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  1. Some how Boba I do not think G.O.B really cares. If your 50 and a Marine this should roll of your back like a light rain.
  2. I was on a call in south Naples Fl when the home owner said a airplane just hit a building in NY. Saw the second plane hit.
  3. So are the guns for sale or not? I do not want them but I am sure someone might Talking about price is one thing . Getting it is another. I understand you are upset but I think you have what you asked for. But I will admit this has put some spice in the forum.
  4. Maybe a good reperching would help
  5. jerry52

    Ejecting Problem

    I have a saiga 223 and run it with the wolf spring as I reload hot. It will stop your problem and smooth out the recoil. Stay with it ,thread the barrel, put a folding stock on it and convert it to run AR mags and it will be your best gun. Mine is. In fact It shoots 556 with no problem. good luck
  6. Boba if you want to sell them there is a place here to do that. I fine it hard to believe that you cannot find anything on the internet about your 2 AK s
  7. With all respect to a vet now in the ground . The true Rinos have come out. From the grave he was a self centered bitter man who would go out of his way to screw the republicans when ever he could. Trump never would kiss his rear and would call him out for who he was. Most gave him respect for being a vet and that is about it. He should have left congress when he was told he was sick for the good of his state and country but that is not who he was. The dems praised him while cursing him at the same time and he never got it. As for Trump! dredging a swamp to drain it is never a pretty thing. It is ugly and smelly and a lot of times your butt is surrounded by gators. But it is what it is, it has to be all of this if progress is being made
  8. I know how you feel get better I am to
  9. Just found my cook stove in the shed with a gallon of white. Put it there 20 years ago. Stove is rusty but gas look like it is good.
  10. Found this site when I discovered the saiga ,did the conversions and have been here since.
  11. In all respects, we should let this be until he is in the ground. He served, lets give him the respect that's due. you guys have a great day
  12. Did my last set of meetings in Orlando for 2 days and now we are at Melborn beach Fl for few days. will do the beach tomorrow.