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  1. True. Not much going on. My main focus right now isn't shooting. I have things that need taken care of before I can play. I'd like to get my Tromix Saiga 12 out again. After things settle down.....
  2. https://www.brownells.com/search/index.htm?k=Ak+47+Folding+Stock
  3. I got mine for historical significance, then discovered it's a great shooter. You'll like it. You'll want to get a bunch of the 17rd KRD mags and a loader. They work well and don't cost a fortune.
  4. Merrels are top notch too. They last me about 5 years of daily wear and are very comfortable. They've got waterproof hikers that are very solid. Lightweight too,
  5. Sorry to hear. A burst pipe is never fun. Get yourself some Evapo Rust. That stuff is magic at stripping rust, bluing without touching the metal. I've even derusted coil springs with it. After stripping, derusting, get some Oxpho Blue from Brownell's and some fine plastic abrasive pads. Degrease with alcohol and rub the blue in. Looks like factory blue when done.
  6. Nice save. Those are nice little rifles. I'll bet its very accurate, now that it's been properly cleaned. A lot of people don't take proper care of things. Idiots.
  7. Justins are good sturdy comfortable boots, and they're made in USA. I think their Warhawk WK261 would do you well. I have owned a pair of Justins for years and they're some of the best boots I've owned.
  8. Savage makes a fine rifle. I have several. ALL shoot extremely well.
  9. Federal is cranking up a new primer plant too.
  10. Yes, you can shoot 7-1/2 shot through a brake. Best is subjective. I have a TROMIX brake on my S-12 and love it. Patience is a virtue.....
  11. ...as much as the panicking Johnny-come-latelys can part with. Seriously, Check GunBroker and GunsAmerica. See what's moving and price accordingly.
  12. H110 makes a dandy buckshot load for 410, but you might want that shooting glove. Some of the heavier loads are bruising out of a Judge. I had a bruised palm for a few days after 10 shots. It's hell on poly ground targets..... You'll be chasing them.
  13. If you pop them in open flame you get a very toxic gas. Lethal. Phosgene if I remember correctly....
  14. http://cloudfront.mediamatters.org/static/uploader/image/2014/04/22/earthdayselfie.png
  15. TARHUNT has them. In a 20" gun they're amazing. At 30", still really loud, but the shorter barrels let 'em roar.
  16. The contractor is putting a new roof on as I type this. Rated fopr 130MPH, so it should be good for quite some time. I keep a bit of cash available just for emergencies.
  17. I hope mine doesn't take that long. Since Jake from State Farm now identifies as black (used to be a white guy) I'm not sure how that will affect my service. I hate pandering.
  18. They're 2 3/4" I LOVE them! I wonder how many I'd have to buy to get a price break? I wish I had the data to load them myself.
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