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  1. You have a frankengun. Congrats!! Enjoy it!!❤
  2. Dirty side of puck towards gas block. The gas adjustment should be all the way in till tight, then loosen to the first click. Which SHOULD be the low gas setting, loosen one more click to the high gas setting. At least that's how i remember it from about 15 years ago... Lol
  3. Gotcha! Thanks. Problem is... I have 3 barrels that are totally complete. Barrel nuts, gas blocks, front sights. And triangular handguard brackets. I know i'd have to take them apart to remove the triangular bracket. Guess while it's apart i'd be swapping out the barrel nut as well... So that makes it easier to understand the mounting, knowing they need their own special barrel nut. Thanks!!!
  4. So... I'm trying to figure out HOW to attach either keymod, or mlock handguards to an AR... Do they attach to a threaded block mounted to the barrel or what?? I know how free floats attach, and the delta rings... Can't figure out the other two though.. You'd think it would be easy to look up. I think Google is laughing at me...
  5. Wishper... Why the fuck are you commenting on a 10 year old thread???? 😳😳
  6. Shannon, at cobra has had some very difficult family issues recently... I'm confident things will be back to normal in short order.
  7. There's a screw under the recoil spring. Remove the receiver cover, then the recoil spring and guide, and there's your screw. Might be one I the bottom of the receiver as well. Once the screws are out... A side to side wiggle will work the stock part out of the receiver. Get on it. Don't be bashful... It may take some tweaking.
  8. People are still here... Whatcha wanna Talk about?? Ask some questions, I'm sure you'll get replies!!😁
  9. I remember that line from "Up the academy" 😂😂
  10. IndyArms

    Mag Id

    Dimensionally the .223 round is externally identical to the 5.56 round for all intents and purposes. If you have a magazine that feeds one but not the other... Something else is wrong. Either mag should work to hold and feed either cartridge. If you don't know the difference, more research might be a good thing...
  11. That's the view from my private shooting range... Only goes to 120 yards before you get into the woods... But it works for me. Slide open the back porch window... Place a bag on the sill... And have at it!😁
  12. I've got a Savage F/TR in .308. I've also got an Axis in .308. Ones got a 30" Very heavy barrel. The other a 24, with light profile. I can get every shot in one hole with the F/TR. SOMETIMES... The axis... Under an inch. ALL THE TIME... One will run you 1200+. The other 3 bills out the door. How important is that half inch to you? 😂
  13. And unless your gun is truly locked in a shooting vise... You can't trust it to not move, either...
  14. Since this necro-thread has been resurrected...i got a whim to see if there were any for sale anywhere... Found this... One box... 26 of the 30 in it... 250 bucks!!😳😳😳
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