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  1. patriot


    Not bad. You're gonna find out it's a loud little thing. Plugs AND muffs.
  2. patriot

    80% ??

    Easy enough to bend one up yourself with basic hand tools. You can get the sheet metal @ McMacter-Carr
  3. Cabela's has this: Ashbury Precision Ordnance Saber® M700™ Precision Bolt-Action Rifle on sale for $850
  4. Moriarti Armaments carries a 1:11
  5. ...unless it's illegal, then they may handle him too.
  6. I would NOT set fire to this thing or try to cut or pound this thing open. If it's tracer, HE or Incendiary you could start one hell of fire or explosion. Some of these contain a powerful explosive.
  7. A pic would help to identify it.....
  8. a fact most people seem to lose sight of.
  9. You're right. 168s are great on deer though, so that's why I went with 1-12 on my bolt gun, a Savage Tactical in .308. It's a sub-MOA gun out of the box with factory Sierra 168gr Matchkings. Hard to beat for twice the price. Still, 175s are damned good in it. It's hard to beat factory 308 168gr Sierra Matchkings. Most accurate stuff I've ever shot.
  10. You'll want a 1:12 twist so you can run 168-175 Matchkings
  11. A bunch of campaign signage would be nice as targets.....
  12. Looking at WHY they labeled us terrorists, wear the label proudly. Our Founders met their definition of terrorist too.