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  1. know if hes still in business? Looks like his website isnt up anymore. http://www.cobras-custom.com/
  2. dealing with issues in nearby Richmond Virginia. The democrats rule the state now. Democrats run Richmond Seems like these other rioting cities are democrat run too. A coincidence????
  3. Other than the Saiga semiauto shotguns who else makes semiauto with detachable mags?
  4. I bought a Saiga 12 from a guy a few years ago. He had done a lot of mods to it. Bolts not opening all the way. I'll take it to a gunsmith and let him look it over and get it right, but would like to find one that specializes in these type guns, especially Saigas. I remember hearing about a guy in Raleigh NC, can't remember who it was. Any recommendations?
  5. The small washer, assuming it needs to be the same thickness as the BHO?
  6. you think I should get a Krebs safety in this case? http://www.krebscustom.com/products/60/Krebs-Custom-Mk-VI-for-Saiga-Rifles
  7. fill me in on some of the abbreviations please ..... boy ala Krebs ..... FCG thank you!!
  8. My bolt won't slide back but halfway. I opened the cover and noticed the bolt hitting on a metal piece, sorta resembles a bottle opener. I'm thinking this piece shouldn't be sticking up this far. Its just floating around in there as seen in the screwdriver pic. Don't ask me how it got in that position because I dont know. Anyway, what is this part called? I need to look up a video on how to fix this to see if I should even attempt to fix it or carry it to a gunsmith and let the professional deal with it. Last thing I want to do is damage something ...god knows parts arent easy to
  9. any of the repliers here bought and installed one of these bolts? feedback on installation??
  10. trx680


    be sure to check out http://www.VaGunTrader.com
  11. looking for a 12ga bolt head
  12. By chance do you sell the bolt head for a 12ga Saiga?
  13. no Pauley. He had it sitting around and it was thrown away by mistake Who is R&R? website? oh....these guys.....yea, I checked their website but dont see the bolt head I send them a message on their website but havnt heard back
  14. Did he happen to mention a guy named Pauly? There are one or two guys around here with a spare, you may be able to make a deal. Watch GB and the For Sale section here for somebody parting one out. R&R is probably your best bet though. Good luck, hope you find one. Pauly?? I looked on gun broker....no luck I'll keep an eye out R&R ?? thanks
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