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  1. Post it on GunBroker with an insanely high reserve price. Then if it hits what you think you want to sell it for, you can send an offer to the highest bigger to see if they want it for the price they posted. Then you'll know EXACTLY what the market says it's worth.
  2. What about using that metal stick stuff you can melt with a torch and then drill out? I don't know if it would hold up to a gun barrel worth of stresses... But it likely wouldn't damage anything as it's only torch hot, not welded hot. Just a thought. And if it did blow out into the gas block it would still be easily removable.
  3. People here are afraid of koalas! 🤣😂😅
  4. If you're having a gunsmith assemble your parts into a final firearm. If they're worth the money you are paying them, they will know exactly what needs to be done with the parts you give them to make it as accurate as possible with the parts they have. Shouldn't be any more complicated than that.
  5. It's been pretty scarce round here since the ban on Russian imports. Thankfully all the info that was ever here can still be accessed! Dont know for how long... But thankfully it's all still here.
  6. Do you have original mags that fit?? And do you have aftermarket mags that do not, Both in your possession to compare side by side?? Get a set of mics, and start figuring out why the aftermarket ones don't fit. Something's gotta be too big. And if so, can material be removed so that they can?? Post a few pics of them side by side from different angles. ( Top, side, back, front) Sometimes that's enough for the eye to catch and one can say " right there" lol
  7. No ideas. But if I had to guess, I would say it's just a regular vepr. Not the super. Search the forums. If you can't find the answers here try the saiga-12 forums on FB.
  8. You're 8 years late to this discussion. Chances are you will not get an appropriate reply. Unfortunately.
  9. Maybe Gecko45 can chime in for a few laughs! 🤣😂😅
  10. At least there's a few people still here. Not what it used to be. Would be really nice to have this place as busy as it used to be!!
  11. Who's still coming here??? Anyone?? Anyone?? Buhler??
  12. And also picked up some 90 grain 224 Sierra HPBT bullets to try. What you see already loaded are 55 gn Hornady Amax, and 40 gn Speer HPFB.
  13. Also these... 224 to 308 sabots Got a bunch of different flavors loaded up with different charge weights. Just waiting for a good day to hit the range with the chrony. Did some quick load testing at home, managed to get 1" groups at about 75 yards. Wanna see if I can tighten that up at 100. If anyone cares i can provide more detailed load and loading info.
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