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  1. Now if only we could get the Saigas themselves moved to a new faster server this place might pick up again. Just a thought.🤔
  2. To me, this seems like the type of project that is satisfying only if I had the ability and did the work myself. Squeaky, you stated you'd be having a gunsmith do the work, so essentially you'd be buying a rifle that costs more than if you searched for something similar to what you want built. Your money, so spend happy.
  3. Laminated wood is basically high end plywood. The grain is all arranged to cancel out tendencies to warp in any direction, and the whole thing is stabilized by the forcefed glues and resins they used to make the laminate. For most purposes, it would be stiffer than fiberglass etc, and not subject to warping. Maybe a little more prone to swell with moisture though, depending on what process they used for the laminations. It will probably be heavier though, BTW, the posts above have really good info on the topic, and I can second the notion that watching youtube videos on the topic will give you a very good idea how much work is involved and whether you want to mess with it. On the upside, if you goof it up, you can always just hog out all the hardened goop and start over. This place, http://www.rutply.com/ , is very local to me. It burned to the ground in 2014. It's where Boyd's got their "Stratabond" plywood for a couple of decades before the fire. It's where I got the slab the I made the set for my Siaga from, and another that's still a slab. I was a supervisor in a plywood mill for 8 years in the 1980's. The highest grade we manufactured was "furniture grade" plywood, with .10" poplar veneer and exterior glue. The "Stratabond" is in another realm in comparison. Rutland Plywood supplied many manufactures with material including musical instrument manufacturers, firearms manufacturers, Burton Snowboards and other sporting goods manufacturers.
  4. If you go to youtube and search for "pillar bedding a rife stock" and "glass bedding a rifle stock" you will see great examples of both. Usually, pillar bedding is done in preparation for glass bedding.
  5. I've got an SKS in one and a 30-06 Savage Axis in one. Quality stuff. The Savage took a bit more fitting, but the one for the SKS didn't have a bayo groove. It does now. I'd recommend them, for sure 2017 Buck They can be pillared and bedded. I have not done mine. I will someday, and there are videos out there showing how. On the Savage Axis, the action is tight to the wood and passes the $1 test the length of the fore end. The barrel lug that came in the stock needed to be shaved so the action would seat. The laminate is very stable and void free. I'd trust it at any temp. It's dyed birch and glue, so more solid than plain birch.
  6. YOT

    How many drums do you have

    They make drums??
  7. YOT

    Original configuration trigger guard?

    Let me look around. I may have one, but don't bug me about it. I've got a lot going on so a simple reminder is a week or so if I don't get back to you.
  8. You do realize this is why we get accused of white privilege and birthright privilege? This is why it has been stated that we owe everything to everybody that doesn't have it as good. Perhaps one of the underprivileged should swap out their video device for a Savage Axis in 30-06 (minimum) and a box of shells. Just sayin' https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5658195/horror-as-raging-elephant-tramples-two-refugees-to-death-as-it-storms-through-packed-rohingya-camp-in-bangladesh/
  9. Especially if the firing pin channel is a bit gunky.
  10. Primer substitution is fine. Never load a whole run without trying a few. One tin of hard primers will ruin a good day. ETA; I have found CCI to be harder than Federal and Winchester. As long as your gun has a good springs this shouldn't be an issue.
  11. I wish I could say Congratulations on your retirement. It doesn't appear that the circumstances that brought it on are what was planned. Be well. You'll be in my prayers.