3/4 shells. the one i have takes 3 inch shells. did i just get lucky or do they make both size magazines ?
  9. check gun shows there was a few in the gun show in Houston
  10. Mine does the same thing not sure if it’s the same thing that you hear
  11. i just got my gun out and turned it up and down and it has a clicking noise too. it works fine i think its just the gas plug moving
  12. I ordered a 12 round magazine and it locked into my and loaded shells into my Kalashnikov K- 12. I just need to go see if it will feed when I'm firing the gun.
  13. I have a Kalashnikov-USA K-12 like a saiga but made in America. it looks like a saiga
  14. this is why I sold it. I sold every thing I had and I think I had to pay 50.00 or 100.00 more for the new KS12.
  15. I been looking at these has anyone installed it on your gun. the gun range I go to I have to use slugs and my shoulder in black and blue for a few days.
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