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  1. Savage makes a fine rifle. I have several. ALL shoot extremely well.
  2. Federal is cranking up a new primer plant too.
  3. Yes, you can shoot 7-1/2 shot through a brake. Best is subjective. I have a TROMIX brake on my S-12 and love it. Patience is a virtue.....
  4. It adds to challenge that way.
  5. ...as much as the panicking Johnny-come-latelys can part with. Seriously, Check GunBroker and GunsAmerica. See what's moving and price accordingly.
  6. H110 makes a dandy buckshot load for 410, but you might want that shooting glove. Some of the heavier loads are bruising out of a Judge. I had a bruised palm for a few days after 10 shots. It's hell on poly ground targets..... You'll be chasing them.
  7. If you pop them in open flame you get a very toxic gas. Lethal. Phosgene if I remember correctly....
  8. http://cloudfront.mediamatters.org/static/uploader/image/2014/04/22/earthdayselfie.png
  9. TARHUNT has them. In a 20" gun they're amazing. At 30", still really loud, but the shorter barrels let 'em roar.
  10. The contractor is putting a new roof on as I type this. Rated fopr 130MPH, so it should be good for quite some time. I keep a bit of cash available just for emergencies.
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