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  1. FYI: The Henry 22 lever guns jam if you run 'em fast. I emailed Henry about the jamming and never even got a response. So much for their customer support. I shot 5 or 6 of them before I decided to go with an Uberti '73 in 22LR. No jams, but expensive and no longer made.
  2. I was in the engineering lab running some tests. I thought someone had a movie running on the lab TV. I didn't think it was real. ...I still want every single one of those fuckers DEAD.
  3. http://malware.wikia.com/wiki/Goggle
  4. Let's see how long this takes now that it's been made personal .....
  5. patriot

    Muzzle Brake: possible DIY?

    Very well though out, GF. There's loads of bad brakes out there, when the design is pretty much exactly the way you stated, with minor variations here and there. A single port brake can be highly effective, when properly done. It WILL be loud as hell though. Look up the Loudener. Single port brake. Stupid loud.
  6. patriot

    Best Muzzel Brake???

    It might be loud, but not the same as a 50. When you can clean off the bench next to you with brake blast, THAT's loud!
  7. These are the Golden Days of being a firearms enthusiast. In my life I've never seen such a plethora of wonderful items in the shooting community. Thanks to Trump's economy, I also have the means to satisfy the urge to purchase just about anything I want. We've got it pretty good now. Let's not fall asleep and let these times be taken from us.
  8. Yeah, he was NOT on America's side for most of his adult life. Let's let him pass into oblivion and be forgotten....at least now he can do no more harm.
  9. Very true, especially in his case. God will Judge.
  10. We all have to answer to Him and be Judged for everything we did during our mortal lives.
  11. Picked up a bunch of speed loaders, various calibers. I still need one for my Automag III and IV. I may have to mill that one out of either glass filled nylon or delrin. eta: I made one out of steel yesterday. Works fine. Easier than I thought. If anyone knows where I can get one for the Automag III/IV...let me know. I also need an Automag IV magazine.
  12. Still here. Still posting. Still a good site. I enjoy people who speak their mind...when they have one. There's a good bunch on here mostly, and the few 'tards that sneak in are swiftly dealt with either by mods or heckled without mercy by members.
  13. I wonder who they'll replace him with. A Lib or another RINO?
  14. Enjoy doing whatever the hell you feel like doing ALL THE TIME! I envy you!
  15. Amen. Facefuck Facebook. Fuckin' Liberal spies.
  16. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2018/04/17/new-gun-video-site-gunstreamer-com-launches/
  17. Actively working to steal an election= participating in an attempted coup d'état...... This guy and his trollop need a dirt nap.
  18. patriot

    Carry Belt

    Yes. https://www.protechholsters.com/taurus---revolvers.html
  19. You know he'll just get it all sticky.
  20. ...and a big thanks to ALL who served and Fought for the Freedom we celebrate today!
  21. So... Since fireworks are now legal in PA for the 1st time in my life. I went and bought some.Big letdown. Puny crackers, "M100s", which are a ladyfinger in a big tube, and some little rockets.Not NEARLY as much fun as my black powder golf ball cannon.That thing will shake the HOUSE.
  22. Is there a way to change the white background?
  23. patriot

    Citadel RS-S1

    Very nice looking shotgun. Looks comfortable. Add a decent red dot and you're set. It would make a beautiful SBS..........
  24. It's good to be back! I'll celebrate with a cannon blast once it gets dark out.