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  1. Lightfield 12ga NOVA blank. https://www.litfld.com/products/home-defense/ CRAZY loud. Like plugs AND muffs loud. They rang my ears with just plugs. There's a bit of recoil, about like a standard dove load. HUGE flash. Lights up the whole yard. I load my own blanks and nothing I've done is even close to these. The closest I've seen is a Deftec flash-bang grenade. No shit. These are that L O U D. Made me happy. I LOVE these. Oh, non-corrosive too....
  2. I'm buying a....wait for it.....GOTTA HAVE IT........WAY over my head!!!!!!!!NEW........Roof for my house. NOT a fun purchase, but I needed one. I'd rather have another gun or 10 or so cases of ammo.
  3. Winchester bulk pack is well-known to be junk. I wouldn't worry about it. Shoot them in a pump or double. Beware stuck wads.
  4. Whatever the market will bear.
  5. The purple colored rounds marked "Training" are, in fact frangibles that cause some very NASTY wounds. I use them on groundhogs with explosively chunky results.
  6. Binary? unsafe. No thanks. Let the flames begin!
  7. I'm glad you're back, and made it out of the house fire OK. Stuff can be replaced. I've been mainly lurking here. Not a lot of traffic. Spam mainly. The trolls are even mostly gone. (Thank God and our mods for that!)
  8. If you MUST use 5.56, then frangible or Ballistic Tip is the way to go.
  9. They didn't need blackmailed to show their true colors.... A bunch of power mad elitist Communists. I'd like to see the lot of them find justice at the end of a rope.
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