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  1. NYSafeAct truly is an infringement on Second Amendment rights! 

  2. After almost 27 years with a pair of Rocky 800 gram Thinsulate leather upper rubber bottom packs the rubber finally gave out. I just purchased another pair of Rocky's hoping they'll prove themselves like the last pair. This pair is Rocky Blizzardstalker Pro Waterproof 1200G. Less bulky than the old pair, but more insulated, and much better ankle support. If they last half as long and are as warm as my last pair of Rocky's I will be sold for life.
  3. It's referred to as "Combat Loading", and yes it works fine in an S12. However, without a BHO here are extra steps that would behoove the use of another shotgun action.
  4. I guess I don't have any idea what you're talking about. My IZ 109 came with a thread protector at the end of the barrel. No choke. Cylinder bore.
  5. What are you referring to as "choke"? The choke is on the end of the barrel. I'm assuming you are speaking of the gas plug, because that is what regulates the gas going into the gas block. The TAC-47 Autoplug may be worth searching for. You're correct that 1/2 setting on the factory gas plug may beat up the rear trunnion if left on "2" while shooting full power loads (high brass). The TAC-47 Autoplug does a very good job regulation the gas going into he gas block no matter what load you are shooting.
  6. I picked it out, though. $159 at WallyWorld. Stevens 320 six shot pump. Imported by Savage and made in the P.R.C. which would explain the price point. It's pretty much a Winchester 1300 clone. I figured I have enough items for HD/SD but could use a good game-getter, and since I didn't have a pump shotgun I asked for this. She's a keeper BTW.
  7. Heavy, slow bullets hit hard. 250 grain .45 colt is one of my favorite bullets to shoot. The 26" barrel is 3MOA accurate at 100 yards and hits about 3.5" high at 50 yards. This is a really fun gun to shoot but a PITA to clean.
  8. Congratulations! I wish you the best in retirement and thank you for your service. I have friends who's son-in-law I believe is a DI at Camp Lejeune. His name is Sgt. T. Winney.
  9. 100 yards, semi-rapid fire 10 shot group off a rest. Ammo is 115 gr Berry’s Preferred Plated RN over 6.1 gr Alliant Unique hand loads. My hand is in the picture for size reference. I knew I had a couple flyers, but I’ll take minute-of-squirrel at that range any day with a 9mm.
  10. 😄 Screw him! And, as a NYer I say screw his dead father, too.
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