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  1. Thanks guys. I just ordered the Zhukov stock, waiting for it to arrive.
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    Just picked up one of these after persuing PSA's website, which showed $299 clearance sale price. 😮 I figured how bad could it be? PSA is good about warranties and returns so I pulled the trigger without doing any research. Now, after messing with it for a few days, I'm pretty impressed with the design and build quality, and am thinking SBS, perhaps with a suppressor. A few questions: Anyone do a SBS with this Lynx? How hard is it? Is there a place I can send it to get done? The consensus for these in SBS form seems to be a minimum of 12" barrel, is that accurate?
  3. New to the forums. After not finding any stickies or good search results, asking questions here. Question #1 - Are there any good folding stocks for my sporter? (That's all I want to swap out.) Question #2 - Are there kits to convert so I can use regular AK mags? All I have are 10-rd Saigas. Question #3 - Are there any issues swapping out just the stock and mag kit? Thanks!
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