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  1. 1st tip: Good idea on the WriathMaker drum (Widowmaker drum). Sell the drum and get an MD Arms drum if you want a good drum.
  2. I've got an LR-308 and a couple of their 5.56 uppers, one a pistol. All work extemely well. Very accurate and reliable. I'm quite happy with them.
  3. patriot


    Fuck him and his entire commie country. I hope they all die screaming.
  4. Hoarders suck diseased moose wang

  5. The hoarders are still snapping up all the better beef cuts here. I just tried to pick up some sirloins and struck out. I keep plenty of food on hand, but when I want steak, I usually just go buy some. Maybe I should hoard like the rest of the assholes and fuck everyone else. Fucking MartinFoods. Hoarders suck diseased moose wang
  6. Did you do this with a full mag? Try downloading the mag. Start with ONE shell in the mag and see if it loads right, then work your way up from there. You could just have issues with a stiff mag spring.
  7. You've got a proud heritage. You joined the Corps, so you tried. No shame in that. You did more than most. As far as combat goes, almost none who served in combat are glad of it. Would we do it again? most would say yes. ... a little light reading.... https://www.legion.org/legislative/91284/foster-veterans-wrote-us-blank-check All who put on our nation's uniform make a commitment and in fact, sign a blank check payable to our country for an amount up to and including their very lives. Most would do it again.
  8. Here's the whole story: Here's a bit I wrote a few years ago to prank a bunny hugger at work We kept him going with this for days. He was mad as hell when we laughed and told him it was all a joke: The nauga is the hairless male of the species, prized for its skin, used to make naugahyde, while the female, called a faux, is highly sought after for her thick, luxurious fur which can be dyed virtually any color. You see, the nauga are very trusting, and, even in the wild can be walked up to and picked up to be petted, (they love that). They are very easy to raise, being about 40 lbs, and resemble their cousins the capybara. Naugas look really funny until they re-grow their hides after shedding their skins (Usually after the last frost). They're smooth as an egg and bright pink until the new skin is exposed for about a week. They're the only mammal that sheds it's skin. Fresh skins need to be picked up within 24 hours of being shed, if you want to process them for furniture or car upholstery. Hides over 24 hours off the hoof can still be used to make footballs, baseballs, basketballs, etc. In 2014, a wild nauga was seen with a pattered skin to allow it to blend in to its surroundings. Evolution has provided protection from predators. That hide became very popular among outdoorsman and certain armed forces for clothing and furniture. For some reason, unknown to science, they appear to be camera shy. If they see you with a camera, they turn away, lean over and touch their noses to the ground., as if showing you their butt. Joan Rivers, famous comic and fashionista, has a car custom-upholstered in genuine naugahyde, and back in the 1970s, many a car in the inner cities had been reupholstered with faux fur. Think Huggy Bear from Starsky and Hutch. The nauga also have no heart. They are the only known mammal without a heart. Their circulatory system works similarly to the digestive tract; ie. by peristalsis. This is partially responsible for the slow, placid pace of the creature, as the circulatory system is unable to provide a rapid increase in blood flow, and thus more oxygen to their muscles. They mate in the spring, after shedding their skins. Their mating call is best simulated by letting the air out of a balloon and stretching the neck... emitting a high-pitched squeaking wail. Don't use a mating call during hunting season... it confuses them terribly, they get all excited, but there's no mate around. Mating season is a show worth watching if you can stand the noise. Their skins make a very loud sound as they frantically move together, remarkably similar to the sound of two balloons rubbing together! The light show from the repeated static discharges is beautiful. Like Paul Harvey said: ...now you know... the Rest of the Story.
  9. Chinese eat EVERYTHING, fresh or not. You should see 'em where I work.
  10. Don't waste your money on the unconstitutional NFA tax. The brace is legal and works just as well.
  11. Why? Curiosity. Because I could. Interesting exercise. There have been many rounds developed over the years with no discernable improvement over exsisting designs, yet they enjoyed massive success. Why? Damned if I know. I just thought it'd be fun. The flour filler makes for one hell of a bang when shooting black. It's fun. That's reason enough.
  12. A brand name only impresses snobs. I've shot many guns others have brought to the range, name brand, off-brand, and homebrew. Stars and clunkers both in most of them. Look how people used to turn up their noses at a Savage Tactical, but spent $$$ for a (insert high speed low drag name here) that shot the same give or take a very small margin. ...bless their little hearts.
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