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  1. Racer

    Muzzle Brake: possible DIY?

    I have been involved in racing all my life and have a machine, fab shop at home. I did a welding job for a friend and he traded me a 20' long solid 3" diameter bar of aluminum for the work. I look on the net for pictures of muzzle brakes and found most are tacticool with little or no science behind the designs. Several have some science backing up the designs and I make one that is a hybrid of those. Aluminum is easy to machine and I have one that is very effective reducing recoil. Yes they are clunky looking compared to steel. When I have one that is real effective I can reproduce it in steel. If I didn't have the machinery and tooling already it wouldn't be cost effective.
  2. Racer

    Best Muzzel Brake???

    I have a brake called "Mantis" on my S 308. Have shot 300 rounds at one sitting with no after effects to my old bones. It will throw a huge fireball and is as loud as a .50 cal Barrett. You won't make any friends at the range!
  3. Racer

    This is the tacked 308 picture thread.

    .308 Saiga with Primary Arms 4-14/42mm scope and UTG bipod, Zhukov folding stock, full float forearm. I love this rifle! I made the bipod mount and forearm. Mantis brake for huge fireballs.
  4. Racer

    Factory Izhmash 15 rd .410 magazine available for trade

    Do you still have this magazine? TIA
  5. Racer

    >410 Saiga 22" barrel

    WTB smooth bore 22" barrel for saiga .410.
  6. Racer

    .308 FSB Removal Issues

    I got mine off after removing the pins by pressing it off in an arbor press. I made a collar to go behind the FSB and a brass piece to go on the end of the barrel. A little heat from the heat gun and it slid off. The collar was a shaft collar used on a go kart axle to keep the axle shaft from sliding in the bearings.
  7. Racer


    Thanks to all who answered.
  8. Racer

    .308 Saiga iron sights

    Does anyone have a suggestion for iron sights to fit a .308 Saiga for old eyes? Shooting with a POSP scope is great, but want to do better with the iron sights. I like the RPK style with windage adjustments but still too hard to use. Thanks in advance.
  9. Racer


    I am looking for suggestions, pics of bipods for a Saiga .308. Thanks in advance.