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  1. headshot

    Any news on the DOUBLE STACK MAGS or did I miss it???

    I think a collaboration between mike and csspecs would be a perfect solution. Thanks for looking into it, guys! Great to see both of you still on the forum. I haven't been here in a long time.
  2. Good price. I'm going to give this some thought.
  3. headshot

    Uinta .308 Mags

    The FBMG/Uinta mags were the best looking mags ever made for the S308. Functionally, I didn't like them very much. The wobble around a lot, and the locking lugs on a couple of mine have worn down a lot. Csspecs mags are heavy, but they are awesome. Solid lock-up, and I have never had any problems with them.
  4. headshot

    Magpul Zhukov Handguard

    If you could obtain an aluminum extrusion that is unmodied you could mount it via screw on the recieve, and use a hook typ front mount like the original handguard.
  5. headshot


    Good for you!
  6. whats this about? Someone need help?
  7. I have 2 S12 factory 8-round mags of the rock-and-lock variety. They are new in the package. $120 each shipped. I will take Paypal gift option as long as there is no fee and USPS MOs.
  8. headshot

    Saiga .308 handguard suggestions?

    It looks like the new Magpul Zhukov handguard might fit the S308.
  9. headshot

    Double Stack Pics

    10 rd would be perfect.
  10. headshot

    Need alliance armament 30rd drum Saiga-12 dimensions

    OMG that if fucking hilarious!
  11. headshot

    My Saiga 12 is better than your Saiga 12

    Thread with a bore guide and you will be OK for a flash hider typr of muzzle attachment. Check out what Dinzag Arms has to offer for that.
  12. headshot

    They are HERE!!!

    We've been on these forums for a while. I remember the Saiga Solutions stuff. I remember Mike's pre-orders and everyone going crazy about DD classification worries. A lot of things started because of this forum. I remember Csspecs first mags too. The first thread where he was just making his own mags, and people offered to buy them. Its great when you see people go from their own ugly-ass products, to the awesome products they currently produce. Csspecs first mags were so fucking ugly! They looked like someone gave monkies some steel and a welder! LOL! Look where the guys who had that drive are now! Shit! A TV show even happened because of this forum! That reminds me that I haven't paid the site some money in a while..... Gotta go fix that!
  13. headshot

    They are HERE!!!

    Yeah I know, but they have had them since about May last year. Regardless of all that, I love your S308 mags, and I will be ordering the S12 mags. They look great, and I just want some metal mags.
  14. headshot

    They are HERE!!!

    Factory Saiga12 8rd mags are 109 bucks shipped, so I don't know where you got your figures from.
  15. headshot

    Walmart 12 ga target loads getting scarce?

    Which one? I called the Liberia Ave store yesterday and they had NO ammo. That was the one, and they lied to you. The 100rd value packs are on the shelf to the left of the locked ammo cabinet.