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  1. I've been here a while... Can't recall how long... Still here... My favorite place!!
  2. But is there any REAL chance of it HAPPENING???
  3. All I could wonder is why is the video a mirror image???
  4. I'd like to start a thread about pro- gun statistics. Not statistics from weekly world news...but CREDIBLE , RELIABLE , FACTUAL sources. Stats that can be copied, and pasted when needed to drive home the reality that anti gun rhetoric just doesn't work... Anyone got any?? Let's see em!!!! Tables, and graphs , etc... Those would be welcome, as well! And please quote your sources! As well as data DATES... Data from 1939 isn't really gonna help...unless it's all the way through now... You know what I mean
  5. Happy birthday!!! Enjoy it to the fullest!!!!
  6. Nice eater buck!! Tell me more about the stock you put on that axis. I've got a few and wouldn't mind seeing them In better wood... Got a 111 in 7km mag, I'd restock as well... Lol... 7km mag... That's a BIG ROUND. 7MM MAG that should read...
  7. I've got Verizon. Unlimited. No data cap...unlimited everything. Mobile got spot with my phone too... 99 bucks a month. Really decent coverage everywhere
  8. And from the title...I thought it was about bureau of land management people...
  9. Not much more really needs to be said here... El Yucateco GREEN is my go to. I like their other flavors, but not as much... Sriracha is great on a grilled ham and cheese on rye with tomato, or grilled turkey and cheese on rye with tomato... Not much else... Then on the opposite end of the scale we have Daves insanity sauce. ZERO flavor, just stupid heat...
  10. Sorry... I only went with snopes take on it... I know they can't be trusted to give any facts... Maybe we could call oxford direct and ask them to verify that story for the forum???
  11. Except that the op's letter is false... Sorry... It's what oxford SHOULD have said...not what they did say...
  12. Even our everyday driver vehicles have proximity warnings... Should be nothing to have a ship of that price point have a similar detection system and ability to override control and perform evasive maneuvers just like our cars can brake, or park themselves