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  1. I stopped when they added that stupid Jar Jar character. It's a toy franchise, and you're right it's become PC. The story's dead. What's next? RuPaul as the hero(ine)?
  2. Here are a few links you'll find interesting. Very good write-up. Read me 1st. https://riflebarrels.com/the-ideal-barrel-for-a-308-tactical-rifle/ Length Vs Velocity The length you choose depends upon the requirements you need. Velocity? Long barrel. Portability? Short barrel. Etc The links above will give you much food for thought.
  3. patriot

    80% ??

    ...or a good set of calipers and micrometers to measure one and duplicate it.
  4. SWFA scopes are pretty nice for the money. I know of some pros using them for work. Check samplelist. There are some good buys on demo optics there.
  5. I listened to Sierra and .mil as well when I made my choice. Sierra is a great resource. I've called them with ? a few times. Very helpful.\ Done right, you'll have a hell of a rifle. What glass are you looking at?
  6. patriot


    Not bad. You're gonna find out it's a loud little thing. Plugs AND muffs.
  7. patriot

    80% ??

    Easy enough to bend one up yourself with basic hand tools. You can get the sheet metal @ McMacter-Carr
  8. Cabela's has this: Ashbury Precision Ordnance Saber® M700™ Precision Bolt-Action Rifle on sale for $850
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